5 Dating Mistakes That Scare Men Off (No More Second Dates)

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- Now, before I became a love strategists helping you sexy single ladies, get out there and find love, I used to actually coach men on how to get out there and confidently approach and flirt with you, yes you. So in this video, I'm gonna walk you through five dating mistakes that tend to scare men off and guarantee that you never get a second date. Keep watching. (inspirational music) Hey there, my name is Adam LoDolce and I'm the head love strategists where we help single women successfully get out there and attract long lasting love and do it with a proven strategy. And if you enjoyed this video, please give it a like, and don't forget to subscribe or follow me because you are not gonna want to miss the content we have coming up over the next few weeks. And if you are a successful single woman who is ready to take real action in her love life, then make sure you apply for a complimentary phone call with someone on my team who will dive deep into your love life to see if you're a fit for our love coaching program called Love Accelerator. Make sure you head on over to LoveApply.com or you can click the link right there below so you can get started. My love accelerated coaching clients know absolutely what they don't wanna be when it comes to first dates. They don't wanna be a no second date Sally A no second date Sally is basically the woman who goes out on a decent amount of first dates, but she never hears from the guy ever again. But it's really confusing because Sally thinks that the date went really well, but then it's just crickets on the text chain. It sometimes gets so bad that she'll even text the guy a week later just to see if he's still alive and then she'll notice that he read the text, but still never replies. Never again, now that you know these five dating mistakes to avoid. Mistake number one is needlessly going negative. This is when you go on a first date and you talk about things that are just negative in your life. Whether it's talking about your ex boyfriend who won't stop hitting you up, or you're talking about that boss that you hate at your work, or maybe it's your neighbors barking dog (dog barking) who just won't shut up when you're shooting video. Whatever it is, you do not wanna be talking about these negative things in your life. It's a first date. You just wanna build a little bit of playful chemistry between the two of you. Dating mistake number two is making the date an interrogation. Now this is something that my Love Accelerator clients run into quite a bit because they are so focused in their love life to find the right type of man that they'll sometimes go on dates and it'll almost turn into, "Hey man, are you the type of person for me? And I'm gonna go through a checklist and see if you're right." It almost feels like an interrogation rather than an exciting and enjoyable experience between the two of you. So of course ask him questions, but make sure that you leave a little breathing room in the conversation for him to ask you some questions too. Dating mistake number three is jumping the gun and getting way ahead of yourself. Have you ever had a date go so well that you start talking about what your kids' names could be or where you could live together or how well this date is going and you tend to just get a little too excited or worse, you feel so comfortable with this guy that you you're connecting so well and things are going well that you start just revealing your deepest, darkest secrets that he really doesn't need to know about. That, my sexy single ladies is getting ahead of yourself. The next dating mistake is checking your phone constantly throughout the date. Now, look, I get it. You might have children at home that you need to keep your phone on you, but wait until you go to the bathroom before you go ahead and check your phone, and if you don't have any dependents, then please put your phone on airplane mode, put it in your purse and give all of your 100% focus on the date that is in front of you. If you're serious about finding love, then you need to put your dates as a priority when you're on that date. And there is nothing more rude than when someone is on a date and they are constantly on their phone. And finally dating mistake number five, which is the opposite of the interrogator. This is the type of person who doesn't ask any questions on the date. You're on the date because you wanna get to know the guy and make sure you're asking the right type of questions when you're getting out there. In Love Accelerator, we give you these tools and this information that you can use, a whole set of questions you can ask when you're on a first date or further along in a relationship so that you can really get to know the guy on a much deeper level. So I'd love to hear from you in the comments below, which of these dating mistakes are you most guilty of? And if you are ready to get on the phone with one of my love strategists, then make sure you click the link right there below or head on over to LoveApply.com. So you can apply for that complimentary love strategy session, where we will see whether or not you're a fit for our love coaching program called Love Accelerator. Thank you so much for watching and I'll speak to you soon. Bye bye.

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