3 Qualities Men Over 40 Look For in a Woman

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- Now, dating in your twenties is very different than dating in your forties, fifties and sixties and beyond. Now, when you date in your twenties you have absolutely no clue what it is that you are going to do with your life and you are also driven by this insatiable hunger to get out there and meet new people. And before you know you are going on these long sexcapades where you don't even know who the person is that's sitting in the bed next to you and you look over and you think, do I even like this person? And then you wake up one day and you are married, you are completely blinded by all the hormones. And then once you get to your forties and beyond maybe you've gone through a divorce or some really painful heartbreak. And now you have a little bit more of a clear head that you can bring to your love life. You are more established, you know what you want, and for us men our testosterone levels tend to dissipate a little bit which means we are no longer just completely driven by our sex drive. So naturally this means that older guys tend to be interested in different things in a woman than younger guys. So in this video, I'm gonna be revealing to you the three qualities that men over 40 are looking for in a woman, keep watching. (upbeat music) Hey there, Adam LoDolce from lovestrategies.com, where I help successful single women get out there and attract a long lasting love and do with a proven strategy. And if you enjoy this video and you want more videos just like this, give this video a like and make sure you comment below with your question for future videos. Now, when I talk about the three things that older guys are looking for in a woman, the first two are completely backed by data and then the third one is backed by my personal experience having coached many men on how to get there and flirt and meet you. Yes, you, see before I was a dating coach for women I actually used to coach men and a lot of my clients happened to be in that age range forties, fifties and sixties. So let's jump right into it, the first thing that men over 40 are looking for, is intelligence. The online dating site called Zoosk actually did in a complete analysis of over 600,000 online dating profiles created by men. And what they did is scanned it, scan these profiles looking for different trigger words. And what they found is that men as they get older they use words such as I'm looking for a smart woman or I'm looking for an intelligent woman, they care more about that as they get older. And it makes sense if you are an intelligent guy you wanna be with someone on the same intellectual level as you are. And you probably feel the exact same way as an intelligent woman yourself. The second quality that guys over 40 are really looking for is a nurturing woman. Men in their forties, want someone who's kind, who's caring who's soft, who can ultimately just be a best friend. And I think this is because as you get older the relationship is just less so focused on sexual chemistry and friendship becomes kind of the cornerstone of the partnership between the two of you. Now, of course that doesn't mean that people don't want sex. And sex isn't great in your forties, fifties, sixties and beyond certainly but it just means that I think people become more pragmatic as they are getting older and they've realized that 99% of the time that you spend with your partner is spent not having sex, okay? And it is spent as a friend and enjoying your time together. And men just naturally are looking for that nurturing kind caring woman that they can spend time with. And finally, the third quality that men are looking for and is based on my own personal experience having coached men in the past. The third quality is youthfulness. Now, I know what you are thinking, I'm not saying that you need to be young in order to be youthful. Being youthful is just a mindset, it is a type of energy that you bring to the table, bring to the relationship, bring to the conversation. And if you can come to a conversation or a date with that exuberant, incredible youthful energy where you're curious or excited to see him, you are excited to get to know him further. These are the types of qualities men are really looking for in a woman because most guys who are in their forties, fifties and beyond. Just like you they are probably going on a lot of dates. And a lot of women who are in that age group tend to be a little bit more jaded, they tend to be very serious daters, they go into the date in that interview mode and if you can differentiate yourself by bringing that youthful, excited, curious energy to the table I assure you men will be deeply attracted to you. So I wanna hear from you in the comments below what quality are you most attracted to in men over the age of 40? Leave that comment right there below. And if you are finally ready to get out there and attract long lasting love I have a free training for you that's gonna teach you what we call the seven little love steps to attracting the man in the relationship you truly deserve. I'll leave a link to that training in the comments right there below or anywhere on this page. Thank you so much for watching, I'll speak to you. You sexy single lady next week, bye-bye.

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