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- Now, wouldn't it be absolutely amazing if there were just two simple phrases that you could say to any man and would get him to commit to you for the rest of your lives together? (whooshing) "Marry me forever please?". Now, that would be cool but that really only happens and really (beep) ROM-Coms or really, really bad slash good reality television. This ladies and gentlemen is the Real World and there are no just simple words that you can say that will just instantly make someone commit to you. However, in this video, I will be giving you some mindsets that you can bring to the table that is going to naturally make men want to commit to you because you are no longer just going to be the type of woman that guy hooks up with, never talks to again, moving forward, you are going to be that sexy single lady, that is wifey material that a man would never want to just hook up with a never talked to again. You're gonna be type of the lady that he wants to actually spend the rest of his life with. Keep watching. (upbeat music) (whooshing) Hey there, Adam Lodolce from Sexy Confidence dot com where I help you create your love story. And in this video, I'm gonna be giving you two simple phrases that you can use to really convey the right type of mindset to men. And just as a word of caution, these are not meant to be like copy and paste and text a guy, and then this is what's magically gonna make them fall in love with you, no, these are just examples of a mindset that you bring to the table. So, please don't just copy and paste these things, use these as examples and really try to extrapolate the mindset that is behind each of these examples, and a second word of caution, if a man is committed to not committing to you, these phrases are never going to work. Alright, so let's jump into these phrases. This first phrase really is used if a guy is really taking you for granted if he's only trying to sleep with you and he's not trying to do much else So, if that happens, what I recommend, you say something like this, "look, I think you're an amazing guy "and I've really enjoyed spending time together. "But I'm just not the type of woman "who just hooks up with guys" Basically what you are doing by telling the guy that, "I am not that type of woman", what you're doing is really separating yourself from most women out there because most women will just kind of like go with the flow and see where things happen and hook up with a guy. And, you know, they may not be sure where things are going, but then they'll get feelings for him and then those feelings build and then they're gonna to now try to make a guy commit and then wondering where did all these things go wrong? As you can imagine, that creates a huge mess. So, instead of being like most women, what I recommend you do is separate yourself from the pack and be the type of woman who's really draws a line in the sand and says look, "I want to get to know you better, "but I'm not just gonna like take my clothes off for you, "and let's just hook up. This, my ladies out there. This is what is going to separate you from the other women. Now, I know, I know for a fact, there are gonna be some guys that are gonna be just turned off by you saying this. And that is a good thing. If a guy is completely turned off from a woman who says like, "hey, I'm not the type of woman "who just jumps into bed", then he was only trying to get you into bed. What this is doing is weeding out the guys who are just looking to get laid from the guys who are open to a relationship. See how this works? So, let's jump on to phrase number two. This phrase is actually half of a phrase and it goes something like this. "In the next few years, I really see myself dot, dot, dot". Now, the reason why I'm not completing this phrase is because many of you have very different visions for where you see your life going. Maybe for some of you, you're ready to have kids and have a family and really find somebody you can grow old with. And for others, you've already done all that and your divorced and now you're just maybe looking for someone who can travel with. Whatever it is, that is totally cool. It's just all about having a vision for where you want to go with your life. Don't be afraid to communicate what it is that you want in this life. Now, where a lot of people go wrong when they have this conversation, is they communicate their vision for their life by including their potential partner in that vision. For example, if you're on a third date and someone's like, "oh, where do you see yourself in the next five years?" You will be like, "well, I would really see myself "with someone like you and you know, settling down "having kids like", boom, he's out, not interested. Notice the subtle difference there were involving him in the whole vision. Instead, just talk about where it is you wanna go and in no way shape or form, are you implying that like, this is going to be the guy for you or he's going to be along with you on that ride. Instead, you're just talking about where it is you wanna go in your life and a man who has his head on straight and is really looking to build a life with someone is going to be incredibly turned on to this. He's going to be incredibly interested in a committed relationship. Having a vision for where you wanna go in life and being able to articulate that vision is one of your most powerful tools in your toolkit. So, much of Sexy Confidence is really just about defining the type of person you are now and type person you wanna be and then find the type of guy who wanna walk that walk with you. So, there you have it there are the two phrases that make any man commit to you and only you. I would love to hear from you in the comments below. Have you ever said anything like this to a guy? How did it to go? Leave a comment right there below. And also if you have questions on this video, you wanna communicate with me directly, I'd love to see you in the Sexy Confidence club. We have a ton of resources in there that will help you through every single stages of finding love and keeping love. And you can also directly communicate with me in the private forum as well to join me on next week's, we have a live session just for the members where we literally communicate live with each other and I answer your most private questions about dating and relationships. If you're interested in being a part of this incredible community we're building and be a founding member, let's head on over a Sexy Confidence dot com forward slash club, and you can be able to join and try for free for the next 14 days. And finally, if you enjoyed this video, please give it a like, give it a heart, give it a subscribe, give it a follow, whatever it is, wherever you're watching this video because we have a ton of amazing content coming for you in 2020. Thank you so much for watching. I'll speak to you, you sexy single ladies, next week. Bye bye.

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