Kim Kardashian West on Whether She Wants More Kids

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The fact that you have-- your kids are two? Three, five, eight. And eight. Yeah. OK, and-- It's a lot. Yes. And you have an empire that you run. Everything that you're managing on the side, and you're studying to be an attorney. So I texted her the other day, and I said something. I said, I have a quick question. And she's like, Oh, I need to run into law school, I'll-- can I call you in five hours? And I said, yeah. I'm running in for a quick brain surgery, I can't talk either. Like it is crazy what your life is. And then you posted a picture of you and that's why I love you so much. Because you're so smart and you've accomplished so much and you embrace-- like you want to look the way you want to look. And good for you, you posted this studying for the bar, it almost broke the internet. This is how you're studying for the bar. [APPLAUSE] That's casual study day. You know what, I realized I had all my kids in the pool and they were all on this water slide, and I really did have to do this like quiz and study. And so I was laying out with them and I got up and was like, you know what, I'm going to do it and I look cute. So someone take a picture and we're going to-- I studied. I stayed up there for an hour while all the kids were in the pool, and I got it done. Yeah, but that's the thing. I mean that's-- people say, well, she shouldn't be looking like that or posting pictures like that. It's like that's what you want to look like, that's what you look like, that's what you embrace, and you're studying to be a lawyer. [APPLAUSE] I think you can do it all. I mean, there's the fine line. I definitely go back and forth with myself sometimes. Oh, I never want to be that embarrassing mom or that embarrassing attorney or whatever in no clothes. But I have phases. Sometimes I feel really confident and really good, where I'm like I know this isn't going to be like this forever, so why not. I think whatever you're comfortable with, just live your life that way, and that's all you can do. Exactly. [APPLAUSE] I think one of the hardest things to achieve is non-judgment. It is just like, you can say, Oh, I don't judge anybody, but people, everyone does. And it's really hard to-- because you don't know someone else's circumstances. And and that's one thing that I think everyone should strive for is nonjudgment. It would be a better place. Obsolutely. It would be a better world. And I think that honestly during this quarantine time and having so much time to yourself, and I know that the people that I've chosen to surround myself with, those have been a lot of our conversations. About judgment and non-judgment, and what we want in life, and happiness, and all of that. And so I think that my life personally, I've been trying to live with less judgment, and it's been really freeing to do that. So I second you on that non-judgment path. Something to strive for. Yeah. So your sibling Kylie is having another child. She is. And so Kylie and Khloe were pregnant at the same time before. Me, well, surrogate, Khlie, triplets. Yes, are having babies at the same time. So should Khloe jump in on that? She should. She try to have a baby at the same time? We should try for another set of triplets. You're not going to have another baby? Maybe another sister. I have other sisters and a brother. Yeah. Maybe someone should. I don't know. But you're done, right? You're-- yeah. Yes. Yeah. Yes. I think so. I mean I think, yeah, I'm done. I have a lot of kids, I'm done. Yeah. I'm just-- I'm telling you you're done. I'm going to make the decision for you. You have enough going on. All right, we're going to take a break. We'll be back.

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