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-Marriage is- is- is--is an interesting process, ongoing, isn't it? Mr. PITT: It's phenomenal. WINFREY: Yeah. Mr. PITT: Yeah, it's phenomenal. WINFREY: And I loved wh--hearing you say--at least I read this in the Vanity Fair article where you were saying that maybe it's not--maybe two people--the nature of two people is not meant to be with each other forever. Mr. PITT: Well, I don't know. I don't--I'm not sure what I was talking about there actually… WINFREY: OK. Yeah. Mr. PITT: ...actually, but there's just so much pressure on that from--from day one. WINFREY: Yeah. Mr. PITT: And--and to me--to me or to Jen and I, it's always been about getting everything on the table and growing together… WINFREY: What you said was--here it is in the PrompTer… WINFREY: ...`We don't cage each other with this pressure of happily ever after. You figure it out as you go along. Jen and I always made a pact. We'll see where this is going. I'm not sure it really is our nature to be with someone for the rest of our lives, because you just made this pact. You keep going as long as you keep growing. When that dies, we do, but it constantly surprises me. It's good fun. We still have that friendship. We still'--is this sounding like you? Mr. PITT: I guess so. WINFREY: OK. Mr. PITT: Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. WINFREY: Blah, blah, blah. `We still have a good laugh.’ Mr. PITT: Yeah. WINFREY: `We're good at getting bleep on the table, OK? And then she tells other people, and I get mad.' Does that sound like something you said? Mr. PITT: `Then she tells other people I get mad.' Oh, yeah. Yeah, that's me. Yeah. WINFREY: Yeah. Mr. PITT: That's me, yeah. WINFREY: Yeah. Mr. PITT: That's me 'cause she'll tell, like--she'll tell, like, little personal arguments that we had in the--in the press or on shows and I'll go… WINFREY: Oh, really? Mr. PITT: ...`Why--why are you--don't take me out.’ WINFREY: Yeah. Mr. PITT: `Take yourself out.’ WINFREY: OK. Or did you, like… Mr. PITT: Yeah, but no, she's right. She's--she's--she's no-holds-barred. She's no secrets and fantastic that way. WINFREY: Yeah.

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