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-Our first guest is a very talented actress who stars in the new movie "The Lost Daughter," which is in select theaters Friday and streaming on Netflix December 31st. Please welcome Dakota Johnson! Ah! Yes, that's what I'm talking about! Ah! I miss you. It's always great to see you. -I miss you too. And this is so sad. I mean, it's great. [ Laughter ] -Yeah. Thank you, yeah. It's sad. Yeah, I wish you were here. But, yeah, you're doing well? -I'm good. Yeah. -Good. -I'm good. How are you doing? -I'm doing good. [ Laughter ] -I'm so much bigger than you. I can see what I look like next to you. -No, I like this size of you. -And it's so weird. -We always want more of you, so now we just made you actually physically bigger now. Yeah, we love it. More Dakota Johnson the better, that's what I say. [ Cheers and applause ] Have to talk about this 'cause the last time you were on the show, you were very funny. We were talking about this article you did for or a photo shoot spread you did for "Architectural Digest" or something of your home. And there was a bowl of limes in the kitchen. Some people know what I'm talking about. [ Laughter ] In the article you said like, "Oh, yeah, I love limes" or something like that. And then you came on our show. You said actually you don't love them. You said you're allergic to limes. And it caused a giant controversy. I mean, this is the -- This could have been the end of your career. There was -- People wrote articles. Look at this. "Dakota Johnson lied to us about loving limes." [ Laughter ] And this is major headlines. This is -- "Dakota Johnson selling her house and confessing she hates limes is the biggest plot twist of 2021." [ Laughter ] -Wow. Feels like there was way more important news than that. -Are you aware of the fallout? I mean, how are you dealing with this crisis? [ Laughter ] -Well, it's been really hard, Jimmy. -[ Laughs ] Do you not like limes? -I don't really care about limes. I love them and I also found out after I did "Arch Digest." I did that, and, you know, they have somebody who is super talented come in and make your house look amazing. So they put this big bowl of limes, which I saw while we were filming. And it was funny. So I talked about it because who has a bowl of only limes? Apparently me. -Apparently you. -And then I did an allergy test a few weeks later, and it turns out that I'm allergic to limes. But I never knew because usually when I have them they're in, like, a tequila. [ Laughter ] So... -Yeah. That's kind of -- Yeah. Is there anything else you're allergic to so we can get it out of the way now so there's no more controversy? -Yes. Thank you so much for asking. I'm so excited to have this be in the news too. I'm allergic to soy. -There you go. [ Audience murmurs ] Wow. Yeah, there you go. There you go, the reaction. -Don't send me any edamame this Christmas season. -[ Laughs ] Yeah, we're not going to get you any edamame. What are you doing for the holidays? Do you have any plans? -I'm going to be at home with my family. Some of my family is coming to my house. -Oh, that -- So you're hosting the whole family? Is that stressful? -I haven't really thought about it. [ Laughter ] It's fast approaching, isn't it? -Yeah, it's like next week, yeah. You really have to -- Yeah. You have to plan something. -No, I don't. [ Laughter ] -You have to get, like, food. You have to do something. You have to entertain. What are you -- You gonna play games? Do you play board games? -Yeah. Well, yeah, yeah, yeah. Games for sure. We'll do, like, Scrabble and all the, you know, the games. But, like, I feel like it's better and more relaxing for everybody if they just fend for themselves. [ Laughter ] -Wait, what? Wait, so your parents come and you go, "Yeah, look, if you're hungry, you're an adult. Get something." [ Laughter ] -Exactly. They're all grown-ups. [ Laughter ] -What's your go-to Scrabble word? Do you have one? I have a great one for you. -Does anyone have a go-to Scrabble word? [ Laughter ] -Oh, yeah. Oh, I definitely have mine. -That's impossible. -No. I'll tell it to you and it'll be yours. -What is it? -"Za." [ Laughter ] -Oh, like short for pizza? -Yeah. Pizza's too long of a word. -Some za? -Pizza's too long of a word for me to say. So I call it Za. -[ Sighs ] [ Laughter ] It's in the Scrabble dictionary. "Za" is a real word. -It is, it is. -Changes the whole game. -Isn't -- So is J-A? -J-O. -Q-A. -Q-A? -Mm-hmm. -I'm going to challenge you on that one. -I'm really good at Scrabble. -We'll play next time you come on. Are you going to watch any holiday movies? -I really love -- Okay, my whole life -- Well, no, not my whole life. That's