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Well, if you haven't been hearing the words, Damn Daniel in the last 24 hours, you've not been on the internet. Our first guests are two friends who posted a video showing off some stylish clothes. In a matter of days, it's been viewed over 45 million times. Take a look. >> Damn Daniel. Damn, Daniel. Damn, Daniel, back at it again with the white Vans. Damn, Daniel. Damn, Daniel. Damn, Daniel. Damn, Daniel. Damn, Daniel, back at it again with the white Vans. [INAUDIBLE] Damn Daniel. >> [APPLAUSE] >> From Riverside, in California, please welcome Daniel and Josh. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Damn Daniel. >> [LAUGH] >> Damn Josh. Okay, so this is crazy. Over 45 million views, and I was watching the audience watch that. And it's interesting to people who have sen it before, and some people are going what's happening? What is happening, how did this start? >> You know it was just like, it was just out of nowhere, I just came up out of Daniel after school. I was just like, all right, I'm gonna post this on my Snapchat Story. So I took a video of him, I was just like, Damn, Daniel, just out of nowhere. >> [LAUGH] >> And everyone started to love it. >> That's the first time you said, Damn Daniel, you'd never said it before? >> The first clip with him in the blue Nike's and the blue windbreaker, that was the first one. >> But you've never said that before you decided to film his stylist look, you never looked at him before and went, Damn Daniel, I should film this? >> [LAUGH] >> All right, so you just did that once and people thought it was funny. >> Yeah. >> So then you did it everyday. >> Yeah, it was an everyday thing from then on. >> What did you think when he posted that? >> I mean at first, the first time he came up to me, I was like what's this guy doing? >> [LAUGH] >> I didn't expect him walking up to me, but after that we had some Snapchats back from people and saying that they actually liked it. Yo, this is funny. Keep it going. So the next day we're like, let's do another one. So we started taking them on a daily basis, every sixth period. >> Right. >> On the pool deck, so. >> [LAUGH] >> On the pool deck. >> So, and when did you realize how much it was taking off and what was happening? >> Well, I went to the mall. I wanted to shop, but at the same time I wanted to see if people maybe would recognize me a little, so we went to the mall. >> [LAUGH] >> Ended up taking maybe 15, 10 photos of people and that's why I was like, this is pretty big. And then next day, I went out to Fullerton for a swim meet and took 30 or 40 photos and that's when I realized, this is crazy. >> Right, cuz they recognize you, but you, unless you say damn, Daniel, they don't know it's- >> [LAUGH] >> Yeah, he FaceTimed me like 10 times at the swim meet and he's like, bro, he's like, do the voice, they're freaking out right now. I'm like, Damn, Daniel, and then all these girls started screaming in the background- >> Yeah. >> [LAUGH] >> It was hilarious. >> So I don't know if this is true or not, but there are some Vans, not your Vans but Vans like that, on eBay for $300,000 right now. >> Yeah, that's a little expensive, right? >> I think so. >> [LAUGH] >> And they're not yours either. >> They're not mine. They're not even slip-ons actually, they have the laces on them. >> Right. >> So, I mean, I feel bad for whoever bid or bought those, I mean they're not mine. >> Well I hope nobody's going pay $300,000 for those shoes, that's a little crazy. They're nice shoes. But so now you're, Damn Josh, you're wearing those shoes too. >> Yeah [LAUGH] >> Right? So, I mean really, this has gotten so much attention. You're getting marriage proposals? >> [LAUGH] Yeah, I mean, girls ask me and I think I'm not into a rush to get married anytime- >> No. >> [LAUGH] >> I'm 14 years old but the girls are just a huge bonus out of all this. >> Yeah, sure. >> [LAUGH] >> You're 14 years old? >> I'm a freshman at Poly High School. >> Wow. >> Yeah. >> And you're how old Josh? >> I'm a Sophomore at High School, yeah. >> And so you're 15. >> 15. >> So okay, I know you love surfing, right? >> Yeah, I surf, skate, >> So I got you a surf board that I think you're gonna like a whole lot. >> [APPLAUSE] >> What, no way! >> [APPLAUSE] >> Thank you so much, Ellen. >> [APPLAUSE] >> It's a good board, right? It's a nice board. All right, so that's a nice surf board for you. And you love Vans. >> Yeah. >> So our friends at Vans are giving you a lifetime supply of shoes. A lifetime supply. >> [APPLAUSE] >> They are not all white vans. >> Yeah, [INAUDIBLE] >> All right. All right, as soon as I write this movie for the two guys, I'll have them back and we can talk about the movie, Damn Daniel. >> [LAUGH]

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