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- As they say, beauty attracts the eye but personality attracts the heart. So in this video right now, I'm gonna be revealing seven personality traits that are guaranteed to capture any mans heart. Keep watching. (gentle music playing) Hey there, I'm LoDolce from lovestrategies.com, where I help successful single women get out there, and attract long lasting love, and do it with a proven strategy. And if you are ready to attract long lasting love, give this video a like, it'll give you a few years of good luck in your love life. Give this video a like. Now here is the simple, deep, dark hidden truth about men. If a man is only interested in short term, casual flings, chances are he's mostly going to only be interested in physical looks, and that will be abundantly clear when you're dating this guy. On the other hand, if a guy is open to a relationship, or serious about finding love, then personality is going to be very important to him, because believe it or not us guys do know that looks fade but personality only grows. But I want to create a quick PSA about this video. This video is not designed for you to change your personality for men okay. That's definitely not the point. But the good news is that the following seven traits I'm gonna talk about are not only going to attract men, but also they're just good to have these traits to be a good person in life. These are all traits that we should strive to have. So let's jump right into it. Number one is kindness, this is across the board, across all studies of young men to older men of women as well, this is the number one trait, that anyone is looking for in a lifelong partner. A kind person. The type of person who's really kind to others, who is caring towards others, and not the type of person who is a jerk to the waitress, who goes around and complains about everyone, who's just not nice. So how can you be intentionally just a little bit more kind in your life? Well, if you think positively about somebody, tell them. Also when you're going about your daily life, try to use empathy, even if someone is being kind of a jerk to you, try to be empathetic to their situation, and put yourself in their shoes. You can still be kind to people even if they're being kind of a jerk to you. And then finally just listen to yourself, listen to the way that you communicate to people and what it might be projecting to them. Personality trait number two is humility. Now it seems to me like the day that the iPhone came out and social media became a thing, we all lost a little bit of humility. This device right here has made us just all a little bit narcissistic, for whatever reason this device has made people think that they can brag. So when good things happen to you in life, be humble about it. Don't be the type of person who has to write that long post on social media and share it with the entire world, and go around and tell everyone how great you are. Be humble and let people slowly explore how great you really are, and if they learn it on their own, they are much more likely to like you. Number three is generosity. Look, generosity is really the cornerstone of any good relationship. If both people are being generous with one another, thus the relationship becomes greater than the sum of each part. Also, we're just naturally attracted to generous people. When you're generous with your time and your energy to other people, it's just the type of person you're gonna be magnetically drawn to. Number four is loyalty. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but at some point in your life (bleeps) is just gonna hit the fan. And it's at this point when you realize who people really are, are they loyal to you or are they not? And when you're in a relationship, you want to know that someone's got your back, that they can really trust you every single step of the way, even when things aren't going so great in life. Personality trait number five is playfulness. Look, I get it, dating can be really hard, it can be really frustrating, especially when you're just waiting through all the (bleeps) people out there. And sadly, when you get really frustrated in your love life, it has a tendency to make you very serious, and wanting to cut through all the (bleeps). But I ask you to really tap into that playful side of you, make dating fun, be curious, explore new people, laugh a lot. This is the type of personality that people are just naturally drawn to, which naturally segues me into the sixth personality trait, which is a good sense of humor. Research published in the Evolutionary Psychology Journal showed that two people laughing together and cracking up at each other's jokes was one of the best signals of romantic interest. So live a little, laugh a little, even if the guy's got dad jokes. And the final trait that both men and women are definitely looking for in a deep, long lasting relationship is honesty. I think honesty is one of those things that's really easy to say you're looking for it, but it's really hard to look inward at yourself and be thinking, have I always been honest in my interactions, in my relationships? So I urge you to lead with honesty and expect nothing less from your partner. So let me ask you what personality trait do you find most attractive in a guy? Leave a comment right there below. And finally, if you want to take this to the next level and learn how to build emotional attraction in any man, head on over to lovestrategies.com, or we'll leave a link right there in the comments below, to a special webinar, where I walk you through how to trigger a mans' emotional attraction, so he's pursuing you for a long lasting relationship. Thank you so much for watching. I'll speak to you, you sexy single lady next week. Bye bye.

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