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WINFREY: Pilot's wife Leslie was married 14 years to a pilot before finding out about his double life with a flight attendant living in the same town. So this was very familiar to you. Yeah. LESLIE: Hi, Oprah. WINFREY: Hi, Leslie. LESLIE: Oh, there's so much to say. I think that probably I could relate with Kathryn quite a bit about--I was totally devastated when I found out that my husband was having an affair. WINFREY: I first noticed by his behavior and, through discovery, found out many things. He staged a cat burglary and his demeanor in our home. WINFREY: He staged a cat burglary in your house. LESLIE: Correct. WINFREY: And stole what? LESLIE: All of my jewelry in the middle of the night. The police were called, footprints, criminologists. His behavior changed, and that was my first clue. I started getting clues after that. WINFREY: But you didn't know he was the cat burglar? LESLIE: Absolutely not. Absolutely not. WINFREY: And he stole your jewelry--What? --to give to her. LESLIE: Actually, I don't know why. I really don't know why he stole it, to this day. I know I cowered in the closet for many days. I was scared. WINFREY: And he went off to fly. So it was devastating for me. And, of course, at that time, I had no clue that it was him. WINFREY: And just like in the book, "Pilot's Wife," he met his mistress in the air. Is that true? LESLIE: Correct. And I believe they knew each other for about 10 years. And... WINFREY: That's got to be hard. LESLIE: It was really, really difficult because this was the person I chose to spend the rest of my life with and we had a son together. WINFREY: And did you--you-- you started to suspect something was off with the behavior with the cat burglar--that's the first time you... LESLIE: Yes. If--he wasn't there. He went to fly. He could've been. He was seen. But things just didn't add up. And then he said he could get some of the jewelry back. LESLIE: And I might have been a naive housewife, but I wasn't that naive. I know if somebody steals your jewelry, you're not going to be able to go through the whole United States or the world and find it. So- WINFREY: But he said, `I might be able to get some of it back.' LESLIE: Yeah. WINFREY: After he saw how much some of it meant to you--is that what happened? LESLIE: I think--yeah, I think that-- that might be some of the reason. LESLIE: But then as time went a--along, I had gone out of town for the weekend, and I came back and found this same--in our home--with my son, LESLIE: I came back, and he was on a trip and he'd left me a card that said, `To Sunshine,' like he always called me, which was inscribed in the wedding band that he stole-- `To Sunshine with love,' which was also what he called her. LESLIE: So every time he would ca--I'd call the airport or to his hotel room, he would always answer, `Hi, Sunshine.' But I found out later that all the cards that he wrote her were exactly the same. It was... WINFREY: What about the time you came home, and she had used--this --I know this is... LESLIE: Oh, oh. WINFREY: ...a small thing, but a huge thing. You came home and... LESLIE: This is--that was probably the hardest... WINFREY: Yeah. LESLIE: ...the hardest for me, because I came home... WINFREY: Listen to this, you-all. LESLIE: ...and I had no idea about another woman at this point. And I came home, and in the dishwasher were dishes-- two sets of each type of dish. LESLIE: And something made me to--made me want to explore further. So I went into my room, and, of course, the bed--bedding was not what it would be, but also the bathroom, the bathtub had like the soap I use, but it was a new bar, I hadn't opened it, with a ring in it, and it was a female--it was from The Body Shop, something that I would use. LESLIE: And I continued to search the house, and the stereo had music like jazz or Sade and just things that I really liked, and I--but then I felt as though there was me around there, but I wasn't there, like he was using--I just could tell. LESLIE: So I went farther, and I did find remnants of the exact same meal that he gave to me-- cooked for me on our first date in the trash, along with mail addressed with both of their--both of their names at an apartment address for Bride's magazine, as well as a receipt for my gynecologist that I had gone to. WINFREY: So he took her to the same gynecologist. He made her the same meals. He had her in your house, using your body soap-- yeah--which makes me want to just--that's the worst. I think that's the worst. LESLIE: I was really devastated by that.

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