The Stranger Things Cast Teaches Jimmy the "Chicken Noodle Soup" Song

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-They love you. We love you. Welcome back. Congrats. July 4th. I'm excited about the premiere. -Yeah. -It's good to hang with you guys. -Good to be back. -I'm happy you are back. And Sadie, I've never met you. -Yeah, it's my first time here. -Nice to meet you. -Yeah, nice to meet you. [ Cheers and applause ] -Let's talk about the new season, and things that we can tell people that isn't spoiling anything. I know a lot of it was shot in a mall. -Yeah. -Yeah. Was it a real mall? -It was a real mall, actually. -It was? -It was, yeah. It was, like, this mall -- -A working mall? -It was, actually. -Technically. -It is, still, actually. -Technically. -Technically. -It was a little haunted. -A little bit. -Every time we'd be in there, it'd be fine. And then, we'd all just kind of look at each other, and be like, "Something wrong with this mall." [ Laughter ] And it kind of helped. -Yeah. -Yeah. -The thing is, it's still operational. Even though they, like, bought, like, a piece of the mall, and, like, they redid it totally... -It's incredible. -Like, a whole -- It looks gorgeous. It's amazing. I think people still go there, now. -Yeah. -And just, like, look around. But, like -- -Well, how much fun is that, to be in an empty mall? -It's so cool. But it's not even empty. -So fun. -Like, a bunch of people are shopping as we're filming. in the mall, people are shopping as we're filming. [ Indistinct talking ] -And, like, I see people just like... [ Laughter ] ...looking in. Like... Serious, like, spoilers happening. Like, major plot points. -Don't tweet this! Don't tweet this! -But, like, serious plot points. They're just looking. They're like, "Huh." -'Cause it's, like, an active -- sometimes, our trailers are in active parking lots. And so, someone will just drive in and be like, "Is this the Keith Urban concert?" [ Laughter ] And they'll just be like -- And they'll just be like, "No. This is a working set." And they're like, "Alright." And they roll up -- They don't even care. -[ Speaks indistinctly ] -Yeah, I guess. -But I heard that you -- you would actually go up and down the escalators... -Yeah. -...as slides. -Yeah. -That was my idea. -That was your idea? -Bad idea. -Oh, it was a bad idea? -Great, good i-- bad, good idea, whatever. -It was a great idea. -Well, like, the ADs and stuff that were in charge of us, they would say it was a bad idea. -The space in between... -The escalator. -Yes. -Yeah. He started sliding down it. Then, we all did. And then, the production team hated us for it. -Yeah. -But, no, went went against -- -I moved the barrier cones -Yeah. -They put cones, but then, we moved the cones. [ Indistinct talking ] -It was a giant slide. 'Cause usually, they have, like... -Little things stopping you. -...the little things stopping you. They didn't have that. -No, they didn't. But then, at the end, they did. -And it was, like, greasy. -Yeah. It was. -But what was cool is that, we kept doing it. They told us to stop. So, we stopped for, like, a couple weeks. And then, we started doing it again, 'cause... -I didn't stop. -You didn't stop. -I kept going. -He never stopped, no. [ Indistinct talking ] -I forget who it was who suggested it, but, like, everyone's like, "No. Stop." And then, all of a sudden, they're like, "Hey. Slide down that for the shot." -It was Maya. It was Maya. -Well, I mean, Maya suggested it, but, like, everyone was, like, super down with it except for the ADs. -Oh, of course. -The ADs were like, "Do not slide down that. It's dangerous." -I distinctly remember Caleb -- someone going, "Caleb, please do not slide down it." And him just going... -Oh, wow. -While giving this straight face, he's like... -They hated you for that. [ Laughter ] -And then, I just slide down. -It seems like you guys, like, bonded so much on all these seasons. I mean, it's kind of fun, because it's, like, really, I could feel -- -Specifically over disobeying. -Yeah. Exactly. Of course. Yeah. Did you - You came in last season, but do you feel like you're part of the family now? -Yeah. I feel like I am. I think I fit in okay, I guess. -You definitely are. I mean, I know you guys get together, and just joking backstage, we were all just -- there's always, like, 10 bits going on. Someone's doing a bit, and then, someone's laughing at some other bit. And then, someone's singing a song. What is this song that you invented? Caleb, you. -Oh. Another invention of mine. [ Indistinct talking ] -Do you think you invented sliding? [ Laughter ] -Yes. He invented sliding. -Technically, on our set, you invented sliding. -On our set. -Okay. -On our set. -Yeah. -What's the song? -"Chicken Noodle Soup." It's a song that I made to annoy Gaten and Sadie. -It works. -It definitely works. [ Indistinct talking ] -And then, you started barking, and annoying us. -They didn't like it, but then, they joined in. -Then, we joined in. -Yeah. -Do you want to hear it? -I would like to. What does it sound like? What is the name of the song? -"Chicken Noodle Soup." -"Chicken Noodle Soup." -And it's annoying? -Oh, God. -Yeah. It was just a song to annoy them. You guys ready? -Ready. -Ready? One, two... -Three. -♪ Chicken noodle soup ♪ ♪ I feel good when you're around ♪ -Oh, God. -♪ Chicken noodle soup ♪ -That's on key, Roots. -♪ ...when I'm down ♪ ♪ Chicken noodle soup ♪ ♪ I feel good when you're around ♪ ♪ Chicken noodle soup ♪ ♪ [Indistinct] ♪ ♪ When I'm down ♪ [ Cheers and applause ] -That's just a beautiful... -I know. -That's just a beautiful, beautiful song. [ Indistinct talking ] -I feel like I'm at a Keith Urban concert. -No, no, that's one parking lot down. How would you explain the new season? Again, I'm just so excited about that. Netflix, by the way, did not sneak me any episodes, which, normally, I get... -Which is so rude. -Right? I mean, Netflix, I can keep a secret better than anyone. -Uh... [ Indistinct talking ] [ Laughter ] -By the way, Millie, how's your toe? -Oh, my Go-- [ Laughs ] -What? -Last time I was here, Jimmy stepped on my toe, trying to sabotage me. -No, I did not. I did not. -Yeah, you did. Don't deny it. -[Indistinct]...choreographed a dance. -On the plane after, I was, like, icing. No. -No, I stepped back, and I'm like, "Ooh." And then, I was like -- -And then, I, like, looked at you, and I was like... I still engaged with the Roots. I was like, "Guys, bring it back up for me." -Yeah, yeah. -And all of a sudden, boom, my toe, like... -But it's recovering now? -Yeah, it's recovering. It's slowly recovering. We'll see. -Without giving away spoilers, can we sum up, maybe, the new season in one word? I thought you could do that, and that wouldn't give anything away. And we could start with Finn, and go all the way down. Can you sum up the new season in one word? -Classic. Does that make sense? -Yeah. -Caleb? -Um, you know, gory, prob-- yeah, gory. -Sadie? -Fun. -That's wildly different from Caleb's answer. Gory and fun. -Finn is doing more than one word. -Uh... spreading. -What? -What? -Spreading? -Spreading. -Spreading? -Spreading. -It makes sense -- It makes sense once you see it. -You guys know what it means. -No. -Yes, you do. -It makes sense once you see it. -I have no clue what you're talking about. -Okay, alright, spreading. -Sad. -Oh. -Wow! Wow! What a reaction "sad" got! It's so sad. -I said "gory." That's pretty sad, guys. -Yeah. "Classic" -- "Classic" and "gory" are off the table. But "sad" -- now, you've got me. [ Laughter ] -Bigger. -Oh. [ Indistinct talking ]

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