3 Secrets to Building a Relationship That Lasts

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- Warning. If you want another short term casual relationship with just another mediocre guy, don't watch this video because the strategies I talk about in this video are designed to help you develop a healthy relationship that lasts for the rest of your life. Our clients come to us when they are tired of that emotional roller coaster of dating of up and down of random men, flaking, ghosting, pulling away, and they are ready to finally attract something real. They come to us when they're looking for a partner, a companion, a kind man that they can really share the ups and the downs of life and just even the little things in life. In this video, I'm gonna be teaching you the three core strategies that you can use to build a relationship that lasts. Keep watching. (inspirational music) Hey there, Adam LoDolce, I'm the founder of LoveStrategies.com, where we help successful, single women find that long lasting relationship and do it with a proven strategy. And if you haven't done it already, please give this video a like, don't forget to subscribe and make sure you hit that notification bell, because you won't wanna miss any other videos we have coming up this year. And if you are ready to build that love strategy so that you can have that relationship that does last for the long haul, not for just a few months or even a few years, for the long haul, then make sure you go to LoveApply.com where you can apply for a complimentary love strategy session with one of my coaches and we'll dive deep into your love life and see if you're a fit for Love Accelerator. Now, Love Accelerator is only for single women. So please only apply if you are single. If you are in a relationship right now and you want help there, then I recommend you check out Love Strategies Lab. All of that can be found LoveStrategies.com. So let's jump into the three secrets. Number one is to be looking for what we call relationship intent. Now you wanna be looking for signs that a man has intentions of being in a relationship from the moment you meet him, whether it's through an online dating profile, or if you met him out at a party at night, you wanna be looking for these signs from that point all the way to when you decide to be exclusive with him and more likely than not, women will still invest their time in a guy, even if he's showing no signs of wanting a relationship, just because they are drawn to him and they're attracted to him and they say, "Well, you can't control who you fall in love with." But here at Love Strategies, we don't give in to short term pleasures because if you only follow your short term pleasures, all you're gonna get is short term results. Here at Love Strategies, we focus on longterm fulfillment, and sometimes you have to break it off with a certain guy if he's not showing any interest in wanting a relationship, because it seems obvious, but it's very, very important that you cannot build a longterm relationship that lasts. You can't do that with a man who doesn't wanna be in a relationship that lasts. Secret number two is to create what we call relationship alignment. Now, this really happens once you get to what we call a little love step number six and number seven. And that means that you are currently in an exclusive relationship with this man. And when two people get together, they're never fully aligned with the things that they want. Maybe he's going in this direction, maybe you're going in this direction. And what a relationship alignment does is slowly but surely gets you both on the same page and going in the same direction. When you start aligning your lives together, you both have to make compromises because it's highly unlikely that when you start dating someone and when you start really building a life with someone that you want the same thing in every single area of your life. Do you wanna live in the city for the rest of your life and does he wanna live in a farm? Well, you are going to have to compromise and you're gonna have to build alignment. And you're gonna have to get on the same page. Most couples just try not to talk about it. They try to avoid certain topics, but the key to making sure your relationship really lasts is not letting these issues get buried under the rug. It's bringing to the table, getting real with one another and seeing where you can make compromises and meet in the middle. And I should say that relationship alignment, it doesn't happen overnight. These are small tweaks as you go along, because there are gonna be certain moments in life where you're just needs and wants are going in different directions. But most of the time, if you have a good, fundamental relationship and it's healthy and it's work and you both are in good faith, working together towards a common goal, most likely you can get aligned. And of course, if you get to a point where he wants absolutely one thing in life, and you want the other, let's say that you wanna have children, he absolutely doesn't wanna have children. Sometimes you have to move on and say that magical four letter word, which is next and move back to little of step number one. That is what we do here at Love Strategies. We don't compromise on things that are fundamental needs for us. We'll compromise on the things that are wants, but certainly not the needs. And the third secret to building that relationship that really lasts is using what we call courageous communication. When you're mad at your boyfriend, do you kind of bottle up all of your resentment and use passive aggressive behavior, and then ultimately it explodes in this epic fight and he doesn't even know why it is you're actually mad at him. Or do you have just a few too many drinks and absolutely blow up his phone and venting with furious anger that evening. And then you wake up the next morning, you look at your phone and you are terrified, absolutely terrified to read what you texted him and worse, what he texted back. Or worse on the other side of the spectrum, do you over-communicate and nitpick on every little thing that he does wrong until he's absolutely driven crazy and wants nothing to do with you? If so, maybe it's time for a little bit of courageous communication. Courageous communication simply means that you're gonna be extremely intentional about how you communicate your needs in a relationship. It means using empathy and also just being an adult. When things are wrong in the relationship, being able to sit down and have a real conversation about what's going on. And most importantly, it means being solution oriented. You both are working together towards a solution to whatever conflict you have in the relationship. And it doesn't mean it's absolutely going to get resolved the first time you have that conversation, but you're both again in good faith, working together to resolve it. Without courageous communication, no relationship will last. So if you're watching this video right now and you are a single woman and you are ready to finally attract that relationship that lasts, what are you waiting for? Head on over to LoveApply.com, apply for your complimentary love strategy session with one of my coaches and we'll dive deep into your love life and see how it applies to the seven little love steps. And if we think that it's a fit and we still have availability, we'd love to open up a spot for you in Love Accelerator Coaching. Don't delay this step. Now is the time to really make a change in your life. Don't prioritize your work. Stop prioritizing other things going on in your life. Right now is the time to start prioritizing your love life. You wouldn't be watching this video right now if it wasn't important to you. Don't let this opportunity pass you by. Click the link right there below in the description or head on over to LoveApply.com so that you can speak to one of my trained love strategists. And if you really are ready to attract a healthy, long lasting relationship, make sure you comment below this video saying I'm ready for love. Thank you so much for watching this video and I'll speak to you, you sexy single lady, next week. Bye bye.

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