Jennifer Aniston Gets Emotional Over Ellen's Final Season

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What the hell? [LAUGHS] This is not supposed to be emotional! God dang it! Not yet! Not yet? It's not even over! No, it's not. It's just starting. Ah, I haven't been out in a long time, guys. Yeah. [LAUGHS] Like, maybe two years. [LAUGHS] I'm almost not kidding. Yeah. The last time I was in a sound stage doing a talk show was here-- Yeah, I know. --hosting your show. And I know that you don't get-- When you were at the DMV. Yeah. Yeah. Or you-- the DMV. Yeah, yeah. No, I know. Right? And I know you don't go out much, so thank you-- No. --for being here. I know you're very, very careful. You're very welcome. Yes. [AUDIENCE CHEERS] Wait a minute. Wait a minute. All right, I saw this bit. "Elo, elo." "Elo." Yeah, it's "elo." Understood, but let's be clear. Honest, I've done this show 19-- 19 times? Yeah, 19 times. 19 times? Jesus, is that once a year? That has only been here one time. [CHUCKLES] That's not true. That's not true. It was it was here for a few days. [LAUGHS] Yeah, a few days. But what did-- who did-- what department distressed it to look like this? I don't think it's the actual one. I think we made a new one. You did? I think the other one's gone. Oh, well, thank you for your honesty. [LAUGHS] Hi, honey! I don't know why it went away, 'cause it was really funny and we should've-- It was funny, and it was-- It was funny, and we should have kept it, and I don't know why. Hey, let me show you something that you-- Oh, good! Take me out of the emotion, please. OK, this is amazing. So we had the first couple of seasons-- and I don't know why we stopped doing it, like, season five, but we had-- Yeah, same time we got the mat. [LAUGHS] No, no. That was way earlier. Oh. [LAUGHS] So we had this book where we would ask guests to sign something before they came out. And so Jen Aniston writes, "Dear Esther," and scratches it out says, says, "Ellen." Ah. I do that all the time. Ah, that was funny. That's my joke. I was making a funny. Yeah. It says, "I loved being your first guest. So much fun. I'll watch every day for the next 20 years." How about you being almost dead on? I was so close! Yeah. [AUDIENCE APPLAUDS] See that? Yeah. And now we know that if somebody made a move, we would have made it to 20. Yeah, somebody-- yeah, but I didn't even kiss anybody-- Well-- --in that. You didn't give off, maybe the-- The vibes that I wanted-- --the vibe. Yeah, that I wanted to be kissed by an audience member? Well. Yeah. I understand. I should have done that. Boundaries. Yeah. [LAUGHS] You gotta. You gotta have them. Yeah, you do. Let's talk about this new, cute dog that you have. I don't believe the intelligence of this dog, but it's super smart. It is super smart. He's many-- Aw! I know. He's a mutt. He's got Great Pyrenees, Shepherd, Husky, Staffordshire somewhere in there. Akita. I think those are a lot of smart breeds. That's a lot of dogs in one dog. Yeah, and he's-- oh, yeah. He doesn't understand personal space, and he's such a big baby. He's a-- He just turned a year, but he looks-- Look at that smile, though. It's like a smile. Isn't he happy? I know, and he's got gorgeous teeth. Tell everybody about the bell, because we have to show this. 'Cause if you don't see it, you don't believe it. Oh, yeah. No. He rings a bell to alert you that he has to go to the bathroom. Which is what I do, but I also do that. And does Portia take you there? She does. That's so sweet. Yeah. Let's take a look because I just didn't believe it. [BELL DINGS] Oh, there he goes. You have to go to the potty? I hear you. I hear you. That's crazy. Wait. You've got to watch him go pee. [AUDIENCE APPLAUDS] Nobody will. That's-- I swear that he went out and peed. No one wants to see that. Well, he did. No. OK. You know the story. Yeah, we-- I swear to God. We trust that that's what he was going to do. Oh, OK. Yeah, we didn't-- and here, more things to talk about, besides your beauty on the cover of InStyle magazine. Oh! Besides the beauty of it all-- [AUDIENCE CHEERS] Thanks. [AUDIENCE APPLAUDS] Oh, gee, thanks. You really need to start taking care of yourself, Jen. Yeah. It's enough already. But you say in this magazine that you have the discipline, like, if you want to splurge, say, if