3 (Weird) Traits That Will Make Him Pursue You

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- Now, there are three traits in a woman that make a man pursue you, and I would say that these are so counterintuitive to what all of you sexy, single ladies are probably doing out there that I would actually go so far to say that these are (bleep) weird. And if right now you're struggling to get the right man to pursue you, chances are you are doing the opposite of these things, hate to say it. And what's worse is that because they are counterintuitive, you're going home every single night wondering what am I doing wrong, and you're starting to think that it has something to do with who you are as a person. It's almost like the equivalent of like before you go out at night, you're putting on what you think is great perfume, you're smelling good, but really you're just spraying all over you like raw sewage that it's just repelling men. And what's best is once you actually understand these traits you can implement this stuff instantly, keep watching. Hey there, you sexy, single ladies, Adam LoDolce from sexyconfidence.com where I help you create your love story, and if you enjoy videos just like this, make sure you subscribe on YouTube, or if you're watching this on Insta, be sure to follow us @SexyConfidence. So let's jump right into these three weird traits that will make a man pursue you. The first trait that'll make a man pursue you is being the type of woman who is just happy and content being single. Now, this is weird and kind of counterintuitive because if you're going on a date, shouldn't you be talking about how you want a relationship, and potentially marriage? Maybe not with that guy but marriage in the future and that white picket fence stuff. Yeah, sure you can talk about that as you progress along. I'd say that's date three to five stuff, or certainly beyond if you're talking about marriage. That's more like once you're in a committed relationship. You keep that type of conversation to that point in time. But when you're first starting to meet people, really people are looking for a feeling, a vibe that they get from you, and if that's vibe that they are putting out there is that I'm not happy with my current situation, and I need you to be in my life in order to feel happy, then they are going to instantly be repelled because they are going to think that you are a little bit desperate. And what's really funny, and I've noticed this over the past, I don't know, nine years of being a dating coach for both men and women, by the way, is that the moment you actually become legitimately, and I'm talking about like legitimately, on a deep internal level, legitimately happy and content being single is the very moment you meet someone who makes you un-single. And, look, the reality is you don't need a relationship in order to be happy, and in fact, I don't want you to find a relationship until you are content with yourself and your own life because what's gonna happen is if you don't have your (bleep) together, you're just going to drag all of that (bleep) baggage to a relationship and then things are going to explode, and you're gonna wonder why don't things work out for me? The sexiest thing in a woman is a woman who is absolutely excited about her own life. The second weird trait that will make a man pursue you, and this one is very counterintuitive as well, which is calling a guy out on his bull (bleep). Now, you'd think that the classic Southern belle charmer and polite woman who says yes to every single thing that a guy ever asks for, you'd think that that would be the woman who gets pursued by all the men, but it is not necessarily the case. In fact, the type of woman that men are generally drawn to are the challenge and the type of woman who will challenge them on not only an emotional level, but also on a spiritual level, right. The type of woman where if I'm being a (bleep) head, or if I'm, like for Jessica, for example, sometimes I will make absurd statements just to make the statement, or I'll exaggerate in a conversation just to be able to prove my point, and she'll be the very first person to call me out on my bull (bleep). And, to me, that was very novel and it was very new and it was actually very exciting, and this is a trait that I've noticed across many of the women who find themselves in great relationships, and find themselves having lots of options of men, are the type of women who aren't scared to call out guys when they're just being ridiculous. This, I feel like, is the essence of sexy confidence. That is what it means to be sexy confident, is that you know that you have so much to bring to the world that you're willing to be authentic and real with people, even if it means calling out a guy when he's being a (bleep). And, finally, the third weird trait that will make men pursue you is just being a little bit mysterious. You would think that if you're going out and meeting someone for the first time, that it would make most sense to really tell them everything about your life so that they understand who you are, your background, what it is that you're interested in, what it is you're not interested in. All of the best stories of all of the best things that have ever happened in your life, where you've traveled. And, yeah, that is all well and good, but what that doesn't do is leave any type of mystery in the relationship. The way to keep getting someone coming back, and by the way, this works on you women as well, when us guys are being a little bit mysterious, is to leave a little bit of a question in the person's head, be like who is this person? She said that she's an attorney, but she also likes to go to crazy, rock, dive bars on the weekends. Especially when it doesn't match up and you can't quite categorize that person, suddenly, now, people are going to want to pursue you even further. As opposed to going out with a person, and I've been out with many women who have done this, where they just feel the need to share their entire life story so that you understand every single facet of who they are before you even invite them on a second date. So I ask you, which one of these three traits do you wanna work on the most? Leave a comment right there below, and if you have any questions you want me to answer in any future videos, also feel free to leave that question right there below. 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And, please, if you did enjoy this video, give it a like, give it a heart if you're watching this on Instagram, and don't forget to follow me on Instagram @SexyConfidence. I have a ton of new content coming up for this upcoming year. Thank you so much for watching and I'll speak to you, you sexy, single lady, next week, bye-bye.

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