Loni Love Reveals Truth of Meeting Boyfriend on Christian Mingle

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We're back with Loni Love. OK. Sorry, I'm taking this stuff. This is your last season. You're going to take that, too? All right, yep. There's stuff that I want to take back with me, so OK. Not yet. We still have a whole season to go. Oh, OK. All right. I just want to mark stuff, then, to take. All right. All right. You can take that home, for sure. Thank you! You can have whatever you want. Love it, gold. Loni, you have been here many, many times. I haven't seen you since I did your show last, which was fun. It was our 1,000th episode, and you came, and you were surprising to me. So thank you so much. And I haven't been able to say thank you, because I haven't seen you since then! So thank you for doing our 1,000th episode on "The Real." Of course. 1,000th show. You really have become a big part of the show. I mean, you were our DJ for a while. And what is your favorite memory here? My favorite memory, there's so many. I mean, first of all, thank you for letting me stay behind that DJ booth. First of all, I met my brother tWitch that way. I met a lot of stars. And I met Tom Hanks, I met Kanye West. It is just so many different memories that I have that were really, really great. And you guest hosted here, too. Now, that was hard. Ooh-wee! The responsibility that you have, Ellen, people don't understand. They think it's easy. Because I'm on a show that three other people, they can take the slack if I want to rest. I hosted one show of hers, and I was like, please get her back. Because it is hard. I mean, I had some great guests, and you have some great people that work behind the scenes to make sure that I was comfortable, that I was safe, and I had the best show possible. RuPaul, Saweetie came, and I was able to give away $25,000. It was fantastic. It's fun, right? That's why it's fun. I want to share my favorite moment that I've had with you on the show. Oh, OK. All right, let's take a look. You were learning pole dancing. OK. I used to do a lot of field shoots for you. This was one of my favorite field shoots, where I had to learn how to pole dance. You made me go to a pole dancing class. But you know what? I got them moves, baby! Look at me! Look! Yes! Yeah, she ain't got me! She ain't got me! Look, the skinny girls, look, look. So I couldn't get all the way up there. I had to stay down, because I didn't want to hurt myself, because I had to come back to work. But that was one of my favorite moments, too. I'm glad you remember, because I forgot. We were just trying to fulfill a dream for you. You said you wanted to learn pole dancing, so we sent you to learn pole dancing. And that's the thing about you, you would always listen to me. That's why I had to be careful. So if I said, you know, I want to get drunk on the show, she would have liquor the next day. I was like, wow, she fulfills my dreams. So thank you so much. Can we give Ellen her flowers right now? Can we? You're very sweet, thank you so much. And I think the pole dancing was a good-- I don't know if it's responsible for your boyfriend, but you've been with him for three years now. And that had to have helped a little bit. Actually, it was that. But before that, remember, you set up my ChristianMingle.com. Because I met him online on ChristianMingle, even though we're both not Christians, but we're religious. And we met on there, and we've been together for three years. His name is James. He's the sweetest-- look at the beau! Look at the beau! Look at him! That's my damn favorite right here. Wait, wait, hold on. You both were on ChristianMingle, and neither of you are Christian or religious? No, no, we're religious, but we're not Christians. But you know what, I wanted to meet a nice man. And so I figured, well, let me go on ChristianMingle.com, and he was there, too. And then when he said he wasn't really Christian but he's religious, and I was like, well, then, maybe this is God's way of putting us together. And we've been together ever since! Fantastic. All right. A couple of things I want to mention, this book came out, I think last year, right? Yes. "I Tried to Change So You Don't Have To", very funny. And then now y'all are back starting next week. "The Real" is back in studio. It's a reimagined, small studio. But it's going to be us together. And these are COVID times. We have to stay safe, we have to stay together. But we owe it to our audiences of "The Real" to at least try to be in a studio, and so that's what we're doing. And we had a great premiere week, and we're going to continue to have great premiere weeks. So it's been great. And you're always welcome to come over to our little studio. I appreciate it. Thank you so much. But we'll let you do it on the camera. OK, all right. OK, I got to go. OK. I got to go back. All right, get your-- all right, thanks, Loni. I love you, too. Bye. See y'all! All right.

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