you're craving something, you're able to eat one chip. Like a potato chip? Yeah. Like, one potato chip. I just had one Ranch Dorito out of that bag in there because I don't need to eat the whole bag. Yes, you do. No, you don't! How-- That's not even a splurge. That's just like, you know what? That looks great. I'd love to have a chip. So I have a chip. I actually have a box at home in a drawer. You know Have'a Chips? Yeah. You know that chip? Mine says "Don't." Don't have a chip? In a touch-- Don't have a chip. Don't have a chip. But then I just will have one chip. And then if you-- because that's a runaway train if you just don't stop. Discipline, right? You gotta have some discipline. Yeah, that's why you just have the one bag. [AUDIENCE LAUGHS] I mean, right? Yeah. [AUDIENCE APPLAUDS] It's true. That's why you look like you do, and I look like I do. You look gorgeous, by the way. Ah, you're sweet. More with Jen. We have to take a break. We're back with Jennifer Aniston. That's a clip from The Morning Show. So you finished the first season. It aired two years ago. Two years ago? Yeah, two years ago. Yeah. Crazy. And then you started this season and then had to shut down for COVID. Right, for eight months. But so you would incorporate that in? Exactly. It's very similar to what happened in season one, when we had about eight shows outlined and then #MeToo happened. Right. And then this season started, and there was something-- we started shooting in February, end of February, and then we had to shut down. Everybody's worlds were upside down. And the writers went back and had to incorporate this into the show. It was the thing-- it was the key that was missing, not that we needed a pandemic. But we realized our show is topical. Yeah. God knows what will happen, God forbid, if we do a third season. Yeah, I hope you don't because-- Maybe we have to-- you know what? We make it the Summer of Love like the sexual revolution, like '69. [AUDIENCE CHEERS] Yes. Like when the war was over. It needs to get to that. Yes. It needs to get to that. But by the way, I love the show, as you know. Thank you. And you're brilliant at it, and I told you that. Thank you. I texted you and said you were. But I mean, you told me while you were shooting, because you were so busy with it-- but you would send me a picture of yourself crying hysterically, saying, this is my day. Yes. And it's like, now I understand. Yeah. There was a lot-- your character goes through a lot. Yes. A lot. So it deals with a lot of issues that we're all dealing with now, which is COVID, and cancel culture, a lot of stuff that people need to be talking about. That we need to be talking about and go toward-- really head on with it, especially as it's sort of the aftermath of what this-- the honest moment on camera, and this big corporation, UBA, and people having to step up and take a seat back, and look at who they are and what have they-- Alex personally taking inventory. What-- who am I? Who do I want to be? And oh, my gosh how did I-- you get so swept up. Anyway. Yeah. It's chock full of stuff. Yeah, it sure is. And so now, let's talk about LolaVie because you have now a new-- this is a detangler. This is your first product. Yes! Yes. So it's a hair detangler. Correct. And because long hair gets tangled-- It gets tangled. --you need a detangler. Well, it's always-- there's more products, by the way, on the way. But that was the first one we were working on because I love a detangler, because wet hair, long hair, colored hair, any kind of-- you rip through that hair, and it's the first thing that damages your hair. So a great detangler has always been my thing. Yes, and it's all-- which I-- All natural. --of course love, all natural ingredients. Mm-hmm. Yep. Mm-hmm. All right. Bamboo water. Yep. Who knew, bamboo? Strong. Bamboo! Remember bamboo floors? I think you were the person that turned me on to bamboo flooring. I'm sure I was. I'm sure you were. Yes. They're the hardest wood that you can-- you know-- Yeah. And then they-- And then they-- Water-- --do that-- --squeeze. --to the bamboo, and then it's-- And they squee-- Yeah. Yes. Yeah. So saving the planet and your hair! The planet and your hair. Who knew bamboo was-- Who knew? Who knew? Bamboo!

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