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-Thank you for being here. This is your first time on our show. -I know, finally. [ Laughter ] -You do a very funny thing. I was going to say you did. You do a very funny thing. You keep buying swag of your husband when he was Pacey. [ Laughter ] You buy shirts and wear them around the house. And I love that you do it, but you also wear his jersey, too, from "Mighty Ducks." [ Laughter ] Now, does he laugh at it or does he like, "What are you doing?" -Well, the funny thing is that first picture that you just showed, that was the first time that he ever saw what I had done. So I bought this shirt. I just love going on Amazon and finding things that might possibly embarrass him, but also that he secretly loves. [ Laughter ] And that was the first time. So like if you see his face, like look at his little face, he's so embarrassed, but he's also loving it so much. [ Laughter ] -He does. He is doing both. He's embarrassed, but also like, "This is cool." -Yeah, I just come downstairs with it on and then he's like, "Are you -- Is that...?" And I'm like, "Yeah. -Yeah. [ Laughter ] Yeah." -I also heard that you take his swag. When he was on our show, we gave a mug and a T-shirt. -The whole thing is I always steal my husband's swag, but the thing is, Jimmy, is now I have all that stuff that you gave him. -You need more. -So, now that I'm here, I just need you to really bring the level up for me. [ Laughter ] [ Applause ] Do you know what I mean? I mean, Oprah gives out cars, so is there a -- [ Cheering and applause ] What's under my chair? -Well, I don't know. Uh -- -Jimmy, Jimmy, this is -- -This is a mask. [ Laughter ] -No, Jimmy. -Unused. [ Awkward laugh ] -Jimmy, that's not good enough. Come on. -How about this? How about -- -No, I have that bag. -"Tonight Show" tote bag. [ Audience oohs ] -I have that. -You have that? -You gave that to Josh, okay? Come on. -Oh. Oh, I have something that I did not give to Josh. [ Audience ohs ] How about a Fallon sweatshirt? You can rock this -- -Getting warmer, getting warmer, [ Laughter ] but I feel like it needs -- I'm talking about sparkly, shiny. Look, Oprah gives out really good gifts. -Yeah, but Oprah's not on TV that much anymore. [ Laughter ] She does specials. -Jimmy, Jimmy -- Oh! That's actually terrifying. [ Laughter ] But my daughter might enjoy it. That's something. -Okay. Mm. [ Laughter ] I accept. Thank you so much! -Act, act like you love it, please. -Thank you [ Whispering ] so much. [ Laughter ] -Congrats on "Anne Boleyn." -[ Clap ] Thank you. -You're getting great reviews. [ Cheering and applause ] I mean, this is a big deal. Congratulations. -Thank you. -It's on AMC+. Is this intimidating, to take on a real person? -I was so like ready to tell a story about mothering -Really? -and so I got really excited about kind of this idea of this woman who really, I mean, it's a mother's story. She was trying to [bleep] survive in her time with the best abilities that she could, that women were allowed to and, you know, make women have a seat at the table. And, really, I mean, she was a [bleep] disrupter. [ Laughter ] That's what's so amazing about her and I was just like, "Yes! I get it. I'm an outsider. I'm a disrupter. Like yeah!" -You can't say the f-word on our show. -Oh! [ Laughter and applause ] [ Rimshot ] Dude, they're on television. -I'm sorry. That was not zen of me. [ Laughter ] -But you know what? It was badass and I kind of love that -- -I'm a mother. I don't use those words. I'm a mother. -That's exactly right, yes. [ Laughter ] I think you're allowed to do whatever you want on my show. That's the deal. I just love having you on here. That's all I want to say. [ Cheering and applause ] -Thank you for having me. -Here's Jodie Turner-Smith in "Anne Boleyn." Take a look at this. [ Laughs ] -[ Grunts ] -Is everything alright? -Perfectly fine. Stop fussing. -Shall I come to your chambers later? -And what would be the point? Until our boy is born, you have but one job. Concentrate on that, if you're so concerned with being a good wife. [ Grunts ] [ Grunting ] [ Cheering and applause ] -Jodie Turner-Smith, everybody. The series premiere of "Anne Boleyn" is streaming now on AMC+. New episodes come out every Thursday.

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