intense. But when I was little, I went through a phase where I watched "Home Alone" every day of the year. [ Laughter ] -Every single day you watched "Home Alone"? -Every day. -Wow. -I was really into it. -I was like that with "Pee-wee's Big Adventure." [ Laughter ] I watched it every single day. Memorized every line. Used to do impersonations of everybody. I loved it so much, I mean -- -Yeah. -If I quizzed you on "Home Alone," do you think you'd do well? -I think maybe -- I don't know. Maybe. Let's try. Do you have a question? -I have some questions. I do. -Oh [bleep], okay. [ Laughter ] -Can you say that -- -Sorry. -Can you say that on TV? No, you can't. -Oh, shoot! -Thank you. -Is what I meant. -Alright, ready for this? -Yeah. -What are the burglars' first names? -Harry and Marv. -Wow! That is correct! [ Cheers and applause ] Hey, I thought that was a hard one. -That's simple. -That's an easy one for you? -Okay. Come on. -Alright. What do the burglars refer to themselves as in the first "Home Alone" movie? What do they call themselves? -"The Wet Bandits." -Wow, that's completely correct. -Because they -- [ Ding! ] [ Cheers and applause ] -They leave the bathtubs running. They leave the water running in the houses. -Wow, that's right. -That's their calling card. -Wow! This is -- This is fantastic that you know so much. Alright, how about -- This is a tough one. What is the name of the movie that Kevin watches while eating ice cream? -It's not a real movie. It's, um... It's a fake movie. It's called... "Angels" something. Oh, sh-- [ Laughter ] -Yes. -"Dirty Angels"? "Dirty, Dirty Angels"? -No. "Dirty, Dirty Angels," but very close. "Angels with Filthy Souls." -Oh, same thing. [ Laughs ] [ Ding! ] -We gave you credit for that? [ Cheers and applause ] We gave you credit for it. The judges like you here. Okay, what character does Macaulay Culkin's brother Kieran Culkin play? -Fuller because -- And he wets the bed. [ Laughs ] -Wow. -Is that right? -That is correct. [ Ding! ] Fuller. That's right. [ Cheers and applause ] Okay. -Can I tell you something quickly just like as a -- just, like, an intermission from the game? -Yeah. -I saw Macaulay Culkin recently. And I've never seen him in real life, but I saw him because he was walking in the Gucci show. -Was he really? -And I was sho-ck-ed. [ Laughter ] -You made that word three syllables. [ Laughter ] Sho-ck-ed? [ Laughter ] Wow. Because you're such a fan? -Well, logically, like, I know that he's grown up, you know. But then when you see him, he's a man. [ Laughter ] And he was a man wearing Gucci clothes, just walking down Hollywood Boulevard. -Yeah. He is a man, yeah. It's unbelievable. [ Laughter ] Can we talk about your new movie? -Oh, we're not going to finish the game? [ Laughter ] 'Cause I was going to win? -I feel like it's too easy. You're getting all of them right. I mean, you're clearly a fan. I'll ask you one last one. Ready? What gift does the fake Santa Claus give Kevin? -Oh, Tic Tacs. -Wow! [ Ding! ] [ Cheers and applause ] That is unbelievable! You're a fan! You're amazing! You really are a fan. I love that. Next time you come on, you can ask me questions about "Pee-wee's Big Adventure." -Okay. -I want to talk about your new movie, "The Lost Daughter." Congrats, by the way. Today it got two Golden Globe nominations. So that's always good to get. [ Cheers and applause ] Two Critics Choice Award noms. Nom, nom, nom, nom. This is -- -Nom, nom, nom. -Yeah. Nom, nom, nom. Tell everyone what it's about. Can you explain the movie? -"The Lost Daughter" is a movie based on the book by Elena Ferrante. And it is about a woman who is vacationing on a beach. And she becomes sort of obsessed with this young mother and her daughter, who seem to be having a troubling time. The young woman is kind of struggling with difficult things in her life. -Yeah. -And I play that person. Her name is Nina. And it's with Olivia Colman and Jessie Buckley and loads of other supremely talented people. And Maggie Gyllenhaal directed it. And it is pretty intense. -Yeah. Congrats on being in such an awesome film. [ Cheers and applause ] -Thank you. -Well deserved, buddy. I want to show everyone a clip. Here's Dakota Johnson in "The Lost Daughter." Take a look at this. -So she's not calming down. [ Child crying ] -Yeah. -Mommy! -It's been a weird day. We found her and then she lost her doll. -I used to have a doll like that. Called Mina. -Nina? -Mina. Or Mini Mama as my mother called her. You'll find it. -Yeah. [ Crying continues ] -See you tomorrow. -Dakota Johnson, everybody! "The Lost Daughter" is in select theaters Friday and streaming on Netflix December 31st.

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