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-Our next guest is an Emmy-nominated comedian who you know from his work on "Saturday Night Live," which is all-new this week, with host Paul Rudd and musical guest Charli XCX. Please welcome Bowen Yang! [ Cheers and applause ] Oh! That's what I'm talk-- Oh, come on, now! Bowen! -Hi! -Thank you for coming on. Last time you were here, we were talking about how you played the iceberg that sank the Titanic. And it was a giant hit, and it was so funny. And since then, you got nominated for an Emmy for that. [ Laughter ] -Thanks. Thanks, everybody. -How did it go? How was the Emmys? Was it all like you thought it would be? -Yeah. It was everything I dreamed of, because it took place in a tent on top of a parking garage in Los Angeles. [ Laughter ] -Oh, my gosh. -And I feel like that's the Emmy experience, baby. No, it was so fun. I got to hug Jean Smart. I got to give her an award, technically. And then, I got to, like, eat little prosciutto things next to Lorne Michaels and joke with him all night, so it was lovely. -I like seeing you and talking to you about the things that you experience. 'Cause I know you got excited that Taylor Swift was on the show. Musical guest on "Saturday Night Live" a few weeks ago, and you're a big Taylor swift fan. -Big Swiftie. -I know you're a big Swiftie. And did you get to meet her, and were you nervous? And walk me through the process. -I got to meet her at promos on Thursday. When you're shooting promos for the episode, you do that on Thursday. People at "SNL" threw me a bone, said that, "You can stand next to her." It was a huge deal. I got to tell her that in an improvised line in a promo that her song "Treacherous" is the sound of falling in love, which I believe to be true. And then, I stood outside of her dressing room after the show on Saturday... -Now we're talking. Now we're talking. Yeah. -Yeah, okay. This is the meat of it, okay? I was not sure whether or not to knock on her door. Because, it's a real, like... You know, sometimes you don't -- Sometimes they say, like, "Don't meet your heroes." She's a hero. And she was lovely all week. But I was like, you know, after the show, she's probably riding high. She doesn't want to talk to, like, the riffraff like me. And so, I finally knocked on her door. She couldn't have been nicer. And I said, "I don't normally do this, but can we please take a picture?" And then, she was like, "Of course! Can Sadie Sink, the star and the muse of my music video, be in it?" I was like, "Of course!" -I love Sadie Sink. -So we took this photo. -I want to show the photo. Here's you, Taylor, and Sadie Sink. Look at this. Is that a perfect photo? Now look at that. [ Applause ] -Pure bliss. I'm blissed out. Then, there's more. So, other people in the dressing room were there, and she was like, "Who should take this?" And then, Deadpool himself, Ryan Reynolds was like, "I'll do it." That's him. [ Laughter and applause ] The star of "Just Friends" himself, yes. -How fun is that? I want to -- This is the holiday show coming up right now on "SNL." Will you do anything over the break? Are you gonna get to see your family? -Yeah. I'm just gonna hang with my parents and, like, teach my mom how to use Netflix for the eighth year in a row, so I can't wait. -You posted some photos of a hike. They're from -- Is it Denver? Where are they from? Colorado? -Denver. Suburban Denver. -They were going on a hike, or hiking, and you took photos of your parents hiking. And fans of yours on Twitter seemed a little confused that these are their hiking outfits. They look line they're going to a dinner somewhere. [ Laughter ] Pretty glamorous. -They're wearing, like, steakhouse attire, basically. -Yeah, they are. -They look -- They look, like, dressed up. You know? -Your dad's wearing loafers, yeah. -Loafers. My dad's wearing loafers and a button-down and, like, a sweater vest. My mom was wearing, like, a Rhinestone/Swarovski crystal sweatshirt that she bought at Goodwill. [ Laughter ] And a lot of people had a lot to say about what they were wearing. And I just had to be like, "Y'all, this is what immigrants do. They don't dress appropriately for things, and that's fine, and we should let them do that." Like, this is not actually a steakhouse, and there is no dress code for this, and I'm not gonna be the person to tell them about Dick's Sporting Goods or Ariano. -Why can't you be the person that tells them that? -I don't want to ruin their innocence, you know? I feel like the roles have switched, and I don't want to, like -- I want to, like, keep them the way they are. -Yeah, exactly. I want to congratulate you on your podcast, by the way. "Las Culturistas"? Am I saying it correctly? -Nailed it. -Thank you. -Nailed. -You got named one of the best comedy podcasts of 2021 by Vulture. Congrats on that, buddy. [ Cheers and applause ] -Thank you. Thank you so much. Yeah, it's a real honor. -This weekend, Paul Rudd on "Saturday Night Live." -Paul Rudd, yeah. -I mean he's the best. What can we expect? Anything -- Can you give us any hints? -I think you're gonna see Mr. Rudd just be Sexiest Man Aliving all over the place. And I think that'll be great. I think it's his fifth time hosting, so that's kind of cool. -Oh, maybe a Five Timers? Maybe a five -- -Maybe a Five Timers moment. I don't know. -All right. -I can't say much more than that. -There you go. I love you. Bowen yang. Thank you for the scoop. Check out "Saturday Night Live" this weekend with host Paul Rudd, musical guest Charli XCX.

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