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- Have you ever been in a relationship that is just so exciting, you never know what's gonna happen next? That guy you're dating, he's just unpredictable. Man, I love you, and I just wanna be with you forever. - (laughs) I love you too. - But I need to go to Mexico and tame wild horses (majestic music) for the next couple months. Maybe I'll see you when I get back? And because the relationship is just full of erratic, emotional energy, you become even more addicted to it. But then as time goes on, you realize that those qualities that attracted to you that person in the first place are actually driving you (bleep) crazy in the relationship. Over the past 10 years of helping millions of you sexy, single ladies find love, I've learned one very important principle. Healthy relationships tend to be really boring, and that's a really good thing. Keep watching. (smoke exploding) (cheery chiming) Hey there, Adam Lodolce from SexyConfidence.com, where I help you create your love story. Now let me tell you a quick story of an old client I used to work with. When I started working with her, she was actually dating a musician at the time, and he told her all of these things, how much he loved her, that he wanted to have children with her, that he'd love to buy a house together, all of these promises, but at the same time, he would then disappear on gigs for months on out and he would sometimes even bring her to some, but not most of the time. And quite frankly, she said that this was the most exciting time in her life. I mean, she was dating (upbeat rock music) a rockstar. It was fun, it was exciting, but she could tell something was off. And then one night, she was walkin' around the venue, couldn't find him anywhere, and walks into the bathroom, and he is having sex with a random floozie from the bar. Exciting, yes, but also maddening. Healthy relationships by nature tend to be more boring. They don't invoke these crazy emotional fits because they are by nature stable, and if all you want is stimulation in your life, then maybe a healthy relationship just isn't right for you at this particular time in your life. And that's cool. I mean, I've been in plenty of stages where I've dated a lot of, quite frankly, crazy women. But then once you get to a point in your life when you value stability, security, and long-term monogamy, your relationships will tend to be much more boring. And rather than it being superficial, these relationships tend to be rich with love, and yes, rich is an acronym. Here are the four components of a healthy relationship. The R in rich is for respect. If you're in a healthy relationship, that person will respect your privacy, they will respect your space, and they'll respect when you wanna get physical and when you don't wanna get physical. If you are feeling you're being disrespected in a relationship and you're not able to communicate this to that person, then chances are, it's not a healthy situation. The I in rich is for important. You should feel important in the relationship, and this is all about priorities. I remember another time I had a client who was in a new relationship with a guy, and he would only see her like once every other week because he was busy with work. And then when they did see each other, it was only at her place, having sex, and she felt just incredibly unimportant to him. And this is just not a healthy relationship, and needless to say, I told her this, he could be married, so (laughs) talk about not being important in the relationship. The C in rich is for commitment. It's impossible to trust someone unless you know for a fact that the monogamy is there. And I know nowadays, it is more natural to start a relationship with something casual and fluid. You don't wanna rock the boat, but it's important for you as a powerful single woman to put your foot down and set boundaries about what it is you're looking for in a relationship, and not let it get too far outta hand. Never commit to a guy unless he is fully committed to you. And the H in rich is for happiness. This is where you both seek one another's happiness and you wanna do anything you can to make that person happy. So moving forward, I want you to be rich in love. You can do this! You are here right now because you want to change your life and find something good. You're here right now because you want to change the trajectory of your love life, so follow these principles, keep an eye out for rich relationships, and I'd love to hear from you. (upbeat guitar music) Comment right there below, just saying, "I am ready for a boring, healthy relationship." And if you'd like a little bit of help finding that boring, healthy relationship, I'd love to have you join me on the free webinar in the link in the description or on my profile or anywhere in this video where I have a free webinar that'll teach you exactly how to attract the one. And finally, don't forget to like and heart this video, and don't forget to subscribe or follow me 'cause I have a lot of great content coming for you next week. Speak to you soon, sexy, single lady. Bye bye.

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