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- Have you ever been talking to a guy that you find really attractive and he just has like that swagger, he's got that sense of humor and it just makes you say, damn! Sometimes when you meet someone like that, all of that charm and that Winnie banter that you usually have with men, just goes to absolute mush. And we call this man mush brain. And all you're left with is an awkward speechless woman, who's got about as much game as I had on the basketball court back in sixth grade. I was pretty bad at basketball. You don't wanna lose your flirting abilities in this situation, you don't want man mush brain. But don't do you sexy single ladies, because in this video, I'm gonna be walking you through five playful flirting tips that are going to help you be able to attract that guy even when you're feeling really attracted to him and uncomfortable. Keep watching. (upbeat music) Hey there, my name is Adam LoDolce and I'm the head love strategist over here where we help single women successfully find long lasting love and do it with a proven strategy. And if you liked this video, please give it a like on YouTube and don't forget to subscribe on YouTube, because we have a lot more content coming for you over the next few weeks. And you don't want to miss it. And if you are finally ready to build your love strategy so that you can successfully attract that man, and that relationship, that you deeply desire, then head on over to LoveApply.com or you can click the link right there below where you can apply to speak to one of my trained love strategists and we will dive deep into your love life and see whether or not you're fit for our love coaching program called love accelerator. Now in love accelerator, when we get to little love step number three, which is getting out there and meeting quality men, we help you develop your flirting skills. Because when you're following each of the little love steps, you're not just going out there and meeting everyday random guys. You are meeting quality men who meet what we call your love vision. The type of quality caliber man that you really want in your life. And unless you were armed with the tools and the knowledge on how to be able to connect and flirt and create that witty playful banter, then you're gonna be left there speechless and feeling a little awkward. So, here are five strategies you can use today to start connecting with men. Number one is focus on your mindset. You wanna be playful when you're getting out there and meeting these guys. Don't forget that flirting is supposed to be fun. And so many people can take it so seriously when they're really focused on getting out there and finding love, that they forget that the first few interactions with a person is supposed to be playful and really fun. So don't forget to laugh a little bit, goof around, go to venues where you are actually having a good time and you're actually naturally laughing and enjoying yourself. Not to some crowded bar or restaurant or some place where you really don't like, coffee dates. Ugh! Don't wanna do anything like that, where it's not really fun and playful. Go do things and maybe even play a game together or go play pool together. Do something that you can do that creates a fun playful atmosphere. Because if you're not in a playful mood, then the other strategies I'm gonna talk about in this video are not going to be very useful for you. Strategy number two, is make sure that you use the most powerful weapon you have on your entire body, which is that smile. As Marilyn Monroe says, "a smile is the best makeup any woman can wear". And in our love accelerator coaching program, we take this actually one step forward and we use this strategy called smalking. Which is smiling while talking. Now, at first smiling while talking is actually kinda challenging. But if you notice, try it right now. Pause this video, give it a try. Try saying a few sentences while smiling. If you do it in the mirror, you'll not only notice that you come off as a much more vibrant person and a person that is actually very approachable, but also it puts you in a more playful mood. Studies show that actually by just the act of smiling, sends incredible triggers to the brain to actually increase your dopamine levels and make you happier. So, please, smile when you're out there. That's the best way to attract a quality man and show him that you're interested. Strategy number three is using active listening. The most powerful way to show interest in a man, is to show him that you're actually listening to what he's saying. We here at Love Strategies, we don't use ridiculous games. And I certainly don't want you using a resting bitch face to show that you're not interested in him. No. I want you to use active listening strategies by nodding your head, acknowledging what he's saying and showing him that you're actually paying attention to the things that he's saying to you. Believe it or not, this is a very flirtatious way to connect with a man because it's showing him that you actually care about the things that are coming out of his mouth. And by the way, he should be doing that about the things you're saying as well. The forth strategy is using the power of touch. The way to use this strategy is anytime a man says anything, even remotely funny, just do a little, ha ha ha ha, that's you laughing, touch and he's going to feel your touch and be like, oh, I see, she's interested in something a little bit more. The moment you break that touch barrier, you're sending massive signals to him that this is not just a friendly conversation and hey, you might be interested in him, maybe touching you back. And finally, strategy number five to flirt with men, is to tease him. Don't be afraid to poke fun of a guy if he's being a little bit ridiculous. Let's say a guy comes up to you and he sounds like he's using kind of a cheesy line, throw it back in his face and be like, really that's the best line you've got? Now, notice you can tease a man and poke fun of him only if you are smalking at the same time. Which is smiling while talking, when you do that with a resting bitch face, you are going to scare the living (beep) out of him. But it's incredible. You can poke fun of someone or tease them as much as you want, so long as you have a positive body language and you have that smile all along the way. And what this does is opens the door for fun, playful banter, which is what we're ultimately going for when we're flirting. And finally, as a quick bonus tip, make sure that you end the conversation first. Make him always feel like he's longing to be with you. So, if you are ready to finally step up your game and be able to really walk through the little love steps to attract that man and that relationship that you truly deserve, make sure you click that link right there below or head on over to LoveApply.com, so you can apply for a complimentary love strategy session with someone on my team. And we will see whether or not you're a fit for our coaching program called love accelerator coaching. Thank you so much for watching and I'll speak to you, you sexy single lady, next week. Bye bye.

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