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Now in this video right now I'm gonna teach you some tricks and some games. You can play to manipulate a man into chasing you and only you says every Scam has video on YouTube about how to get a man to chase you so instead of feeding you some Regurgitating that most of these dating experts on YouTube actually will tell you I'm gonna to give you the real deal Stuff you can do that will naturally make men pursue you and only you without you playing any bullshit games or any of these tricks or tips that they give you because ultimately, this goes against all of what I teach at sexy confidence, which is leaving with honesty and self-confidence in relationships What's up intersects with single ladies Adam little Jay from sexy confidence calm in this video is all about Teaching you sex to single ladies three ways to get a man to chase you and only you And my number one promise to you as being a part of the sexy confidence community is I'm not going to teach you to manipulate men to play games or any of that BS because sexy confidence is founded on this idea of Loving yourself and bring your best self forward and being honest throughout the entire dating process So no more manipulation no more mind games no more BS This video is all about how to position yourself as a high-value Woman that naturally gets men to pursue you and only you you're gonna like this one So here are three steps you could take a right now to actually get men to chase. You step number one stop Chasing men if a man's not investing his energy into you you do not invest your energy into him So how do you actually stop chasing people you're attracted to? Well, it's important to understand why it is you're actually chasing someone in the first place If you're the type of woman who constantly chases men who are not interested in you then chances are you're not actually chasing the guy instead you're chasing the idea of The guy maybe you're chasing attention from the guy. Maybe you're chasing the status that he brings because he's a very high-status guy or maybe you're chasing a Relationship status because you think that if you are in a relationship that suddenly you're going to be happy so the way to stop chasing a guy is to stop chasing that feeling and more importantly stop thinking that that Feeling is what's ultimately gonna make you happy So from this point forward stop chasing and just start being present step number two start Qualifying your dates and what qualifying basically means is ask them legitimate questions about themselves to decide whether or not they're actually a fit for you and the only way you can do this is if you go into a date or into any type of flirtatious situation Knowing with all of your certainty that you are the prize that he needs to win over and it's a really good way to change the power dynamic when you're going out with someone that you're Really attracted to and feel like they might even be a little bit out of your league Ask him questions about his family about why he went into the career He went into about what he likes to do for fun And if he doesn't have any passion or any interest and ask him why not? You don't want to be a jerk about it But really dive into those questions and get to know him because you are Qualifying to see if he's a good potential match for you So this requires a mindset shift because instead of trying to impress the guy instead You're just trying to see if he's a good match for you You're gonna get him to convince you that he's a good mate for you. And this actually works in a lot of different situations I recently was hiring someone for sexy confidence and I was asked them all these questions. There's kind of an interview Just trying to see what is their experience, you know, are they right for the job and just the kind of standard? You know interview type of questions and then I only got to like my third question and before I was able to move forward This one particular woman. She was like wait. Hold on. Actually, I Before we even go further I really want to get to know you like tell me more about your company and then she started asking me about like the vision Of the company and where we see this thing going and what is that? We'd like to do and before I know it I'm trying to convince her to come work for me So instead of me trying to decide if I should hire her She was deciding if she wanted to work for me You see how it's a very subtle shift in power, but sudden they got me chasing her as an employer I wanted her to go work for me And yes, I did hire her Touche finally step number three is to just be less available now again let's go to the sketchy videos across YouTube how to a guy to chase you there are a lot of really stupid rules out there like if a guy waits thirty minutes to Respond to your text, then you should wait an hour to respond to his or if he tries to make plans with you But it only does it a day in advance Always tell him that you are busy all of these things are manipulative bullshit Here's why because they are not coming from a place of honesty instead of playing these ridiculous games every single step of the way and hoping and praying that you're going to trick him into thinking that you're really cool or You've got all these other going on instead of all that actually have going on in your life as being part of this incredible Sexy confidence community. This is all about Actually improving your social life actually being able to put your phone down and not feel like you have to respond every ten seconds And actually being so busy at what you're doing that you're not checking your phone every two seconds So you're naturally not going to respond to them within 30 minutes That is the ultimate goal is to have so much going on in your life both socially or potential romantic partners that if a guy starts pulling some book then you're just gonna naturally Weed him out because it's not going to work for you And this is exactly how it is that you get men to chase you Without actually trying it's because by doing these three things you're naturally going to be a high-value Woman that a man is naturally going to want to pursue So if you enjoyed this video and you want more on how to be a high-value woman that men naturally want to pursue I actually just released a brand new course in the sexy confidence club called the high-value woman We'll leave a link somewhere down there below But if you want to check out the sexy confidence Club, we have a ton of courses in there We also have an amazing private community where I can answer all of your questions as well as you can join me live Q&A I would love to see you in there. You can try it free for the next 14 days This is my way of giving back to all of you So check that out sexy confidence calm and of course, please if you enjoyed this video give it a like on youtube Don't forget to subscribe on YouTube and I will speak to you you sexy single ad next week

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