Charli & Dixie D'Amelio Are Looking to Reward Creators in a Big Way!

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Hey, I want to talk about something before we go, because you've partnered with this company, I partnered with a company, it's called my muse and it's organic waters and teas that support the immune system. And it's so the flavors are amazing. The cause is amazing. But why did you get involved? I think for us, obviously, we love my muse, but I think the biggest part for us was they have the same. They support the same things that we support. We all want to help other people, and I feel like that's why it was so important for us to share how much we so we have some in case you want some. Oh my goodness. My favorite is peach, by the way. I don't know what yours is. I like my favorites of watermelon, for sure. I like the peach mango. I think we have mine too. Yeah and then you're also you started something called the inspiration foundation. What is that? So basically, we wanted to help support creators. TikTok is a big app where people are constantly posting. People are constantly being creative, but sometimes it's hard to get past getting past the point once you have your audience. So we just want to help get people the resources they need to develop them and just any way we can be helpful to them. All right, so. So my muse and the Emilio family will be awarding five creators with $20,000 each. All you have to do is show off your passions on tik tok while including a bottle of my muse and any kind of way you want. You could be dancing, you could be singing. You could, it could be fashion, whatever inspires you. And Thanks to my muse, we're all going to play a game with your parents and some audience members after the break. The d'amelio show is available on Hulu now. We'll be right back. We are back with Dixie and Charlie d'amelio, and joining us are their parents, and Heidi. Hi Hi. Since the whole family has partnered with my muse for the inspiration foundation, you're going to be awarding creators Khrushchev their talents on tiktok, and it gave us an idea to play our game with our audience. It's called dancing or neither thing. All righty, very catchy. I'll be singing that all night. All right. Here's how it works. I know there's a lot of talented people in my audience, so Andy zenner is going to bring an audience member into the aisle and the Emilio's twitch, and I are going to guess whether we think they can dance, sing or neither thing. All right. Let's bring someone down. Oh, all right, well, she doesn't know what a microphone is, so we know that's that narrows it down. Do you dance or sing? I'd dance. Yeah, that's what I figured, because he didn't go to the microphone. OK how long have you been dancing since I was a kid? Like around five. Around five. Yeah, y'all have any questions? What kind of dance like hip hop or. All right. I think we all say neither thing. Yeah OK, go ahead. OK Yeah. Stand by for that. All right. Thank you. Thank you very much. All right. That was a good question. Good question. Yeah all right. How are you doing? Hi, how are you? Good OK, what's your name? I'm Giorgio. Giovanni, Fabrizio Fabio. OK I am from Venice beach, California. OK all right. What do you do? I am a professional dancer. I have been dancing for many, many years. When I began, Burbank was the capital of Mexico. Gosh, I hope you do something because I really like you. I'm going to I'm going. Yeah, I think. What do you think? I don't think I'd dance. I think the shoes say he dances. I yeah, I think I was something. I don't know what your name is. It's too long, but I think you do something. So let's see what you do. Let's see what I can do. Musical let's go. But go. You let's go. Yeah, you, sir. Thank you very much. Thank you very much. Wonderful yeah, all right. Everyone that showed us your talent today is getting 1,000 from my muse to purchase my muse or to learn more about entering the contest, go to my muse organics. We'll be back.

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