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-Thank you for being here. Thank you for playing "True Confessions." I appreciate it. -That was fun. I don't like losing, though. -I know. Me neither. -That's gonna bum me out for a while. We'll have to just play again. -I haven't seen you in a long time, in person. You've Zoomed. -I know. -You've been nice enough to Zoom with us. -I'm so happy to see you here. -So good to see you. You like great. -And play with The Roots. -And play with The Roots tonight. Come on. -Yeah. [ Cheers and applause ] -No one better, bud. No one better. -Yeah, I'll always come here for you. It's the most fun I have on any show, and I'm happy to be here for our debut as a duo. -Oh, yeah. -Big New Year's Eve bash. -Oh, yeah. -Big New Year's Eve bash. Pete, I just saw you at the Kennedy Center Honors. -Yeah. -Which is good. You look good in a tux, bud. -Thank you. -Right. -It was the first time wearing a suit in like four years. -Isn't it -- It was so weird to me. -It was super-weird. Me and you -- We were all there to honor Lorne Michaels, you know, for -- He was getting -- What is it? A Kennedy Honor. -Yeah, yeah, a Kennedy Center Honor. -Yeah. -That's right. Correct. -Yeah, that's what he was getting. And we all had to go onstage that night. And, like, you know, I'm an emotional guy. You know, so, me and Jimmy were, like, in the corner. And we were, like, just looking for Lorne, because everybody's clapping and standing. And there's like, you know, 400 or 500 people, and Lorne's, like, you know, a shorter guy, so he's just kind of in the mix. And we were just like, "Lorne, Lorne, where's Lorne?" And then me and -- Jimmy just goes, "Look." And Lorne's like... And me and Jimmy just, like -- Tears just started streaming down our faces. -We got emotional. -We got super-emotional. -We love the guy. -Yeah, we love that guy. -I love that he waved at us, 'cause everyone else -- It's one of the biggest honors you could ever get in this country, and everyone else is just, like, bowing and "thank you" and "thank you." And then he just saw us and was like... That is so cool. -The cutest, yeah. -It was so real. Do you guys go back from "SNL"? Is that where you guys met? -Yes. -Yes. Originally, and then we kind of, like, kept in touch. We went to -- I took Pete -- I think it was your first time going to a gay club. -Yes. -Everyone loves him there. -I loved it. Yeah, I felt like the coolest guy ever. -Yeah, at one point, I looked over, and Pete -- I don't know if he was aware that there was, like, a penis on your head. -Oh, yeah. I was just, like, chilling there with, like, a drink. Like, you know, I never really go out, and she was nice enough to invite me out. And I was just, you know, sitting there. And for like, I guess, 20 minutes, this guy's [bleep] was just, like, on my shoulder. I'm just, like, smiling over there. And then I was like, "Oh, alright." -Wow! -Yeah. I had a bruise the next day. I was like, "Jesus Christ." [ Cymbal crash ] Oh! Ay! -Ay! Oh! But -- Wow! That would have been a great "True Confessions." -Yeah. -I also heard that you got matching tattoos? -We did, yeah. -Yeah. Yeah, it was very dark time, I think, in our lives. -Uh, no. Okay. -Maybe for me, personally. -We were dressed as babies. Everything seemed fun and fine. -Yes. -Wait. What's going on? Why are you dressed as babies? -We did this "SNL" sketch where we were babies that were rapping. -Yeah, trap babies. -Trap babies. One of the many brilliant ideas that I bring to the "SNL" table. -And, at the end, our excuse for it all, you know, Larry David said, "What is going on?" And we said, "We babies." And for some reason, we looked at each other and was like, "That's a great tattoo!" -Yeah, we were like -- -"We're doing this." -Yeah. And then we did. I got my tattoo guy to come to 30 Rock. -Should have known that was sketch. -Yeah. -"Can we get a tattoo?" Before he pressed "send," the guy was there with needles, permanent ink. -He was so excited. -Yep. -And then I burned mine off, and you still have yours. -So, I didn't know that until I saw a Smartwater commercial. Everyone seen this? Where he's drinking Smartwater, getting his tattoos lasered off? And I'm like, "Wait a minute. That's right where 'We babies' was." So, I am fortunate enough... -Wait. "We babies." -...that I still have "We babies" right here on my foot. -Yeah. -Yeah. -And I -- This is what's left. I don't know if you can get it, but... -Yeah, no, it's not there, so they can't really get it. -There it is. -Wow! -It's "No babies." -Dude, I can't believe you got tattoos of "We babies." Do people ask you what that means? -Well, yeah, I stopped smoking weed the next day for a couple of years. -Yeah, that's where it stopped. -Well, at least with Pete, anyways. -The show is called, "Miley's New Year's Eve Party," with hosts Miley Cyrus and Pete Davidson. Miley, why did you decide to involve Pete Davidson? -Well, because for this show, one thing that I really wanted to focus on was the musicality and getting to musically direct the show and have that be the priority of the show, that we have more of, like, a variety show, where we have music. There's someone there making people laugh. It doesn't feel just like any other music event that you see all year, whether it's an awards show. It should be a real celebration. -Yeah. -And I think you get the best of the best to do what they're best at. I know what I bring to the table. It's musicianship. And this is the funniest, coolest, hunkiest guy in the world. -That's exactly right. -Thank you. [ Cheers and applause ] Thank you, guys. -I have a photo shoot of you guys doing a promo shoot for New Year's Eve. Look at this photo right here. -Yeah. I don't know how it came out like that. I was sweating all day and looked like [bleep] But, like, I'm very thrilled. Look at that. That's awesome. -That looks fantastic. -My mom was like, "I'm so proud of you!" -Yeah. -How's your mom doing? -Oh, she's the best. I moved out, so she's just, like -- You know, she has her own house, you know? -How is mom doing? -My mom is awesome. My family is happy, healthy, safe, all the good things you want them to be, so... -Do your moms know each other? -Yeah. A little bit. They hung out. -They met the same way we met, in a skit on Mother's Day, where we forced all the moms at "SNL" to be in the opening number of the Elon Musk episode. -Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. -And my mom -- Yeah, and my mom was really the only person there that was as high as Pete Davidson. -Yeah. -And they were acting really weird, and I couldn't figure out why. And then I realized. -Me and her mom were just giggling the whole entire night. And then right before we left, Miley was like, "That's my mom." 'Cause everybody had masks. She was like, "That's my mom." And I was like, "Oh [bleep] I was saying some foul [bleep] to your mother." -And then your moms went out and got tattoos saying "We moms." -Yeah, "We mommies." -"We mommies." -"We mommies." -"We mommies." -More with Miley and Pete after the break. Stick around, everybody.

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