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-Welcome back, everybody. We're hanging out with Reese Witherspoon, who stars in "Sing 2." You're back as the voice of Rosita. -Yes. -Is it fun to get back with the cast? I know you did a little press. -Oh, my gosh. It's been so much fun. We went and they had the premiere of the show and it was all little kids in a theater, and they were all standing up and singing all the songs. And I've never been in a movie where I saw people stand up and sing and cheer, and it was just pure magic. -Did you get nervous that you had to perform an Ariana Grande song? -Yeah, I had to sing Prince, Ariana Grande, U2. I was so scared. -You're like, "Oh, my God, what is going on?" -I was like, "This is not gonna be good." But it was really great. Harvey Mason, he produced it, and he's amazing. I was like, "Make me sound good." -Yeah. -"I got you." -Have you met Ariana? -Have I met her? No, I've talked to her, because she did a "Legally Blonde" video. She did an homage so Elle Woods, which was so sweet and thoughtful. -She's one of the most fun -- You would totally get on with her. She's so great. -I really like that, Jimmy. Maybe you can, you know, hook a friend up. -Yeah, no problem. I also have his number, as well. -Okay. -No, look, he is not in this film, but Matthew McConaughey is, Scarlett Johansson. And then the addition to the cast is Bono. I know. -Come on. -Bono, Pharrell, Halsey. -Oh, yeah, I forgot. -Halsey has the most amazing number, and then we all have -- there's like, seven musical numbers at the end where everybody's dancing and singing in these beautiful costumes, and I'm telling you, it was like, everybody was singing. It was so fun. -Isn't it fun to do a movie like that, like a big, animated movie that's just gorgeous and everyone loves? We all need it right now. -It's such a dream. -I want to show everyone a clip. Here's Reese Witherspoon as Rosita in "Sing 2." Take a look. -Guys, come on! Wait! [ Tires squeal ] ♪♪ -Listen, you guys. I have dreamt of performing in Redshore City since I was a little kid. And besides, I just convinced my husband to babysit for the next 24 hours, and I am not gonna waste an opportunity like that. So come on! [ Bag thuds ] We've got nothing to lose! ♪♪ -Aww. -Come on. You got nothing to lose! It's hopeful! Go check out this movie. I loved it. Reese Witherspoon, everybody! "Sing 2" opens in theaters December 22nd.

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