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-I'm here with Dakota Johnson, now! [ Cheers and applause ] Dakota, you've been in many, many movies over the years, but I wanted to see if you're a big enough fan that you can just summarize a movie in just 5 seconds. It's time to play a game called "5-Second Summaries." Here we go. -♪ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ♪ -♪ Second ♪ -♪ Summaries ♪ -All right. Here's how the game works. We both have cards. Each card has the name of a movie on it. As soon as you look at the card, you have 5 seconds to describe what it's about, the best you can, and try to make me guess what it is. You can't use any words in the title, actors' names, or catchphrases. We're just describing the plot of the movie. -Okay. -Alright. -I don't have cards, but I memorized mine, so... -Oh, wow. -Because I'm an actor. -Well, I have my cards because -Oh, God. -I'm not an actor. Alright, but look. We're going to take turns, alright? You're going to go first since you memorized yours. -Okay. -Alright. Let's put 5 seconds on the clock. Whenever you're ready, just say "go," and we'll start the clock. -Okay. Are you ready? -Yes. -Okay. Go. This is a film where there's lots of brothers and sisters and they're running through a field. -"Sound of Music." -And they are singing. -"Sound of Music." [ Cheers and applause ] Brothers and sisters running through a field. -Okay. -Yes, that is correct. I love that movie. Alright. Here we go. As soon as I look, it's 5 seconds. Alright? Uh -- Oh. Gangs, dancing gangs that sing. -"West Side Story." -Yes! That's correct! Wow. That's good. I was going to sing, and then I'm like, "I can't do it." Right? Alright, yeah. Alright. This is fun. Now, your second one that you memorized, say "go" when you're ready. -Okay. -Actually, let's make it a little tougher here. Let's put 3 seconds on the clock. [ Audience oohs ] -Oh [bleep]. -You can't -- -[ Laughter and applause ] You can't say that word on our show! -I mean, but we should be able to say that word now, like, after all this time. -No. -Kids aren't awake when this comes on. -Yes, they are. There -- A lot of kids watch our show. [ Laughter ] Dude, we're, like, the number one trend on TikTok right now. Are you kidding me? -Oh. Sorry. -Yeah. Yeah -- Oh, yeah. No problem. No problem. Alright. Whenever you're ready, say "go." And then I will -- in 3 -- You have 3 seconds to describe this movie. -Okay. Go. Where's my fish?! Lost fish! -Oh. "Finding Nemo." [ Laughter ] -"Where's my fish?!" [ Laughter ] That's a great -- That's a great clue. Alright. 3 seconds. This time, the pressure's on me now. Ready? 3 seconds. [Russian accent] "Oh, I talk like this. I make purses and dresses and fashion." [ Laughter ] -What? -"But I talk like this. I talk with a little accent. I make fashion. I make bags." -Are you Russian? -Yeah. -Do I need -- Do I know this movie? -Maybe. Yeah, you do. [ Laughter ] -I don't know it. -♪ Ra, ra, ooh-la-la ♪ [ Laughter ] ♪ Ga, ga, ooh-la-la ♪ This is bad romance. Bad romance." -Bad romance? What are you talking -- What is it? -Father-son, "House of Gucci." -Oh, I haven't seen that movie yet. -[ Sad tuba plays ] -Also, they're not Russian. -I don't know. It's a -- It's a hit movie. -Oh, she's Russian. -Yes. -She's Russian. -Is she? -That's embarrassing. -Was I wrong? Is she Russian? -No. -She's not? She's Italian? Sorry. -[ Sad tuba plays ] -Yeah. See? That was pretty confusing. -Anyway, that's -- No spoilers, no spoilers. -It seems like I should get a point for that. -Yeah, you probably should. Judges? -[ Bell dings ] -That was bad. -Alright, they gave you a point for that one. Oh, my God. Alright. Here we go. The final round. Let's put 1 second on the clock here. Whenever you're ready. -Okay. -Alright. You tell me. 1 second. -Okay. Go! Grumpy green man. -Grumpy green men. Grumpy -- -Man. -Green man. Oh! The Hulk? "The Incredible Hulk"? [ Buzzer sounds, sad tuba plays ] Oh, "The Grinch"! "How the Grinch Stole Christmas." Yes. Okay, good, yeah. [ Cheers and applause ] The Hulk is grumpy, as well. -Oh, yeah. -This is tough. One second. Here we go. One second for this one. -Make sure you've seen this one. [ Laughter ] -Yeah, I didn't -- I didn't plan ahead. Like, you know -- Alright. Here we go. -[ Laughs ] -Santa's helper. -"Elf." -Yes! [ Cheers and applause ] Dakota Johnson right there! The pro! Her new movie, "The Lost Daughter," is in select theaters Friday and streaming on Netflix December 31st.

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