Ellen Meets a 5-Year-Old Geography Expert

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Our next guest can pretty much identify every place in the world and he's only five years old. From Stratford, Connecticut please welcome Nate Seltzer. You memorized the entire globe, right? >> Uh-huh. >> Do you have a favorite state in the United States? >> Yes. >> What is it? >> Missouri >> Missouri. Why is that? >> Because it starts with an M. >> So does Montana. [LAUGHTER] >> And Michigan. >> And, and- >> And Massachusetts. >> And Maryland. >> And Maryland. And Maine. >> And, yeah. But still, you chose- >> And Minnesota. >> And, yeah. [LAUGHTER] >> Anything else? >> Mississippi. [LAUGHTER] >> But so how come Missouri? You just like it? >> Yeah. >> Okay, we're not gonna question anymore. >> [LAUGH] >> Here's some maps that you drew. Tell me about these maps right here? Okay? >> First, we do this one. >> Okay. Which one? >> First. >> This one? >> No. That one's not a map. >> That's not a map. That's a house. >> Yes. >> That's really sweet. >> That's Universal Studios. >> Look at that. >> See, look! >> Yeah, it is. Smaller than I remember. All right. Tell me about this map. >> Okay. First, we'll start with Antarctica. Okay. >> Okay. See this, of you know, black thing? >> Uh-huh. >> That's a penguin. >> It's a penguin. >> And this is an iceberg and it's melting. And this is just the auto ice cube. >> Wow. >> [LAUGH] >> So, you put little things depending on what lives there. What is this right here? >> That's Russia. >> And what is that on Russia? It's really funny. >> [LAUGH] >> What is it? >> Trump. >> [APPLAUSE] >> [LAUGHTER] [APPLAUSE] Why is Trump on Russia? >> Because he likes Russia. >> Because he likes Russia. Okay. All right, and who is this? Who's that? >> That's Africa. >> And who's there? >> This is the pyramid of Egypt. >> Wow. And then that looks like termites or bom bom beans, or something. >> No. >> What is it? >> That's a tiger. >> Sorry. >> [LAUGH] >> So, sorry. Let's go over some of these. Let's look at flags, cuz you can identify every single flag, right? All right. This is really impressive to me, you're five years old. >> Yes. >> What is this? >> Canada. >> That is right. And this is? >> Japan. >> That's right. And this is? >> Denmark. >> That's right. And? >> Chad. >> Sure. >> [LAUGH] >> Estonia. >> Estonia. >> The Maldives. >> That's right. >> Nauru. Pakistan. Tonga. Yemen. Gambia. Eritrea. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Are we doing more? >> It's really good! >> Is there more? >> Yeah, there's more. Is this fun for you? >> It is really fun. >> It's really amazing. This is >> Italy. >> It sure is. >> Mexico. China. The Seychelles. Russia. Djibouti. [LAUGH] >> You booty. >> Kazakhstan. Guatemala. Kuwait. >> Wow. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Are there more? >> That's all. That's all. But wait. I heard you want to design cars. >> Mm-hm. >> So, I got you a little gift. I think you're gonna like it a whole lot. Look at it. Come over here. [SOUND] [APPLAUSE] >> My goodness. >> [APPLAUSE] >> My goodness. >> Isn't that >> Is great. >> Isn't that great? >> This is awesome. >> I know. >> [APPLAUSE] >> That's yours >> Mommy. Has to see this >> [LAUGH] >> Mommy does has to see this. >> Look all the flags on it. >> The flags, the wheels have globes on then. Ain't that cool? Is yours, you can take that home. >> Thank you very much. >> You're welcome.

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