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Now whenever we talk about players, I kinda get into that older brother protective mode for all you sexy single ladies because I just know how some of these guys can really be. I mean, I know who I was back in my early 20s and I would tell all of you to avoid that man like the plague. Now I wouldn't categorize myself as like a player back then because I was always very honest and upfront about my intentions when I wasn't at a point my relationship, whereas a player is going to almost do anything he can to manipulate you into having consistent sex with him. And the worst thing is these guys will string you along every single step of the way, giving you false promises and even lies in order to keep you on the hook. So fear not you sexy single ladies, because in this video I'm going to be giving you, seven red flags that a guy is a player so that you can avoid these men like the plague and find the right man for you. Keep watching. (light music) Hey there, Adam Wilson from SexyConfidence.com where I help you create your love story and if you are ready to ward off all players from your life. Please give this video like give it a heart if you're watching on Instagram give me some of that love because I want you to have an incredible love life moving forward. Give this video like so you can send that message to the universe that says I don't want any more players in my life. Now I got this question from one of my subscribers on YouTube and I want to answer it for you. Adam, please create a video on the seven subtle yet serious signs you've attracted a player, a narcissist and or sociopath. This would be incredibly helpful for women everywhere. Much love and thanks for all your wisdom. What a blessing you are. Catt, thank you so much for your question. And for all of you watching, if you want to ask me a question whether it's on Instagram at Sexy Confidence or on YouTube, just go ahead and leave a comment below this video and I'll choose a few questions to be able to answer in future videos. So let's jump into those red flags that a man is a player. number one is that he has a player lifestyle. Now this is incredibly common for people who are in the entertainment space or even the hospitality space. Like for example musicians who are entertainers or comedians are people who tour around a lot even bartenders or people who work in hospitality, people who are constantly out a lot with a lot of other people, a lot of other singles tend to have more of a kind of player lifestyle because they just have access to a lot of other single women. And in my particular case, back in my early 20s, I used to be a dating coach for men where I'd actually go out with a group of guys and I would help them build their confidence and overcome their social fears to be able to approach and meet women just like yourself. And needless to say, my lifestyle at the time wasn't exactly set up for me being like in a very healthy relationship because I was constantly going out to singles bars and lounge bars all the time. And it really wasn't until I transitioned to coaching women with Sexy Confidence that I was able to get out of that lifestyle and finally be in a healthy long term relationship. Red Flag number two is that he's almost a little too smooth. Men who are really good at picking you up and are really smooth on that first date are good for a reason because they do it a lot. So beware if you meet a guy who just seems like he's got every smooth answer and every witty thing that he says just seems to click right there the first time you meet him because chances are, he's had a lot of practice. And he's just practicing more with you. And on the flip side, I should say that all my closest guy friends who are just really good guys like a good catch, they're not only have a great like lifestyle to them, but they also have great jobs, they have a lot to offer in a relationship. They're not necessarily the smoothest when it comes to approaching a woman or even on a first date. It's not until you actually get to know them on a second or even third date, where you realize how incredible of a catch these guys are. So don't allow yourself to get distracted by the shiny light of these guys who are really really smooth when they approach you because chances are, they are actually more player side than they are lifetime committed relationship type of guys. Red flag number three is that the only thing that seems to matter is getting you in the bedroom. Does he seem to have no other interests other than getting in your pants? If you're getting the feeling when you first start talking to a guy that is only intentions are to hook up with you then be very, very cautious. It's likely that he's just a player. Red Flag number four is that he's recently divorced and he's dating a lot. One pattern I've noticed with a lot of divorce men and especially the divorce men who got married the first time way too young, is they come out of that divorce and they just want to live that player lifestyle, like they've got money. Now they've got the cool car, they want to just go out and sleep with lots and lots of women, so be cautious of these guys. And if you're dating a guy who has just recently divorced and clearly is trying to live that lifestyle, be very, very cautious. Red Flag number five is that your dates tend to be more like hangouts than actual dates. When you go on a real date with someone there tends to be an undercurrent of just romance in the in the conversation and it involves an emotional connection, whereas a hangout or a meetup is more so just all about sex and actually just kind of spending time together and just flirting and that's all that's coming out of it. So if you've been talking guy for the past couple months, and you've never even had a meal with this guy. And the only time you spend time with him is past the hours of one a.m. And it happens to be at a bar or a lounge and you're grinding up against him because you both are drunk. Well, chances are he's just a player and only interested in one thing. And the final red flag is that he outright tells you that he doesn't want a relationship. Now, this is the only time where I will say that words matter more than actions. When someone tells you they don't want a relationship. Listen to them, even if they're giving you all the signs that they want to spend time with you that they really like you that they love you even. But if he's telling you, he doesn't want a relationship, I don't care what actions he's giving you what signs he's giving you. Listen to him, he is being honest with you that he's not at a point in his life where he can actually commit and if you continue to invest your emotional energy into this guy, well from that point forward, it's on you and this is everything that I teach you when you get to little love step number four in my love accelerator coaching program, little of step number four is all about qualifying your dating options. And that's when you're going out talking to lots of different guys. And looking out for the signs whether or not this is a risky guy to get involved with or if this is the type of guy you want to invest your energy into. These are the things that I dive into once you get to little love step number four. And if you've never heard me talk about Little Love Steps you don't know what that is, I recommend you check out Little Love Steps.com where you can get a free training where I'm going to walk you through what I call the seven Little Love Steps. And this is going to teach you exactly how to go from feeling single, alone, and unsure how to attract a great quality man all the way to finding that man you can spend the rest of your life with so make sure you head on over to littlelovesteps.com. You're not gonna want to miss that. And now let's hear from you in the comments below. Have you ever dated a player and how did it go? Thank you so much for watching. I'll speak to you the sexy single lady next week. Bye bye.

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