Five-Year-Old Tavaris and His Terrific Moves Are Back!

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Our next guest is a man of few words, and the cutest little dancer you'll ever see. From Detroit, Michigan, please welcome- >> [APPLAUSE] >> Tavaris Jones. >> [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC] >> [APPLAUSE] >> Can I have a hug? >> [APPLAUSE] >> You love to dance so much, it's hard to stop you. And I don't wanna stop you, cuz I love watching you dance. Hey, Tavaris, how are you? >> Good. >> Like I said, you're a man of few words. >> [LAUGH] >> You wanna move to LA, I understand. >> It's my Ellen house. >> Your Ellen house, what is your Ellen house? >> A hotel. >> The hotel, you called- >> [LAUGH] >> You know, it's not my house, I don't own that hotel. But call it the Ellen House, tell them to send me some money. >> [LAUGH] >> Hey, you got recognized at the airport. Do you know you're a celebrity, do you feel like you are? >> Yes. >> You do? >> [LAUGH] >> So you feel different since you've been on the show? Before you were on the show, you weren't a celebrity. Now you're a celebrity. >> Yes. >> How do you feel different? Like, I'm impossible. >> [LAUGH] >> Yes, [LAUGH] you are. We gave you a bouncy house last time you were here. Are you using it? >> Yes. >> How often? >> All day. >> [LAUGH] >> That's a lot, all day long. And you just turned five, you had a party. What did you do at the party? >> My momma smashed cake in my face. [LAUGH] >> Was that fun? >> No! >> [LAUGH] >> [LAUGH] No? >> It wasn't. >> Did you smash it back in her face, too? >> No. >> Maybe you can next year. >> [LAUGH] >> Well, you're asking for it, teaching him how to do that. All right, so what did you get for your birthday, what presents? >> I got some candy, toys, and some decorations. >> You got decorations? >> Like Halloween, or Christmas, or what kind of decorations? >> PAW Patrol decorations. >> Paw Patrol, I see. And I understand you want a little brother or a little sister. >> Cuz I like little people. >> You like little people? >> [LAUGH] [APPLAUSE] >> Are you working on a little person for him? >> No, not even. >> [LAUGH] >> But he wants one. >> [LAUGH] >> And you're the captain of your class, what does that mean? >> I got in trouble, I didn't do nothing. >> [LAUGH] >> Okay. >> [LAUGH] >> You just got in trouble, but you didn't do nothing? >> Yes. >> What did you get in trouble for doing nothing about? What were you doing nothing of? >> Cuz I was just standing there. >> Just standing there? That's a good, good excuse. All right, so you've been dancing for a long time. Why do you like dancing so much? >> Cuz I'm in charge. >> [LAUGH] >> Well, that's true, you are in charge when you dance. You're an amazing dancer, too. >> I was a baby. >> You started dancing when you were a little, tiny baby. >> [LAUGH] >> My cousin Thea took a picture of that. >> Yeah, you started dancing early. All right, so you're gonna dance for us right now, right? >> Yes. >> All right. >> [APPLAUSE] >> [MUSIC] >> [APPLAUSE] >> That was good. >> Yeah. >> That was really good. You've got some new moves there. What is this one called, when you scoop down and you're getting something off the ground? What is that called? >> Like this? >> Uh-huh. >> Like this? >> Yep. >> [LAUGH] >> Yeah, I'm not gonna do that. >> [LAUGH] >> I got you a birthday present. I know it's a little late, but I'm just seeing you for the first time. So can you bring out his birthday gifts? >> [APPLAUSE] >> It's good, right? >> Yes. >> Yeah. >> [APPLAUSE] >> All right, we'll be right back.

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