Meghan Trainor Wants '2 in 1' Twins

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Hi, Meghan! Hi! Thanks for being here on my final season. Why am I here? Because it's my final season. I've [INAUDIBLE]---- no, but it should be like Will Smith or something. Yeah-- This is awesome! He'll be here too-- [INTERPOSING VOICES] But I'm so glad you're here. Thank you. You've been here many, many times. This was one of the first talk shows you ever did. No, yeah, this was it. All my firsts happened on this show, my first real performance of "All About That Bass" and my Grammy. You gave me my Grammy and my first plaque and my first interview, and I was just as nervous. Are you nervous? I'm sweating. How come? Because you're Ellen, I don't know. This is like, oh my God, it's so it's so iconic. Well I'm glad you're here, and you look fantastic. I know, thank you. Since I've seen you-- Thank you, I've been working on it. Since I've seen you, you had a baby. I had a real person. I had a baby boy. Yes, a little human being is on this Earth now because of you and your husband. Because of love. Look at that face. Yeah, he's cute. What's his name? His name is Riley. He's our little redhead, little spy kid boy. What's he up to? What's his hobbies? He's just laughing and giggling, eating some Gerber food. He's great. Yeah, that's fantastic. And you're going to be on the cover of People magazine. Yeah, we-- [INTERPOSING VOICES] Let's talk about that. Yeah, it was awesome. When is that-- it's coming out soon? Ah, that's coming out soon, look how gorgeous she is. Yeah. Wow, it's amazing, yeah. And you're talking about anxiety with what? Just in general I'm very open about panic attacks and anxiety, and I had really hard crippling anxiety when I had my second vocal surgery, and you were the first person to let me perform on your show right after that surgery, so I was up here acting really cool, but I was crumbling inside. And so we talked about it and now I feel much better. Yeah, good, good. Thank you. [APPLAUSE] I think a lot of people struggle with anxiety, and I think the pandemic brought a lot more out from anybody who was even slightly struggling, so good for you for talking about it. My brother is now fully sober, which is a great new thing for him, and we talk about it on our podcast that we're doing. Yeah you're starting a podcast. We're starting a podcast called "Working On It". We're working on anxiety and working on motherhood, and he's working on sobriety. Oh that's fantastic. Speaking of motherhood, you brought a video of-- you posted something. Can we show what you posted? This baby, there's nothing better than a baby's laugh, right? Right. [LAUGHTER] I've been doing this for a half hour. Just shaking a garbage-- a trash bag. Just trash. Yeah, it's that trash bag. So I don't know why you-- I heard that you want twins next. Oh, yeah, yeah. Why would you want twins next? Two in one, it sounds like a deal to me. I don't know, I want like three in one. Yeah, I just want so many, but I don't want to be pregnant five times. I don't know. Oh I see you just want to get it out of the way real fast. In and out, yup. Yeah. Yeah, that's going to be a lot of work, two little people at once. Two at one time, yeah but I could do it. I can handle it. I love being a mom. Yeah, oh that's good. It's fantastic. So you're going to try to have kids like right away or are you going to wait a while? Well we're a little late this month, so who knows? But no, yeah we-- Good. We're gonna try. All right so let's talk about your household. So you live with your husband. I live with my husband. Which is a good thing. You have your baby is living with you as well with your husband. Yes. You also have your two brothers living with you. Yes. Why? Because I don't want them to go anywhere else. I don't know, I'm kind of kidnapping them. They're 28 and 25, but I don't want them to live anywhere else. I want them to be-- they're my best friends. Yeah but how's your husband feel about that? It was hard. There's us, there's the gang. It was hard sometimes, but they're really-- they're all best friends, and the only thing that really bugs them nowadays is when my little brother doesn't do the dishes, and we just got to give him a nice talk. It's like we're parenting already. Yeah. It was yeah, practice. Yeah he's living in the house. The least he can do is do the dishes, right? Does he do any other chore? No! And he just lives there without doing chores? He lives there. [INTERPOSING VOICES] Well that's not right. No, but I love you, Justin! Yeah but Justin, do the dishes. All right, tWitch, you did this "Clash of the Cover Bands". Yes he did! I want you to tell us about that. Yeah I mean the time we spent was amazing. The bands were incredible, right? It was, yeah-- You're going to love this. I know, it looks fantastic. Absolutely. Oh yeah, yeah we have cover bands. We had-- in the building, though, they were like, did you hear Cher was here? Like they really fooled everybody because they're so good and so committed to their craft. Yeah they look-- it's not just that, because you can be a really good cover band and sound great, but these people look like those people. Yeah, the transformation was frightening. Amazing, amazing. I can't wait. You're going to love it.

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