Never Have I Ever with One Direction

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- All right, we're back with One Direction. Your fans think they know everything about you, do they? - Ooh. - We hope not. - We're gonna find out soon. - [coughs] We sure will. Okay, I'm gonna ask a question and you have paddles, and you will either say you have or you never have 'cause it's called Never Have I Ever. - Okay. - Okay, never have I ever: Had someone write a song about me. [laughter] We're not gonna play if you're gonna lie. [laughter] - [clears throat] - We have to be-- we are very honest in this studio. We're very truthful. - [laughs] [laughter and applause] - All right. - Oh, stop. - Anybody else? No? - No. - Nothing. - All right. Never have I ever: Gotten a tattoo that I regret. - Oh, I have. Yeah. - What is it? What do you-- - Well, when I first got this, I was kinda like, "What have I just done to my arm?" Sort of thing. I woke up in bed and the first thing I Googled was, like, "How do I get this thing off my me?" - [laughs] - And my mom cried, and my dad probably cried a bit, and everyone was crying and stuff, so I was like, "This was a bad move." - Yeah, and it's harder to get 'em rem-- it's more painful to get 'em removed. - Yeah, apparently so. - Never have I ever: Made out with someone double my age. [laughter] - All right, what is this game? [cheers and applause] - [clears throat] - Harry's mentally just going 42 and 2... - Yeah, just doing the math. - Yeah I was trying to think... - We're all having fun. - Yeah. - I'm not having fun. - [laughs] Come on. When you change the way you look at things the things you look at change. [all laugh] Never have I ever: Used one of my bandmates toothbrush without telling them. - I'm sure I have. I'm sure I have. - Whose have you used? - Whose? - I used yours once. - Whose have you used? - When? - Ages ago. - What? - We kind of--they're in that little bag that Lou keeps, you know, of toothbrushes... - Yeah, yeah, yeah. - And I think over time you just kinda just go, "Oh, I'll just take that one." - Good to know. - Yeah, on tour you have... - It's all coming out. - Like, he'll tote our toothbrushes. - Wow. - Oh, yeah. - Oh... Oh, so you have done it? - No, I haven't. - All right. - Definitely haven't. - Never have I ever: Dated someone that another band member dated. - Uh-oh. - Uh-oh, that sucks. - No. - That would have been deep if that was to-- - That would have been weird. Imagine that. - Imagine it just came out now. That'd would be like, "What! Who was it?" - Never have I ever: Gone skinny dipping in a hotel pool. [cheers and applause] - When did you's go skinny dipping without me? - Yeah, all of them went without you. - It was the same time. - [laughs] Was it? - No. - Never have I ever: Hooked up with a fan. [cheers and applause] - That-- - I think mine's broken. [all laugh] - Yeah, it's interesting the ones that turn over. - [laughs] - Never have I ever: Sent a naughty text to the wrong person. - Oh, yeah. [laughter] - [laughs] Look at his face. - So, like, literally as you hit send or did someone write you back and you realized you sent the wrong thing. - No, it's that horrible moment where you know you can't--you've already sent the message... - You're looking at it. - And there's nothing you can do about it. - There's no coming back from that. - Even if you turn your phone off, throw it at the wall. It's already sent. - And did they write back to you, the people that you sent it to? - Just, "What the hell?" - Yeah. - [laughs] - Normally gotta get in before and be like, "Look, that obviously wasn't for you," just-- - Yeah. - "Sorry, Dad." [laughter] - "Sorry, Dad, that wasn't for you." - Never have I ever: Lied about who I was. - I used to say I was Nick from Backstreet Boys. [laughter] - You used to say-- - "Are you Niall from One Direction?" "No, I'm Nick from Backstreet Boys." - You did say... you said you were Ellen for a while. - Yeah, yeah. - We actually-- - I'd take that. - And I say I'm you...yeah. - Yeah, that's great. - And people come up to me. [cheers and applause] Um, all right. So, thank you for being honest the three of you, and... - [laughs] - They will be back later to sing. - I think we're done with these. - [laughs] - You're gonna take that home and learn how to play.

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