Jennifer Aniston Takes a Trip Down Memory Lane

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We're back. With Jennifer Aniston. And so since you've been such a big part of the show, we thought we would take a trip down memory lane. And so here we go. Oh boy. Curtains. All right. So you pick a number, and behind that number is a memory. Oh, wow. These will be fun to see if I still have them. Uh-huh. OK, one. All right. Oh yeah, this is the brand new product that you were helping us promote. Oh dear. Have you seen these? What is that? Oh God. What am I doing? In my, OK there I go. In your bra. All right. OK. Oh no. Did you see that? Yeah. Am I getting milked? What's happening? You can't-- it's a feat. Isn't it lovely? This will enhance you. I don't want to be in here. What were those even for? They were breast enhancers. But why did they vibrate? I don't know. They were called breast enhancers, and we found them and they supposedly enhance your breast by vibrating them. I don't know. Oh you mean like a Thighmaster? But for your breasts? Sure. OK. Yeah. Exactly. Not a bad idea. No, well. And you seemed to enjoy it too. I did. All right, pick another number. I'm going to pick three. All right, three is something that you and I had never done before. When's the last time you kissed a girl on the lips? I don't kiss girls on the lips. No. That's what they wanted to see. Does that not constitute for a 20th year? Sorry. You're not an audience member. Oh. You're not an audience member. I'm a viewer. All right. No more picks. We're out of time, Andy says. What? It's your call. What time clock is there here? I know. You talked a lot, so. That was barely anything. That was too-- OK, all right. That's it. God, Andy. All right. But you're going to come back before we finish for sure. I will do anything for you. Oh that's so sweet. Always. All right. Season two of the Morning Show premieres this Friday on Apple TV. It is really good this season. We'll be right back.

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