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-Welcome back to the show. -Thank you. -It's nice to see you in person, as well. -Thanks. -You look great. -In person, yeah. -Yeah. I wanted to ask you, 'cause I know you're into -- very into fantasy football. -Yeah. Very, very much. -How are you doing this season? -I'm winning. -You are? -Yeah, I'm in first place. -Oh, wow. -First place. If Cooper Kupp doesn't go off tonight, then I'll remain in first place. -Wow. -Yeah. -And you play in this league with your -- with your old pal, Paul Rudd. -With Paul. Yeah, yeah. -Yeah, who is the Sexiest Man Alive. [ Cheers and applause ] Just think it would be a little intimidating to play against. -Yeah. I mean, you know, it's a funny year, right? There was a pandemic. [ Laughter ] So... -So you're saying that this is not a real -- -Eh, it's like there can be an asterisk on it. [ Laughter ] I think. Like the steroids era. You know what I mean? Like, "Really?" I mean, I don't know. Been an off year. [ Laughter ] -Really? You think that -- So, this year, you go, "Eh, sure. Yeah." -Menschiest guy, I guess. [ Laughter ] I would say, but -- -Menschiest. -Sexiest? You know... -but I'm glad you're winning. I love that. Yeah, you're in the lead. -Yeah, yeah. -I haven't seen you since "Nine Perfect Strangers," by the way. Congratulations on that. -Thank you. -That was amazing work in that. -Thanks. [ Cheers and applause ] -And we were talking backstage, and I was saying, 'cause I've seen you on Broadway. I know you were here when you were in a Scorsese movie. What do you get recognized the most for? -"Everybody Loves Raymond." [ Laughter ] You know I'm not on "Everybody Loves Raymond." [ Laughter ] -Yeah, you had nothing to do with that show. -No, I had nothing to do with that show, but if I could get -- Like, maybe, if this could help me to have 10 less people stop me and say, "We love you on 'Everybody Loves Raymond,'" that would be great for my life because I'm not on that show. -You were never on the show. -Never been on the show. I'm a fan. Don't get me wrong. -Yeah, but people think you're Brad Garrett. -Yeah, they think I'm Brad Garrett, yeah. [ Laughter ] All the time. -I found a picture after you told me that, 'cause I was like -- Could you make this face? [ Laughter ] This a -- Oh, not bad. [ Cheers and applause ] And you can do the voice? -Yeah. -All right, let's hear -- You do the voice, and I'll do -- I'll do -- I can do Ray. -"Ma. Ma, Raymond -- Ma, tell Raymond to stop making fun of me." -"Ma!" -"Ma, tell Raymond to stop making fun of me." -"Ma, Ma! Hey, Mom." -That's the show, pretty much. -Yeah, we did it. We nailed it. We should take it on the road. [ Cheers and applause ] -No, but it is -- It's interesting. But it's -- Yeah, I'm always like, you know, "He's really a lot taller than I am." -He really is. -He's the nicest guy, but, like, I'm just not him. [ Laughter ] -Sorry, so just to clear it up, this is not Brad Garrett. -Yes. -Okay, there. Just so everyone knows. Yeah, no. You're Bobby Cannavale. I want to -- But I want to talk about this, this "Sing 2" that you're in right now. But first, are you working on something now where you're a Neil Diamond impersonator? -I just did a movie in Australia called "Seriously Red." It's coming out next year. And it's -- It's set in the world of celebrity impersonators. And I play a Neil Diamond impersonator who's managing a Dolly Parton impersonator, and it's a pretty fun movie. -I'm obsessed with this. This is -- It sounds fantastic. -And it's perfect for me because I'm obsessed with Neil Diamond. I mean, I love Neil Diamond, and, like, I could sing him 'cause it's a pretty low voice, and -- -Yeah. -And so, I got to sing a few songs in it, and it's really -- really fun. -What's your key to doing a Neil Diamond impression? -Well, you just got to sing it with feeling, right? Because the songs almost don't make any sense, so... [ Laughter ] You know, just -- you just got to just really feel it. Like, what the hell is "Holly Holy"? [ Laughter ] "Heartlight" is all about "E.T.," but, you know... -Yes. -...it makes you want to make sweet love, even though it's about an alien, you know? [ Laughter ] That doesn't exist. -That was from "E.T.," yeah. -Yeah, yeah. -So turn on -- -Yeah, it's like, uh... ♪ Turn on your heartlight ♪ -Wow. ♪ Let it shine wherever you go ♪ -Wow! That is a good Neil Diamond. [ Cheers and applause ] -Yeah, and, uh -- -It is about "E.T." -Just about selling the song. Nobody sells a song quite