4 Sensual Ways to Kiss a Man to Turn Him On

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- Did you know (mellow music) that the average person spends over two weeks of their life simply kissing? And chances are, up to this point, you probably haven't spent that much time figuring out how to kiss a guy to really turn him on. Well fear not, you sexy single lady, because in this video right now I'm gonna be talking about four very sensual ways to kiss a man, and they are guaranteed to turn us on like crazy. Keep watching. (upbeat music) Hey there, Adam LoDolce from Love Strategies where we help successful single women get out there and find long-lasting love. And if you enjoy this video and you are really ready to dive deep into the male mind, why do we flake, why do we ghost, why do we avoid commitment, and how is it you can find long-lasting love? Head on over to www.whymenflake.com where I'm going to host a free webinar that you can walk through this exact process to getting out there and attracting long-lasting love. Because let me tell you, kissing is one component of finding love but I unleash the entire strategy for you at www.whymenflake.com. So let's jump into those four sensual ways to kiss a man to turn us on like crazy. Number one is to bite our lip. Now, as a warning, you don't need to bite our lips very hard. It can be very soft and it can be very sensual. But by involving your teeth in a very soft way it is going to drive him absolutely crazy. It's a more aggressive move while you're kissing, but it's really helpful if you've had a lot of sensual kissing all along the way, and then you want to show him that more aggressive side to you, and that you want more of it. The second sensual way to kiss a man and to turn him on is to kiss him and then pull away. Men are natural pursuers, and we do like a challenge. And when you kiss him and then pull away you are creating this effect, it's almost like the rubber band effect where you come in then you come out. And it gives us a little bit of a challenge. More importantly, it also puts you in control of the pacing. Try this, and I guarantee men are going to pursue you in ways you've never seen possible when it comes to kissing. The third sensual way to kiss a man to turn him on is to actually put your body into it. Let me tell you one of the least sexy ways to ever kiss a guy, okay, you ready for it? It's being what we call the dead fish. It's where you're kissing. and literally there's no other movement in the entire body. It literally feels like you're kissing a dead fish. When you're kissing a guy and you're getting turned on and you're getting into it, feel free to move your body a little bit. It doesn't mean you have to be humping the guy, or dry humping or anything like that, but you can at least be moving your body and showing him with your body that you are getting turned on. You don't want to just sit there. You don't want to just lay there. Give him a little bit of that movement so that he knows that you're feeling him. And finally the fourth sensual way to kiss a guy to turn him on is to change the pace. This means going faster then moving slower. Going faster and going slower. And let me tell you when you're kissing someone and when you're hooking up with someone, you as the woman, you are always in control of the pace. And if he is trying to take control and you don't like it you can always say no, and you can always walk away. But assuming that you're enjoying the interaction, enjoying kissing the guy, feel free to go fast and go in hard, and then slow it down a little bit. This is a great way to create a little bit of variety in your making out. Have you ever kissed someone for a long period of time, and it's just the same thing over and over again, and you're missing that kind of spark of the kiss? Well, this is your way of being able to create a little bit more animation, a little bit more excitement, a little bit more of a connection as you're kissing someone. So let me hear from you, (mellow music) which of these turn you on the most. Leave a comment right there below. Now, as you've noticed, this video is just a little bit different than the content I usually release. So if you do like the video, give me a like, don't forget to subscribe. And leave that comment below if you want more content just like this about kissing and sensuality. I'm happy to release that. And also, of course, come join me on this free webinar. It's completely free, www.whymenflake.com where you can dive deep into the male mind and understand what it is that we really desire in a woman. Come join me. And, yeah, again if you enjoyed the video, give it a like. And I'll speak to you, you sexy single lady, next week. Bye bye.

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