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WINFREY: At the age of 32 and weighing in at 525 pounds, my next guest, David Caruso, was close to death. Look at this. Mr. DAVID CARUSO: As a child, I was always overweight. I was always--never exercising much. Everybody else wanted to run and jump and have fun. And I just wanted to sit and watch. And I only grew up with my mother, and she's a lot overweight herself. She had a lot of health problems. So I was home a lot with her. I was just so big that it--it wasn't fun for me to just go out in public sometimes. They just started calling me porky. Every fat nickname you could think of, I got hit with. Fatty. We could show a movie on your ass. Even adults would stare at me and point. It made me definitely turn inward. You know, I would be very depressed. I'd end up sitting home, and if I was bored I would just eat. And I would eat a lot. Eating as much as I can to gorge myself. Pancakes every morning, eggs, tons of bacon. Mostly soda. Two to three--three two-liters a day. I'd get, two, three lunches. I'd come home for supper and we ate spaghetti a lot. I would eat again 8, 9:00 at night. And, you know, around 1, 2 in the morning. And that would be my routine every single day. When I was about 19, I got on a hospital scale and it said 440. And I was like, `Oh, my God.' And I think it hit me then how big I was. It was the first time I was ever weighed. I didn't stop and I just continued to grow bigger. At my biggest weight I was 525 pounds. I would wear a 6X to a 7X shirt, and my waist was a 72. My health deteriorated rapidly. They were always afraid that my heart was just going to explode. I hit 32 and I recall sitting down at a computer and going on the Internet and typing in `obesity.' What changed my life the most was seeing a Web site where they had statistics of weight and average life span. And I typed in 525 pounds, and the number 35 came up. And I'm thinking to myself, wait a second. I'm 32. I got three years to live. This i--this is not good. What have I done to myself? How bad have I hurt myself throughout my life? I think that moment I just said, that's it then. Get off your butt and do something. And stop making it OK because it's not OK. WINFREY: Well, at that very moment, David reclaimed his life and decided he wanted to live. Wait till you see him now. On his own, no surgery, David has lost 305 pounds. He lost 305 pounds. Come on out now. Mr. CARUSO: Yes! Yes! Yes! I love it! I love it! Thank you. Thank you. WINFREY: Oh, that's amazing. So can you even imagine this now? Mr. CARUSO: No, not at all. WINFREY: No. God. How long did it take you, 305 pounds? Mr. CARUSO: One year. WINFREY: You did you it in a year? Mr. CARUSO: Yes. WINFREY: What an inspiration. You did it in a year. For all of you struggling with your weight, here is how David lost in one year 305 pounds and became his real self. Mr. CARUSO: Yes, I did. Mr. CARUSO: I lived 32 years of my life eating the junkiest food I could possibly put into my body. You know what? Let's try not putting it into my body now. I read a lot of books on vitamins and minerals and things that are good for the body. And I gave up bread, 100 percent. I stopped eating spaghetti, potatoes, mostly carbohydrates. I gave up all fat, all red meat. I only drank water, tons of water. Some grapefruit juice early in the morning. And I would just eat turkey, chicken, tuna fish, salads. I put myself on a regimen where I wouldn't eat past 7:00 at night, no matter what. I would get up in the morning and I would have a bowl of fiber cereal. And for lunch I would have a popular energy drink. At first I could only walk. And it would literally take me like 31 1/2 minutes to walk one mile on a treadmill. So I had to take it slow. It became easier for me to work out because I started getting smaller. So I was able to start running then. Going from 525 pounds to 220 pounds, it is the most amazing experience that probably anybody can enjoy in their lifetime. It--it brought me a whole new life. I have a beautiful wife, two beautiful boys, and we can now experience and share everything together without having me to huff and puff. Growing up, my dream car was a Porsche. I just knew that I could not have one because of my size. And--and even until this day, I still never even sat in one because it's not real to me. I say to my wife, `Honey, you know, now that I can fit into a Porsche, you know, I've been thinking about this. I mean, if we sell the house, we might be able to put a down payment on a nice Porsche. Want to think about it?' `No.' I have some of my old clothing that I did keep. And it is funny to pull them out every now and then because it--it keeps me in check. I am definitely less than half the person I was and it's the greatest feeling on Earth. I mean, I can do anything I want at any time and just knowing that makes me so happy. Just so happy. WINFREY: Amazing. Congratulations to you. Mr. CARUSO: Thank you. WINFREY: You whole life changed. Mr. CARUSO: Beautiful. WINFREY: Yeah. Mr. CARUSO: ...(Unintelligible) for me. WINFREY: ...(Unintelligible). Mr. CARUSO: Thank you very much. WINFREY: Yeah. Well, David, since you've never had the chance to sit in your dream car, I borrowed one from some friends of mine at Orland Park for you to try on for size. Mr. CARUSO: Oh. WINFREY: Yeah. Just going to sit in it, that's it. Mr. CARUSO: I understand. WINFREY: Got it? There you go. I just wanted to--go have a seat. (Unintelligible). Good. That's good. Let's see if you fit in there. Mr. CARUSO: I believe I do. WINFREY: I love the white on black and black--George. George. George. George, come up here. Let's get a picture of him sitting in the Porsche so he can put that on his refrigerator. Mr. CARUSO: That's great. WINFREY: That's great. You look cute in there. OK. Come on out now. That's cute. That's cute. That's so fun. Mr. CARUSO: That's the best. WINFREY: Isn't that fun? Mr. CARUSO: OK. WINFREY: I like it. Yeah. I want one, too. OK. Stand right there and take a--take a good look. It's cute, isn't it? Take a good look because, David, it's yours! Mr. CARUSO: What? Oh, my God! WINFREY: Yes! Yes! Yes! Whoo! Yes! Come up here. Oh, that's (Unintelligible). Fantastic. Fantastic. That is a great moment. Oh, I am so happy for you! Mr. CARUSO: I love you. WINFREY: I love you, too. I'm so happy for you. I am so happy for you because when that car came in last night, I wanted it myself. I'm so happy for you. Mr. CARUSO: Thank you very much. Thank you. WINFREY: You so deserve it. Because what--anybody that's tried to lose five pounds knows, to lose 305 pounds what it takes to do that. Mr. CARUSO: Yes. Yes. WINFREY: The will that it takes to do that. Mr. CARUSO: Thanks. WINFREY: You deserve it. Enjoy it. I'm so happy for you! Mr. CARUSO: Thank you. Yes. Thank you. Yes. WINFREY: And the boys are happy. You have to ride one at a time. The boys are happy. Mr. CARUSO: Yes. WINFREY: Aren't you proud of your dad? Mr. CARUSO: Yes, very proud. Yes. Yes. WINFREY: Yeah. So proud.

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