Justin Bieber Prank Calls a Fan

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- Justin has vowed to be here every week as long as he possibly-- is in town, so--so you'll be here every week. And--'cause the last time you were here, we pranked some people in the bathroom. We surprised some women and scared them, and it was really fun. - Yeah. - And so now, this is something you do on your own. What do you do? - I just love doing prank phone calls with my friends. It's, like, probably top five favorite things to do, so... - You're just sitting around, and you just call people. Do you ever tell them it's you? - No. - No. - No. [laughter] I just let it play on. - Okay, so make sure-- if you get a prank phone call, don't hang up. It could be Justin. You don't know. Don't just hang up. All right, so we're gonna prank somebody now that we know is a big fan of yours. - Let's do it. - And she actually-- she goes to college, schedules her classes around watching my show, so she is a fan of mine and yours. And what are you gonna do? What are you gonna say? - So I was thinking, 'cause she goes to UMass-- I got these notes here. She is a really good student, so I think we should scare her saying that we got her grades, and they're not doing too well. - Okay. Who are you gonna be? Who you be? - I don't know. - "Who you be," I say. - I think I should be, like-- [laughter] Who you be? - Who you be? - Who you be though? For real. - Right. All right. - No, all right, so who do you think I should be? I got two voices. I think I should either be John, with the deep voice, or... [in British accent] I could be Peter. [in normal voice] What do you think? You guys think Peter or John? - Peter, okay. [audience shouting] - Peter? All right, cool. - Okay, shh. - All right. [woman whoops] - Shh. [line trilling] - All right. - Hello? - [in British accent] Hello. This is Peter from UMass. Is this Miss Melanson? - Yes. - I'm actually the head of the English department, and it's been brought to my attention that you've been missing some classes lately. Is that true? - Um, no, I haven't missed any class. - This is Miss Melanson, correct? - Yes. Jocelyn, yes. - Okay, and your parents are LeeAnn and Steven? - Yes. [chuckling] - Okay. This--this isn't funny to me. I don't know why you're laughing. - Well, it's not funny to me. I didn't miss any class. - You--did you go to class yesterday? - No, it was a snow day. - Well, we actually had school yesterday. It wasn't a snow day at all. What are you gonna do about it? - Okay. - You got to make it up. You should probably-- - I'll have to talk to the admissions department and figure it out, 'cause... - [whispering] Say, "Stop yelling at me." - Stop--first of all, you can stop yelling at me. [quiet laughter] - I'm sorry. - Just calm down. - [whispering] "My assistant wants to speak with you." - One second, my assistant wants to speak with you. - Okay. - [in British accent] Yes, I'm his assistant, and I don't do accents nearly as well as he does. [laughter] [in normal voice] My name is Ellen DeGeneres, and that was Justin Bieber that was on the phone with you just now. [both squeal indistinctly] [cheers and applause] - Oh, my God. - We're taping a show right now-- - [speaking indistinctly] - I know, you-- Justin was being-- Justin, that was rude. That was rude. - I'm sorry. - It was his idea to call you. But actually, Justin thought you should come to a taping, and so we'll fly you out here. You'll come to a show, you'll meet Justin, and--would that be fun? - Oh, I'm about to start screaming. I'm jumping around. My roommate thinks I'm crazy. Oh, my God! [applause] - All right. All right, well-- - Thank you so much. - You're welcome. And buckle down. Quit fooling around in that college there. [laughter] - I'll try not to. - All right, we'll see you soon. - Okay, thank you so much! - All right, bye. - I love you guys. - Ah, we love you too. - Love you. [cheers and applause]

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