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So I really like you but I'm just not ready for a relationship. (gasps) Now at this very moment, there are a few different ways you can react. (beep) Okay, you're right. Let's just keep a casual for now. I guarantee I can make him change his mind. Or here's another way you might react. (beep) Are you serious, dude? You could have told me earlier. My ovaries are like three months older because of you. Needless to say, neither of these reactions are really going to help you improve your love life. So what do you say to this guy when he tells you that he's not ready for a relationship? Keep watching. (gentle music) Hey there, Adam Lodolce from sexyconfidence.com where I help you create your love story. And if you want more videos just like this, that are going to give you a clear path forward in your love life, make sure you subscribe and get those notifications so you don't miss a single video. Now in my love accelerator coaching program, we deal a lot of times with men who are just at a point in their life where they're not ready for any type of real relationship. And there's just nothing more frustrating when you feel like there's someone who's pursuing you actively and then only to just switch it up on you and tell you that, "Well, in fact, I was just talking to you "and I was looking for something more casual "and nothing serious." This is why we go through the little love step process and little love step number three is to go out and start meeting quality men. And then once you are getting out and meeting a lot of men and going out and talking to these guys, you move to little love step number four, which is qualifying your dating options. You're determining which guys are right for you, not the other way around. And then finally, we get to little love step number five, which is pacing the progression of your connections. And all of these little love steps are designed to help you slow things down. And most importantly, be talking to multiple men throughout the dating process, not to overly invest in just one guy and that is because this is a common problem. Sometimes you will think that a relationship is actually going somewhere when in fact he just tells you at the end of it, like, "Actually, I'm not really looking for anything too serious." So for starters, you wanna make sure you never commit emotionally or certainly logistically as in be exclusive with a guy, unless it is explicitly clear that he is committed to you. And also once you get to little love step number four, which is you're qualifying your dating options, you wanna be getting a feel for the guys that you're talking to, how they feel about relationships. Are they at a point in their life where they're actually looking for relationships? So that if you do talk to a guy and he tells you, "Yeah, you know what? "I'm just not ready for anything serious. "I don't really want a relationship. "I certainly never wanna get married." Then you gotta say that four-letter magic word, which is next and find the next guy. This is the power of the little love steps. And if you wanna learn more about the little love steps, you can always go to a littlelovesteps.com and I'll explain the exact process to helping you find love. So as promised, here is exactly what I'd want you to say to this guy if he's telling you that he's not ready for a relationship. Look, I'm at a time in my life where I'm just looking for something real and I would have been open to exploring that with you but clearly the timing is off. I wish you the best but we really can't see each other anymore. Now there's a few parts of what I'm saying here that I wanna break down for you because it's pretty nuanced, but it's really important the message we're conveying. The first part is you say that you're looking for something real. Notice you're not saying, "I'm looking for marriage. "I'm looking for a relationship even." It's just you wanna have something real and you're setting a hard line that says, "I'm not the type of girl who is interested "in something casual." It's a softer way of saying, "Yeah, I do want a relationship, "but it's not necessarily saying that I want it with you," because you shouldn't know at this point, whether or not you want a relationship with this guy. You just wanna know if he's not looking for a relationship at all so you can save yourself time. Do you see the difference there? The next thing you say is that the timing is off for the guy. And this is really important because you're really giving him an out. You want him to legitimately walk away if the timing is off and let him say, "You're right, the timing is off." So this way, you're not wasting your time with a guy who is clearly not interested in a relationship. And finally, you are breaking it off with this guy. You're saying, "I wish you the best," and you are setting a clear boundary for the thing that you want in your life, which is a healthy relationship. Don't allow yourself to fall into the casual trap. Don't allow yourself to be in that scenario where you kind of go along with it and hope and pray that he changes. Set that boundary for your love life that says that I'm ready for something more real and suddenly that man and that relationship starts to appear into your life. So if you want a clear path to going from feeling single alone, all the way to attracting the man and the relationship you really want, again, head on over to littlelovesteps.com and you can get a free training that will explain the exact little love step process and then you can have an opportunity to apply, to speak with myself or other love strategists to see whether or not our coaching program is right for you. And finally, I wanna hear from you in the comments below, have you ever been in a situation where a guy said that he's not ready for a relationship? How did you react? Thank you so much for watching and I'll speak to you, you sexy single lady next week, bye-bye.

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