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You are pretty great. And you have been on the show many, many times. You've been on, I think, 17 times from my-- Really? 17 times? Yeah. I think so. Seven times. No, no, you've guest hosted seven times. But you've been on the show 17 times. Oh, well, shut up, somebody. I'm doing it. [LAUGHTER] So and-- so there's a rumor going around, as you know, because you texted me. So when I announced that I was leaving, there was a rumor going around that Tiffany was going to take my place. And she texted me, and she's like, am I? And I had to-- I was like, am I? Nobody's talked to me about this. I didn't even know that I was applying for the job. I had no idea. Right. And I was like, how much does it pay? Yeah. Right. I was like, sorry, I don't know anything about this either. But it was a rumor. And it would be a good rumor because you would be good. But you say you're not ready for it now. Nah, I'm not ready. See I just-- I came to learn. I wanted to learn how to do it, and I really appreciate you allowing me to learn. And in a few years, I would love to do it. Yeah. And you-- and you should, because you're great whenever you guest host. You're fantastic. Thank you. Well, I got your back. You ever want a day off, call me. All right. Well, I'll call you. OK. So we have fun together every time you're here. What is your favorite memory of being here? My favorite memory is the first time that I came here, and you gave me a Tesla. But it was a rental. And-- and I couldn't drive off the lot with it. And then you told me, Oprah was inside. But it was a cardboard cutout of Oprah. That's right. And it was-- I'm not going to lie to you. It was a little traumatizing, because it was like here it is, and then it's not really there. And-- No. --it was a little traumatizing, but I come from trauma. So I felt like that was love. [LAUGHTER] That's what I wanted you to feel. That's real love. Well, I wanted you to see if you liked it. I didn't want to give you a car you didn't know-- you wanted a Tesla, but you weren't sure. You hadn't driven one. Do you have one now? Oh, I have one now. Yes. See, so I gave you a test drive. Yeah, you give me a test drive, but I didn't get to drive it at all, Ellen. Is that true? I didn't get to drive it at all. I thought we gave it to you for a day. No, not even for a whole day. No. No, no. And then Tyler Perry saw, and then I did a movie with Tyler. And then he was like, you know what? You deserve a Tesla. And then he gave me a Tesla. OK, well, I'll say this. Had we not done that on the show, he would not have had the idea to give you the Tesla. So there, we had some-- it was like an assist of a slam dunk. Thanks. That's what we did. Yeah. But Tyler Perry, he's got more money than us. [LAUGHTER] He can buy people cars. He needed the tax write-off. It was a gift. Yeah, exactly. It's his studio. Yeah. You were just-- we played that song because you were just in Vegas. And I guess there was a band playing. And then you got up and sang Proud Mary with them? OK. So this is what happened-- OK, so my man, right, my man said-- Common. Yeah, Common, my man. Yeah. Yes. Yes. He said that he was going to a wedding, right. And that he was performing at the wedding. And I felt like-- he didn't invite me. And I felt like that was because he knew I would catch the bouquet. Because I'm a-- I catch bouquets. That's what I do. And so I was like, are you sure you're really performing at a wedding? I can't go? He was like, you can't come with me. I'm performing. I said, OK, well then I'm going to Vegas. And Jo Koy, he hit me up and said, you want to come? I said, yeah, I'll go to Vegas. So I performed with him in the show. And then we went to Delilah's for dinner. And there was a live band performing. And I was like, I was-- I had a couple of libations. I had-- had a few drinks. And I was like, I'm going to give the leader of the band $100 to see if he let me sings Proud Mary. And Chelsea Handler was there. And she goes, give him-- here's $200. Give him $300 and sing all night. So that's what I did. You sang all night? I sang all night. I sang all night. Man, the crowd-- And I'm wearing Jo Koy's shoes because the high heels I had on was hurting my feet, so I put on his shoes. So what did you sing? You sung Proud Mary. I sang Proud Mary. I sang-- I sang Goin' Down by Mary J. Blige, I'm Goin' Down. They knew that? They knew that one. That's amazing. They knew that one. I sang from Who Framed Roger Rabbit, the Jessica Rabbit song. (SINGING) You had plenty money 1922. You let other women make a, a fool of you. Why don't you do right like some other men do? I was killing it, girl. I was killing it. [APPLAUSE] Thank you, darling. That was beautiful. You have a great voice. What about you and Common singing together sometime, your man? I would like that. I mean, have you all-- at home, do you all sing together? He-- we have, uh, well. OK. So well, it's inappropriate. OK. You know what we do do sometimes? We'll have rap battles, because I'm a really good freestyler like he is. Yeah. But he's better, but we'll have battles. Oh, wow. That would be amazing to have freestyle rap battles. Yeah. All right. When we come back, we are going to talk about your new movie. And congratulations. Thank you. Yeah, really cool. We'll be right back.

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