3 Mistakes Women Make When Guys Pull Away

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- The Pullaway Panic. This is when you first start talking to someone and you feel them slowly pulling away and instead of calmly reacting like an adult and assessing the situation in a rational way, you let the emotional side of your brain go absolutely nuts. You go into panic mode. - Where have you been lately? (crying) That's it, it's over. I knew I shouldn't have eaten Taco Bell in front of him. No, no, no, I'm going out tonight, I'm gonna flirt with a bunch of guys and make him jealous as (beep). - Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Before you go ahead and throw a bomb and destroy this relationship, watch this video, because I'm gonna be talking about the three biggest mistakes that women make when guys start to pull away and I promise you, the advice I'm gonna tell you in this video right now could potentially save your current relationship or future relationships. Keep watching. (ambient music) Hey there, Adam Lodolce from SexyConfidence.com where I help you create your love story. And this video is all about the three biggest mistakes that women make when guys start to just pull away. Now typically this happens when you're not following the "Little Love Steps" because on Little Love Step number five I talk all about pacing the progression of your connections and typically, when you're moving slower than a guy, he tends to not pull away. So if you wanna learn more about the "Little Love Steps", head on over to SexyConfidence.com/Steps and that's gonna teach you how to go from being single to attracting the love of your life in seven simple steps. But for those women out there who haven't followed the "Little Love Steps" and are finding themselves in a situation where a guy is pulling away, here are three of the biggest mistakes that a lot of woman make in this situation. Mistake number one is trying to fill the space. There's a natural tendency when we're in a relationship where if someone starts to pull back a little bit, we want to then fill that space as quickly as possible. And by the way, every relationship has its kind of ebbs and flows, it goes from hot and then cold. That's pretty natural and it's especially true when you're in a new relationship. A lot of times, women think that after the first three month honeymoon period, once that's over and the guy is not longer just texting you every single day, talking to you every single day, they think that, that is him actually pulling away, but in reality, he's just going back to his normal life. And no relationship can last in that romance, hot and heavy period for the rest of your life, it doesn't work that way. So if you do feel your guy pulling away a little bit, I really urge you to fight that initial instinct that you might have to wanna fill that gap and take a step back and just allow that space to exist for a little bit, whether it's a week or even a couple weeks, just to let him kind of figure his own stuff out. I've seen so many relationships end, just because someone, either it's the man or the woman, won't allow the relationship to just breathe a little bit. Mistake number two is trying to seek closure on some type of problem in the relationship. Now this is something that I personally needed to work on in my own relationship. If there's ever a time that Jess and I get in an argument or we're having kind of issues, I always want to see closure, instantly, I don't like if there's any type of tension or issues where we're not completely aligned. However, over the years, I think I've become a little bit more pragmatic about relationships and how they work and how emotions are part of every decision in a relationship and sometimes, you can't just get immediate closure, sometimes one person wants to do one thing and another person wants to do another thing and if you're dating a guy and you're in this situation and you find him kind of pulling away a little bit or distancing himself a little bit, don't immediately freak out and don't feel like you need to create closure immediately, sometimes he might just need to go out for a day, maybe hang out with his friends a little bit, kinda clear his head, and then you can come to some sort of agreement. And finally, mistake number three that a lot of woman make when guys start to pull away is assuming that they are the problem. Let me tell you sexy, single ladies something that is very important. When a guy is acting a little bit distant, sometimes it has nothing to do with you or the relationship. You are not always the problem. He could be having problem with his finances, he could just be feeling sick that day, he could be dealing with a pandemic, he could have family issues, the list could go on and on and on, and none of these things have a direct relation to you or your relationship, but they still might cause him to pull away, because he has to deal with these problems. So, if you're really ready to understand men and our psychology and how to attract a really high quality guy right now, I recommend you head over to SexyConfidence.com/Steps, we'll leave a link in the description or in the bio if you're watching this on Instagram, in that special training video, I'm gonna walk you through the "Little Love Steps" that will take you from being single all the way to an incredible relationship with that man that you've always desired. Go and head over right now, because this is a very special training, I don't want you to miss it. And finally, if you wanna learn how the "Little Love Steps" apply to your given love situation, leave a comment below this video with your question, what question do you have in your love life? I'm going to apply it to the Little Love Step process to help you get out there and find love. Leave the comment right there below. Give this video a like, give it a heart if you're watching on Instagram and I will speak to you, you sexy, single lady next week. Bye-bye.

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