Ellen Meets Kid Genius Graduating High School & College at the Same Time

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Hi Mike. Hi. Good to meet you. Good to be here. Nice to meet you. Thank you so much for being here. You are quite something. So you graduated, this week, both high school and college. Yes, that's correct so on May 21st I graduated from college, and on May 28th, I'll graduate from high school as valedictorian. Of course, of course. Thank you. Thank you. So, has school always been easy for You? Yeah, I mean, I always take in knowledge instantly, so I really don't need a whole lot of review or say exam prep for example. I can always get it instantly. Right so do have instant-- like do you have photographic memories? Yes, yes, so pretty much remember anything I see basically. Yeah and when you read a book, are you reading at a faster pace than most people also? Reading a book, I can just take in tidbits of knowledge and then put it together and create something new, so I can make it a whole lot faster, yes. Yeah, but aren't you changing history then? Not really. All right. Just making sure. OK, so you not only finished high school and college. Yes. You also are running two businesses. Yes that's correct. What are those? Two businesses. Next Era Innovations and Reflect Social, so my first business was Next Era Innovations, where I sold robotic allocations for the Now Robot, along with did some contract work as well. And then Reflect Social is my up and coming startup, where we have all these smart home devices, and there all have different apps and they're all in their separate worlds. And it's sometimes hard to use. So if I combine them all into one app, we can make it such easier to use. And also I'm going to put in a more fun and social factor as well. So how did you come up with that idea of combining all? Because that seems like an obvious thing that someone should have thought of already, but how did you come up with this? Right, so actually, two years ago my mom had spinal surgery, and she couldn't get off of the couch or out of the bed very easily if someone was coming in to check on her at the door. So what I did was I took a Ring doorbell and a smart door lock, and I built a facial recognition algorithm to detect the five most common people in our family. So, it would recognize the face unlock the door when it was recognized, but otherwise if it didn't recognize, it make sure the door was locked and also sent a text to both dad and I, and say this person is at the door. Would you like me to unlock the door? And with that, I saw several possibilities for this, say the blind or the elderly to gain more independence. But then also, you know it ties into my entrepreneurial goal to build technology that enables people to live better lives. It's amazing. Thank you. Thank you. I mean, I would like to invest in anything and everything that you're doing. Well awesome, I'm looking for investors. All right. I'm there. You're going to be-- you already are, but you're going to make some incredible companies. And you're also working with the government. You're doing things for the military. Yes, so I've done six contracts for the United States Special Operations Command, and kind of an interesting thing of how this came out was on just a Saturday weekend thing, I built an object detection system, that would still be a kid, detect my Hot Wheels cars. And what was interesting was, this formula that usually is and is on the screen there as well, where I can held up the cars that detects things, but the interesting part about it is all the cars were red. So they had to learn the shape of the car rather than the color to say, OK, if it's red at the Ferrari, right? And also tricking it up, I had a red shirt on, so that's even trickier for it to understand. So having to learn every detail about it. And I put that-- [INAUDIBLE] owns all my social media, and manages it all. And we posted it on social media on LinkedIn, and it went viral. And we got contacted by the military, and they was like, well we want to hire your son, and dad was like uh, you know he's 10, right? And they were like well, yeah, but he has the expertise I need. So since then I've done six contracts and won four different military challenge points for my efforts. I see people's faces out there, they're thinking my kid is not like that. My kid does not uh-- is not doing that. All right, you graduated so I want to give you a graduation gift. I know you sell exotic cars, and it just so happens there's a very cool car museum here in Los Angeles. So I'm going to send you and your family there's as VIP private tour of the Petersen Automotive Museum. Oh Wow. Very cool museum. All right. Thank you. Also, since you had two graduations, one more thing if you plan on continuing your education, our friends at Shutterfly want to help you do that. So they're giving you a check for $20,000. Wow. Thank you. Wow. All right, come back and see us any time, and maybe you can explain cryptocurrency to me. Sure, yeah. I've been watching that as well. OK, all right. Thanks. I need to know about it we'll be back.

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