Jimmy Interviews Cardi B

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-What a year. What a year. Everything you're having. I mean, there's so much to talk about. Congrats on everything. And thanks for being here. -Thank you. Ohm... [ Laughter ] -"Cardi B." Where did that name come from? -My name come from -- You know what? My sister name is Hennessy. -Mm-hmm. -You know what I'm saying? My sister name is Hennessy, right? So everybody used to call me Bacardi. So I always called myself Bacardi, right? And then it was my Instagram name. Like Bacardi, BacardiB. But for some reason my Instagram keep getting deleted, and I think it was Bacardi that had something to do with it. So I just shortened it to Cardi B. -So Cardi B is the jam. And I love that. Now everyone's calling your name now, pal. -Yeah. -You are from the Bronx? -Mm-hmm. Euymmm. [ Laughter ] -Are you -- Sorry. Are you -- Wait a second. Are you from -- Are you going home for the holidays, to the Bronx? -Yep. Oh, yeah, yes. Definitely. -You are, yeah. I follow you on Twitter -- @IAMCARDIB. And you said that you're not getting any adults gifts this year for Christmas. -No. Because you want to know something? Everybody that I know got kids. And this is like -- That's just a lot of kids. -So take care of -- -And I got new godkids out of nowhere. You know, once you start making money, everybody wants you to be their kid's godmother or somethin'. [ Laughter ] -But I -- You did get a beautiful gift. Actually you got a wedding ring from your fiancé. You're engaged to Offset there, from Migos. He did that live? -Ohh! [ Trills tongue ] -I mean -- [ Trills tongue ] is right! Yeah! I mean, it looks gorgeous. Let me see that. Let me see that ring. Look at that. -Don't get too close, Because I didn't put no lotion on my hand. -Gotcha. I gotcha. -It's wintertime. -It's wintertime. I got you. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Did you know -- Look -- That is the biggest diamond I've ever seen. Did you have any idea that he was going to do it? -No. I mean, you know, I was -- He always used to tell me, "I'm gonna marry you. I'm gonna marry you." And it's just like, "Hmm-mmm." It's the right thing to do. But, you know, I know he was gonna give me -- I knew he was gonna give me a very expensive gift, because he wasn't there for my birthday. But I thought he was gonna give me, like, a watch or somethin'. Anyway, he just -- he just went out his way. Ohh. [ Trills tongue ] [ Laughter ] -[ Laughs ] The Grammy Awards. Grammy Awards. January 28th here in New York City. Your hometown. Are you nervous? -I am nervous. You want to know something? You want to know something? -Yeah. Yeah. Mm-hmm. Yes. -I already feel like a winner. -Yeah. You are a winner. -You know what I'm sayin'? Because it's just like I never thought me... -You already are. -Yeah. Like, I already won. What's good? [ Laughter ] -You did. I mean, you've been on our show a few times. But "Bodak Yellow" was the first number-one single from a female rapper since 1998. So already you just changed the game. It went three times platinum. [ Cheers and applause ] Everybody was singing that song. Everybody was doing it. Girls, women, men, grandmas. Everybody's singing "Bodak Yellow." -Yeah. I see. I'm so proud of myself. [ Laughter ] -It's got to feel good, though, right? -It does feel good. And it feels good because, you know, I really worked my ass off for it. And it's just like, ahh, it finally pays off. I have been proven! -Right. Yeah. Oh, please. You got more to come. There's more to come with you. But you're also making some history. You're the first female hip-hop artist -- I want to get this right -- with your first three singles in the top 10 at the same time. Cardi B! -Ohh! [ Trills tongue ] -I mean... I heard that, and I was like [ Trills tongue ] You know? And, uh... [ Laughter ] I totally was. I totally was. I didn't think I was going to be, but I was like [ Trills tongue ] You know? Yeah. You have a new track coming out Friday. -Yes. -All right. And this is "Bartier Cardi." "Bartier Cardi." -Yeah, you know, I named it "Bartier Cardi." You know what I'm sayin'? Because I don't want Cartier to sue me. Yip-yip-yip-yip-yip! Featuring 21 Savage. Okay? Yeohw. Y'all go get that. -No, we're gonna get it. "Bartier Cardi." I can't tell you how much we love you and they love you. I mean, come on! [ Cheers and applause ] Cardi B! I love you, man.

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