Ellen Welcomes Back 'AGT' Comedian Josh Blue!

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So that was 15 years ago. I know it took this long to get me back, yeah? I'm so sorry. I had to get third on AGT for you to have me back. I was going to have you back no matter what. I mean, I've been watching you, you're hilarious. And thanks for the t-shirt, you gave me one of those. You're welcome, my pleasure. Thanks so much. What-- you have kids now? A lot has happened in 15 years. It is insane. I have two kids, teenagers. As you know, that's a lot to deal with, a lot of emotions. Aw. Hey, don't aw me, buddy. I'm just trying to deal with these kids with one hand, that's my problem. And so-- they must have been supported for you to do AGT, right? You know they're very supportive. I was surprised that when I came home, my son actually teared up and he said, you did amazing. My daughter didn't really care at all. That's sweet that he's sensitive, he's the sensitive one. Yeah. And it's-- well you know, One Last Comic Standing, that was the last time I was on here and that's against comedians, that's like apples to oranges. AGT is like apples to carburetors or something. Very different. You're up against so many different kinds of people but you came in third. Yes. Yeah, that's fantastic. Thank you. Thank you. Yeah. I will say I lost to a magician and I apologize to the comedy community. I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Ellen. He's pretty good. He's good. Yeah. All right, so you're going to perform for us, right? Oh, yeah. You want me to do it? You were the first stand up that I had on my show 15 years ago. Nobody had done it before. It's awesome. Oh, yeah, OK, good because I've been putting that on my resume. Yeah, yeah. It's accurate. All right, you're going to do some stand up. All right, let me do this. All right, Josh Blue, everybody. All right. Hello. So I'd like to mention I have cerebral palsy, I like to get that out of the way early. Otherwise, the audience is like, does he know that he has that? Yes, I am aware. My jokes are about a guy with cerebral palsy, this is all I've ever known, comes from this perspective. To tell the truth early in my career, I tried to do my show from a Southern Belle point of view. That just never played quite right. Dear diary, you know, I used to think I had a way with animals. And then I realized, that I just make a lot of crumbs. Got a pack of random dogs following me around, just hoping I'll break into a muffin or something. I don't know how many times I've had to go into a restaurant and they're like, you can't bring your dogs in here. And I'm like, these aren't my dogs. Then they will just come to find out they're other people's service dogs that just saw me on the street like, hey, man, are you waiting here? I got to help this guy. Speaking of help, you know, people I've always enjoyed helping folks. But what I've learned is that since I've been able to grow a beard, strangers will not accept my kindness. Well, let's just say you get your car stuck in a ditch and then I just happen to be the first one on the scene, just lumbering, guarding your vehicle, and like, hey, I'm here to help. You've already been through a traumatic experience? Thought you got yourself locked in your car, trying to get rid of me through a little crack. And I'm like, I'm fine. Leave, just go on by. No, I wanted to be here, please, please. Also, I just had this happen to me again, I was in New York City and I tried to hail a taxi and I caught a pigeon. Hey, you guys are awesome. Thank you so much. Everyone, to find out where you can see just Josh Blue on tour, go to my website. You can also register to audition for the next season of AGT, auditions.com/agtlasvegaslive. Stage show opens November 4th at Luxor. We'll be right back. Josh Blue, everybody. Thank you so much!

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