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Melissa was a huge Billie Eilish fan and wanted to be in a video. So we kind of made that happen. Dream fulfilled, guys. Not that Billie knew. She was-- Yeah, it wasn't sanctioned by Billie. No, we didn't-- I don't think she was hankering for a 48-year-old mother to be in her video. But-- But it happened. We made it happen. [MUSIC - BILLIE EILISH, "BAD GUY"] White shirt now red, my bloody nose. Sleeping, you're on your tippy toes, creeping around like no one knows, think you're so criminal. Know what? It's raspberry. So you're a tough guy, like it really rough guy, just can't get enough guy, chest always so puffed guy. I'm that bad type, make your mama sad type, make your girlfriend mad tight, might seduce your dad type. I'm the bad guy. Whoo! 23. But then I-- first, that was the summer when I was 14. Then I turned 15 and met Roger. Oh, boy. Roger. Oh, I think you're too hard on yourself. You're real [INAUDIBLE],, like a feather. Ha! Oh, allergies, huh? Need a lozenge? A lozenge. What a crazy word. Oh, here I go. I'm only good at being bad. Bad. We're practically twins. We're blood twins. I'm a bad guy. You got [INAUDIBLE]. Oh my god. It was so fun. All right, have you heard from her? I haven't. Somebody's-- I think she put it out. So I'm hoping that she's OK with it. I think she is. She's pretty funny. And her mom-- I think I said, maybe I said this. For her mom was my first improv teacher. No way! Maggie Baird, who is amazing. So they were-- I think when this came out, they were on tour. Do you know that if she probably-- [SCREAMING] Oh my god! I love you! Oh my god. You scared me! Oh my god. I've never been scared like that before. I didn't know. How you doing? Oh my god. What if you-- what if you knocked me out, if I like-- oh my god! Oh my. Holy cow. How long were you in there. Were you just hanging out in there? I was in there for a minute, man. For a long time! Whoo! And she's going on tour. So she rushed to do this just as a favor to you. Are you-- oh my god. She-- is it OK? Were you happy with it? It's so cute! It's cute. I [INAUDIBLE] Oh, I got a lot of-- it made me cool for a minute with my kids, sorry to say. Did it? I'm glad. Yeah, I'm glad. I'm glad. I'm glad. No, it was so cute. You're the only poster up in Vivi's room, that you met. Them claws is real. Yeah. Don't want no cat fight with you, girl. What? Play it back? All right, let's just see what happened here. Oh, god. --that if she probably-- [SCREAMING] Oh my god! Oh my god! I literally thought-- I thought I was like, I got sparkly for a minute. I was like-- Did you know it was her? I didn't know what it was. I was like, it's Santa! It's not Santa. Is a Santa man about to pop out now? Where-- [INAUDIBLE] falling off. Oh my god. No Michael B. Jordan or nothing like that? It's Santa. It scared the-- They went-- they got scared. They went in another direction. I went that-- I went behind. I threw Tiffany in front of me. Yeah. That's what I would do. I'm still weirdly shaking. You're just not supposed to experience that. Really? I mean, it's delightful, but also terrifying. She wanted to do it. She loves the scares on the show. I did. I pulled up. I was like, I had to avoid you because you actually got here at the same time I did. Really? And so I had to pull my car into, like, my own private little spot. Oh my gosh. Was that why I couldn't go over there. Yeah, it was. Oh. It was. We had to run by halls and stuff. But she did this for you, because she's got to take off. She's starting her tour tonight. So-- Where do you go? Where's first? [CHEERING] [INAUDIBLE] I really don't know what's first. But I'm gone for a month, once again. So I'm excited. I'm actually, like-- We're coming to see you. Are you doing any south of LA? Yes. I'm at the Greek. I'm at the Shrine. I just bought tickets today. You did? You bought tickets? Why are you buying them? I can get you in, though. Yeah, she's awesome. I didn't know you'd be coming out of a box today. I would have asked you. How are you? You good? I'm good. I'm good. How are you? OK, I'm good. Yeah? All right. I'm good. All right. I got a cramped knee now. Oh no. My leg is all kinds of cramped. Got to stretch it out! I know. The kitchen is in theaters August 9. We'll be right back. Billie Eilish, everybody!

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