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WINFREY: You are a delightful mom, I hear. You're... Ms. HOUSTON: I--I... WINFREY: ...I can't imagine Whitney Houston carpooling, but I hear you do. Ms. HOUSTON: I do. WINFREY: You do? Ms. HOUSTON: I do. I carpool. I took the kids to the--the apple orchard and we picked apples and--and ran from bees, and--and she made apple cider. Ms. CAREY: I was on the phone with you that day, remember? Ms. HOUSTON: I was on the phone with you that day. Ms. CAREY: You were asking me for a recipe for apple cider. I said, `I don't know,' and neither do you. Ms. HOUSTON: I don't know. Neither do you. Ms. CAREY: Put--put it in the oven and cook it and peel it. Ms. HOUSTON: Yeah. But I do that. I love that. WINFREY: Was the first day of school hard? Ms. HOUSTON: Yes. WINFREY: Was it hard? Ms. HOUSTON: It was. It was. WINFREY: Did you take her and then wait and see how she gonna adjust? Ms. HOUSTON: Well, you know, her first day, she was just, `Mama, just wait just five minutes.' I said, `OK.' So I stood around. She said, `OK, Mama, just wait just five more minutes.' `OK.' She said, `Mom,' she says, `can you stay?' I said, `No, Kris, although I'd love to. I--I--I--I'm--I would really like to but I can't.' So I went out. She said, `OK, just stand outside the window so I can see you,' because her window is right there in front of the school. So I said, `OK,' and she--and her dad and I myself were standing there and I was going like this. WINFREY: Oh, my baby. Ms. HOUSTON: I was crying like a big baby. I was standing there crying. WINFREY: Why? Ms. HOUSTON: Because I didn't want to leave her. As much as I knew I had to, I didn't want to.

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