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[APPLAUSE] You were-- this is a home that you had bought? Right. Mm-hm. And when did you first start to see it? Well, to see it, it was about a year after we bought it. But to hear things happening, it was about a month after we moved in. OPRAH: What did you hear? It started with a baby crying. So you're where in the house, and you hear a baby crying? - In our bedroom. - You don't have a baby. - No. - OK. So you're in your bedroom. Daytime, nighttime? Either. Either way. OPRAH: OK, first time? It was at night. OPRAH: Mm-hm. At nighttime. Boy? She saw-- she heard it first. I didn't. OK? I was at work, so she can describe the first few times that-- The baby would start crying, and it would call for its mother. It would say, Mama, Mama, this is Sabina. And I'd never heard that name before, and that's all it would say. OK, so the first time you hear this, do you think it's in the walls? Is it the TV on? Do you think it's next door? Do you-- I thought it was maybe a child that had lived in the neighborhood. I didn't know any of the neighbors at that point. And I had asked my husband who in the neighborhood had a baby, and he said no one. Because we live in a very small town and the area we live in are older people. OPRAH: Where do you live? In Lee, Mass. OK. So does the sound of the baby crying sound like it's in your house? - Definitely. - In your house. Mm-hm. All through the house. OPRAH: All through the-- all through the house? Mm-hm. And the first thing you felt was? I didn't know what to feel. I didn't know what it meant. I wasn't really frightened, because it didn't hurt any of us at that point. And what we found out later was every time the baby cried, there was a death in the family. OPRAH: In whose family? My husband's family. OPRAH: In your family. DALE: Yes. Mm-mm-mm. So you hear a baby crying in the house. That's how it starts. And then what happens? We seen a little white ghost. - Saw a little white ghost. - White ghost, yes. OPRAH: Where? Walking in our upstairs hallway. The baby would-- the little boy would go down in the hallway and try to reach for something. Later we found out-- OPRAH: It had form? LUI: Yes. Form, yes. It was like looking through a milk bottle container after the milk is gone. You could see through it, but yet you could see it. And you could make the outline of the clothing, all the-- you could tell the hair was neatly combed, you could tell it's facial features, you could tell the way it was clothed. Shirt, pants. LUI: He had a white suit on. And a white suit on. DALE: Mm-hm. You know how unbelievable this sounds to me. DALE: Incredible. And what I don't understand, you know, with all the people who claim to have ghosts in their home and the whole Amityville story, see, I know the first time I heard a baby crying, and there was no baby in my house, I would be gone. [LAUGHTER] DALE: We should have. And so I wouldn't wait around to see a little white ghost coming down the stairs. I'd be gone. I'd be gone. So you could see a little white ghost coming down the stairs and reaching for things, and you don't think that this-- you know, that I need to get out of this house? I wanted to find out why it was there. You did? Yes. OK. It had my curiosity. OK? And upon talking to my father, I found-- OPRAH: You weren't afraid? Not of a little boy. LUI: No, because it said it wouldn't hurt us. It talked, OK? After periodic-- It talked? After periodic times it appeared, it talked. Said things about family history. It said that-- DALE: OPRAH: Yours? Or its? Mine. Mine. Well, mine and its. It was related, since the house was my grandparents', who built it over 60 years before, and I kind of inherited the home. So it came to the house-- it appeared. And after it appeared so many times, I started looking into the history of who this boy was. Had you believed in spirits and ghosts and all this kind of thing before? No. Not at all. See, 'cause that's what's so incredulous for me to understand, because you all look like normal people out there in America. Out there in Lee, Massachusetts. You don't look like the kind of people who would rationally sit down and talk to a ghost and think that that was OK. But you wanted to just find out more about it. - Right. - OK. OK? And we talked to a priest and whatnot, and a Mass was performed in the house, saying that the spirit didn't go to the other side. OK? And at that time, I was willing to accept any help to get back to a normal lifestyle. What was going on in your house? Was the ghost doing things? Walking from room to room, basically, upstairs at night. And it would look into the hallway, mostly, look for something in the hallway. I dug up the floor in the hallway and found a little Virgin Mother medallion underneath the floor when I dug it up. OPRAH: Why did you dig it up? To find out what it was looking for. Because it kept picking at the ground in one spot, like it was looking for something. Mm-hm. So when it's picking at the ground and looking for something, and-- how are you going about your life? How are you doing that? DALE: As normal as possible. We would tell our parish priest about it, and he would just say, well, see if you can get a picture of it. See if you can get what it says on a tape recorder. And I said to him-- OPRAH: So how would it sound, just like a child? Yeah. Mm-hm. Yeah. Did it ever do evil things, or frightening things? Not the white one. Not the white one. So OK. So was there another one that came along that was not-- DALE: After the Mass. - After the Mass. DALE: Two days after the Mass-- What happened? We saw a black hooded creature in the house. Mm-hm. And you still stayed. No. No, no, no. No, we moved out. - OK. OK. Well, you see, my parents were-- Because you see, first there's a white ghost, then there's a black hooded ghost, they're still in the house. - No. No, no, we moved out. OK, OK. What we were doing is, after days of lack of sleep, we were-- Had you seen "Amityville Horror" or any of that stuff? Really? - She did, in the movies. You did. You did, OK. LUI: Not my husband. I didn't believe in any of it, so I wasn't about to waste my money on seeing these things. OK? And after I saw the black thing and all, we would still try to have a normal lifestyle even though this thing was in the house. But you have to understand, too, when we were speaking to our priest, he told us that we couldn't leave our home, that we had to stay there. OPRAH: Why? Because he felt that by running away, we were giving this thing credence and this is what it wanted. It wanted to run us from our home. And at that time, they said that if they were going to help us and investigate what was happening to us, that we had to follow strictly the laws that they laid for us, and-- Who was this? Our priest. OK? And our bishop from that parish. So the black thing started to do what? Destroy, OK? Things. Things, yes, in the house. I mean-- OPRAH: For instance? For instance, one-- LUI: Everything. One day the china closet came crashing across the room with all of the wife's dishes and pots and pans. Everything came flying out of cupboards and crashing all over the house. Bookcase will be thrown across rooms. OK? Most of our-- OPRAH: And you were in the house when this would happen? In and out. I mean, we ran sometimes like crazy to get-- [LAUGHTER] Sometimes if we didn't, we would've got caught underneath some of the destruction. OPRAH: OK. DALE: OK? OPRAH: This is a picture of what here, we're looking at? DALE: This is-- in the right hand corner, it is the picture of the black thing leaving. When the picture was taken, there was nothing in the room. This was fast-forward film with infrared film on it. I don't know much-- LUI: One of the investigators took it. DALE: OK, but-- OPRAH: And what's that white, glowy thing there? What's that? Is that it? LUI: I don't-- no, it's-- DALE: We don't know what-- LUI: --the black thing. DALE: The black thing. LUI: You can see the shape of the hood, or the cape. And then there's no neck, and just above it is the head. DALE: The head. That was the black thing we were seeing. Mm-mm-mm. What is so amazing to me-- I still can't seem to figure out how, if you saw it, why, the first time you see it, you don't try to attack it or get out, or get-- did you get someone in immediately to-- Well, first of all, we couldn't get out, because it would lock the doors. Yeah. [AUDIENCE MURMURING] - And it would keep-- - Doors would be so tight-- --it would keep us in the house. --that you couldn't get them open. It would seal the windows. So we could open a window and it would just slam shut.

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