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-Who doesn't love Reese Witherspoon? -Oh. -Welcome back... -Thank you. ...to "The Tonight Show. [ Cheers and applause ] Thanks so much for coming on. I'm so happy to see you in person in the holidays. -Last time I saw you was on Zoom, and it was just so... -It's so tough. -It's nice to be here. -Thank you. I appreciate it. We all appreciate it. I see all of y'all. Thank you very much. Yeah. [ Cheers and applause ] Happy holidays to you and the fam. What goes on in Reese Witherspoon in the holidays? -Oh, gosh. Well, lots of singing of Christmas carols. -Yes. -I like -- -Are you -- What? -Are you a caroler? Do you go out and like? -Oh, I mean, I don't think so anymore -Just in house. -When I was a kid, we used to go door-to-door. -You did? -Yeah. -Oh, wow. -I grew up going door-to-door, but now I just stay home and watch Michael Bublé specials. [ Laughs ]- That's what everyone does now. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. -I love the Bubs. -Are you? I love the Bubs, -Wait, that sound like... -Yeah, I know. It's weird. It sounded weirder when I said it. I don't know why. [ Laughter ] We love the Bublé. We love him. -We love Michael Bublé. [ Laughter ] What just -- what just happened? -Why does this happen? Sorry, it doesn't matter. -I have a friend who calls him Michael Bubs. -The Bubs. -Because they know him, but nobody calls him that. -No, I think you mean like Justin Bieber -- -That was so weird. You call Biebs the Bubs. -The Biebs. Justin Bieber you call the Biebs, Michael Bublé the Bubs. No, you don't. [ Laughter ] -I love the Bubs. Yeah, I mean... -Maybe it's Bub-- Bublay. Oh, my God. -Yeah, I love the Bublay. [ Laughter ] -Quest, help. -No, no, no, no, no. Help, I'm drowning. Is it hot in here? -No, please, please, please. Look, I want to talk to you about because, you know, I follow on on the socials... -Oh, my God. -...and I -- you're very -- you're very crafty. You love to cook. -I love a crafternoon, y'all. -Oh, craft... -When you craft in the afternoons, it's crafternoon. [ Laughter ] You're making up all sorts of new words. Crafternoon. You have to trademark that. -Oh, my gosh. -But -- but you... Look at this. This is you making a gingerbread house. -Oh, yeah. -This crushes what I was making for my kid. Oh, my gosh. -It's a very special pattern, and... -That's so much fun. -Most of the materials were eaten by the end. That's what my kids do. They do it, and then they just wait and they're, "Can I just take that off?" I go, "Just destroy it and eat it." -Just eat it, just eat it. -Just go for it. -I mean, did you -- was your mom into a gingerbread house when you were growing up and, like, did that for you? -Yeah. Well, we grew up partially in Germany because my dad was in the military, so we always had gingerbread houses and like German candies and stuff like that. -Wow. -Yeah. -I had a family. Katrina Wamsley, the Wamsleys, and they would -- we would go over to their house and her mom made all these different pieces of the house and had frosting for people. And were like, "Oh, my gosh." And that was like -- like a tradition. -Like a perfect mom. -It was the best. I loved it. I go, "Oh, my gosh." It was so cool. -Ms. Wamsley? -Yeah, Ms. Wamsley, yeah. -Making everybody's childhood magical. -Yeah, she just -- Yeah, she did, yeah. I will say season two of "Morning Show..." -Aww, did you like it? -I loved it. -Oh, thank you. -Not only liked it, loved it. -Thank you. It was fun. -You took it to the next level, and we talked about on Zoom, but it is very topical. It is controversial, but you nailed every single little detail, and I'm like, oh, my gosh. it was as another great one. And I just binged out too, because I just went crazy. And then big twist. -Big twist? -Oh, yeah. -Oh, yeah. -You know what I'm taking about. -No, I don't. [ Laughter ] Oh. Oh, yeah. Okay. Oh, right. Yes. -Big twist. Big twist for me, man. Oh, my gosh. Anyway. -Did you recover, though? You're okay? -I loved it. I loved every second of it. I did not see that thing coming. -Yeah, you're right, you're right, -But there's so -- there's so many other things I go, that's such a well-written way of doing that. -It is such a well-written show. -Because what if that actually was a situation that happened? How would people react? What would happen? It was just great. -Right. Well, y'all probably have some of those experiences because you have to put on a show every single day or two shows or three shows, so. -Yeah, it's wild. -Yeah. -It's a lot of different people, you know, with different motivations, and... -Yeah. You had such a busy year, but I will say -- I want to show the cover of -- the cover of Time. You're on the cover of Time Magazine. Not too shabby right there. "Hello Sunshine." And then this is my favorite one. And you can not even react to this picture because I think it's so cool. You're on Forbes, the world's most powerful women 2021. Here is a picture of you. [ Laughter ] And then look up here. Look up here. That's the queen right there, yeah. -Oh, yeah, Yeah, yeah, you and the queen. -I call her QE. -You call QE? Yeah, do you -- but you call her... No, you're probably just close friends. I call her Queenie. Queenie, yeah. [ Laughter ] Congrats. -I never met the Queen. -I want to talk about scene two, and then show a clip of that When we come back. More with Reese Witherspoon. Everybody stick around. Come on back.

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