Ellen Makes 'Friends' with BTS!

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We're back with BTS. And first of all, let's have introductions. Introduce yourselves, please. Hi nice to meet your. My name is RM. I'm the leader of this group and kind of the spokesperson. [APPLAUSE] Hi, guys. Hi, guys. My name is V. Hi. I'm you're hope. You're my hope. I'm J-Hope. Hi. I'm Suga. Thank you. Hi. Nice to meet you guys. I'm Jungkook. I love you, Jin. Hello. Hi. My name is Jin and worldwide handsome. Nice to meet you guy-- Jimin. I'm Jimin. All right. So we have an interpreter, just in case I need one. But actually, RM, you speak English, right? Yes. Pretty well. You taught yourself English? Yes. I taught myself English. How did you teach yourself English? Actually, my English teacher was a sitcom, Friends. Oh, you watched Friends. So it was it mainly just phrases then or you just learned everything? I think, you know, back in the days, like when I was like 15, like 14, it was quite like a syndrome for all the Korean parents to make their kids watch the Friends. Really? So yeah. I thought I was kind of like a victim at that time. But right now, I'm the lucky one. Yeah. So like, thanks to my mother, she bought all the seasons for the DVDs. It's got 10 DVDs. Right. She bought me. And so firstly, I watched with the Korean subtitle. And then, next time, I watched with the English subtitle. And then, I just removed it. That's very impressive. And Friends would be very happy that you learned-- [APPLAUSE] Thank you. I love Friends. So you you write the songs. And they're very personal lyrics. You talk about things like mental health. And that's important to you, right, to set yourself aside and not just do pop music, but talk about issues? [SPEAKING KOREAN] That's what I said. [SPEAKING KOREAN] I think we have created in English. With different languages, you have different languages. But I think we all share in the same message. I think that's why our songs appeal to people who speak Korean and people who don't speak Korean. We do all speak the same language with-- we all feel pain. We all are sad. We all are happy, all the different things. And music does bring us together. You're absolutely right. Your fans are called ARMY. What does ARMY stand for? In Korean, our name means Bulletproof Boy Scouts, so it stands for BTS. And so like, we got this army, like, right beside us. Yes. You certainly do have an army. I mean, can you believe what has happened? It's like when they got to LAX, it was like the Beatles were here. I mean, your fans-- it's really incredible. Have you ever gotten together, hooked up with any of the ARMY? [LAUGHTER] [SPEAKING KOREAN] We are doing it right now. No. You know what I mean. [CHEERING] We got like hundreds. You know what I mean. Have you all ever dated one of your ARMY? [SPEAKING KOREAN] Explain what hooked up means. Come on. [LAUGHTER] [SPEAKING KOREAN] Not. Not. [KOREAN] No. [LAUGHTER] No. All right. All right. All right. I got you all a gift, because I know that Friends taught you English and your fans are Friends and they shot here on the lot. So I got you all a whole bunch of stuff from Friends. Really? Wow. Oh my gosh.

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