like Neil, you know? -Neil Diamond. No, no, no. -It doesn't matter what it's about. -You have a great voice, though. I was not surprised to hear this that you were a DJ at one point. -I was. On the radio, yeah. -In college? When was it? -No, I was -- I was about 18, 19 years old, and I was -- I just got a job on a radio station that was a motivational radio station, called WNN. It was -- I guess there was, like, a minute there where that was -- that was a thing. And it was -- it was just motivational speakers, and it was called "For Winners Only -- The Winners News Network." -Wow! WNN. -Yeah, and I was -- I called myself "Bobby Savage." I was on from midnight to 6:00. -Holy moly. -And -- And I'd be like, "Hey, it's Bobby Savage on the Winners News Network. Here's Leo Buscaglia on the -- on hugs and why they're important." You know, things like that. [ Laughter ] -Dude, I've never heard of that. -And I would play, like, motivational speakers and -- -Winners News Network. -Yeah, yeah. -That was a big deal. -It was a big deal back in the late '80s. That was, like, my -- Yeah, that was, like, my foray into show biz, I guess. -I can't believe I'm sitting next to Bobby Savage. -Yeah, I know. [ Laughter ] -You know, it was very cute before the show. We can talk about this, but you were FaceTiming with your -- your kid. -My kids, yeah. My boys, yeah. -And you're -- By the way, you're great in "Sing 2." The cast is incredible. -Thank you. My sons are very into the -- You know, they're just starting to understand what I do for a living, so we -- we went. We saw it, and they flipped out for it, of course. It's a really good movie. And Rocco's obsessed with letting people know that I'm Jimmy Crystal. He, like, stops people in the -- you know. You know, there was a tie-in with Raisin Bran. You know, I love Raisin Bran, so I had a box of it, and they've got my picture on the back. Well, the character's picture on the back. And he took it to school, and he was like, "This is my dad, Bobby Cannavale. This is Bobby Cannavale." [ Laughter ] -This is you. This is you, Jimmy Crystal. -Yeah, yeah. -As you -- [ Cheers and applause ] He was so cute. I was talking to him backstage, your FaceTime with your son. I go, "Hello." And he goes, "He's Jimmy Crystal." [ Laughter ] "He's Jimmy Crystal." -Yeah. -I go, "Yeah, no. He's Jimmy Crystal." He's like -- Yeah, how old is he? -Yeah, he's very into it. Yeah, he's 5 now. Yeah. -So cute. Oh, my God. -Yeah, he's cute. The guys are cute. Not that smart, but they're cute. [ Laughter ] -Boys. Boys are boys. -They're just not that smart. -I got girls. I got girls. -How about the ridiculous things that you say? Like, this -- Literally, yesterday, I don't know how many times -- I must've said three times, "Get your shoes off my couch." [ Laughter ] And, like, my 4-year-old was like, "It's not your couch." And I'm arguing with him. [ Laughter ] He's like, "It's mom's couch." I said, "That's -- That's my couch." -Mom's couch." -I'm getting a really, really -- Like, very red in the face. And I go in the bathroom, make believe I'm peeing, and I'm crying. -Yeah, of course. [ Laughter ] -Can we -- How do we set up -- How do we set up "Sing 2"? -Basically, I run a casino that the gang -- You know, Buster Moon and the gang... -Yep. -...have come to try to get their act in my casino. I'm like a Steve Wynn type character. Like, I own this huge casino, and it's -- I'm auditioning them. -Yeah. -Maybe this is -- Is that the scene? -Yeah. And it's Matthew McConaughey. -And Reese Witherspoon. -Scarlett Johansson. -Scarlett Johansson. Bono. -Bono is in the cast. This -- -Yeah. [ Light applause ] -That's the -- -The new U2 song. It's very exciting. -All right, here we go. I want to show a clip. Here's Bobby Cannavale in "Sing 2." Take a look. -So what's the show called? -What's it called? Um, Gunter, you, uh -- You want to tell Mr. Crystal what it's called? -Uh-huh. It's called "Out of this World." -"Out of this World." -That's right. Just imagine it. Ash? -Uh, yeah, I got it. [ Guitar strums ] -A spectacular musical that takes your audience out of this world. -♪ I want to run ♪ -♪ I want to hide ♪ -♪ I want to tear down the walls that hold me inside ♪ -I love this song. ♪ I want to reach out ♪ ♪ And touch the flame ♪ ♪ Where the streets have no name ♪ -Yeah! Come on. [ Cheers and applause ] Congratulations. -Thanks. Thanks. It's a great film. -Bobby Cannavale! "Sing 2" is in theaters December 22nd.

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