FedEx Driver Shows Off His Phenomenal Voice

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[APPLAUSE] Our next guest went to the barbershop for a routine haircut, soon after he became a viral sensation with over 12 million views on TikTok. From Alexandria, Louisiana please welcome Deshawn Washington. [MUSIC PLAYING] [AUDIENCE CHEERS] I'm happy to have you here. OK tell us the story, so you go to a barbershop. Yes. How did this happen? Well, it all started with being in my sister's house. And she was like, hey bro, could you come with me? I'm like, OK OK. She was like, come to the shop with me. I was like cool, I'll come. So-- oh yeah, Styles by Niecy, that's her name. [LAUGHTER] But she was like, come to the shop, so I did, and she started playing the music. And the older guy was like, hey I want to listen to some Marvin Gaye, Sam Cooke. And my sister was, like Sam Cooke? I have Sam Cooke right here in the flesh. So I'm sitting here like, oh lord here she go, putting me on the spot. So I was like, cool. So, the moment I started singing, the older guy was like, wow. And then my sister was like, mm-hmm, I told you. And it was just a blessing that I was able to touch everyone as well as the millions of people all around the world. Yeah, well you did, obviously 12 million people love it. All right so, you're a FedEx driver. Yes. But, you post singing things on TikTok a lot right? Right, right. OK, so when you deliver things people recognize you? Yes ma'am. Like when I got hired on, all I did was just post videos, and I just started noticing people just stopping me everywhere. It was like hey sing us a song, and I'll be like (SINGING) here is your package. Like that. It's pretty cool. All right, well obviously I didn't bring you here just to talk to you, I want everyone to hear you sing, because your voice is amazing. Wow. [AUDIENCE CHEERS] All right. And, I love this song that you're going to sing too. "Tennessee Whiskey," it's a fantastic song. All right, head on over. I would love to just dedicate it to you. Thank you. [AUDIENCE CHEERS] [MUSIC - TENNESSEE WHISKEY] (SINGING) Oooh, no, no no. Yeah, yeah. Used to spend my night out in a barroom. Yeah. Liquor was the only love I've known. But you rescued me from reaching for the bottle. And brought me back for being too far gone. You're as smooth as Tennessee whiskey, yeah. You're as sweet strawberry wine. You're as warm as a glass of brandy. Hey. Honey, I stay stoned on your love for the time. Yeah, yeah. [AUDIENCE CHEERS] [INAUDIBLE] Hallelujah! Oh my God. Your voice is incredible, your voice is incredible, and I know you're from Louisiana, my home state. And I know that the hurricanes are doing such devastation to a lot of homes there. Right. And also you're a front line worker, so we have something for you. We want to send you to-- oh, it's a FedEx package. [LAUGHTER] Here it is. Deshawn, you're getting an all inclusive six night stay for two at the luxury Grand Velas, Riviera Maya in Mexico, where you can enjoy white sandy beach, spacious suite, largest spa in Riviera Maya. We'll be back.

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