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-Welcome back Nicole Kidman. You look gorgeous. Welcome back to the show. And thank you for being here and thank you for playing that -- -Ha! -I'm sorry, that horrible -- -I'll never forgive you. -That was frightening, right? -Whew! Yes, that was terrifying. -But that's interesting because I know for a fact you're not really afraid of things. -I'm not, but for some reason, you got me all amped up, then... You were great, 'cause you terrified me when you started. -You guys were absolutely fantastic. -Gasping! But that was kinda frightening. What was that thing, by the way? -No one knows what that was. -Oh! -No one even told us. But nothing -- -Some sort of eel. -Last time you were on, I think I brought out -- -You don't want to talk about the eel. -I just don't know what it is. -You're like, "Move off it." -I moved off it. I actually started sweating from that game. -Yeah, I can see! -Scares me so much. Like, you can see how tough. -Yeah, yeah. -Yeah, I'm not really the toughest. Yeah, I was like -- No, I couldn't even touch. That was gross. -I'm not doing that again. No, never doing that again. No. But let's just -- I want to talk to you. I'm so happy you're here, 'cause you were nice enough to Zoom into our show when we were on during the pandemic, and thank you, I appreciate that. -Just trying to get my suit to sit properly. -You look gorgeous, by the way. Fantastic. -No, it is...Anyway. -Yeah. Okay. -Don't worry about me. -I'm not worried -- I am worried. I have to worry about you. Yeah, I care about it you. -Oh, thank you. -You're here in new York. -Came in just for you. -That's what I'm talking about. -Not really. -Come on, that's what -- What?! [ Laughter ] That's a lie. -Little bit, little bit for you. -Yeah, a little bit. -Is Christmas up in your house yet? Are you all ready for the holidays? -Yes, we are all ready and we are celebrating and we've got lights and festivities and eggnog and... -Where will you be celebrating? -Australia. -Oh, really? -Yeah, but we sort of... We're in Nashville and then Keith is actually in Australia and we're heading out there after I've done the premiere. -Keith's going on tour, right? Giant world tour. -Yes, he's on this -- Yes. He's fantastic. -That's a giant deal. -Yeah. Yeah, yeah. -I saw a couple of videos where you were with Keith. You were singing -- you sung background in a couple things. Do you do that on tour? -No, I didn't. -Yeah, you did. -No. -Definitely. -I never did. -What are you talking about? -What are you talking about? [ Laughter ] -I saw you. I saw you sing background. -I wasn't sing-- What? -Yeah. -Yeah, Keith came out and then you came and sang background. It was for a charity thing. Yeah. -Hm. I don't remember that. [ Laughs ] -What are you talking about? You don't sing with -- -What is this? -No, it's not on there, but -- It's not on there, but you -- What are you talking about? -I did not. Anyway, yeah. -You don't sing with your -- -Look, I'll let you save face with that. [ Laughter ] -You don't sing with him when -- at all? -No. -How do you not sing with your husband? He's Keith Urban! -Oh. Well, I mean, I hum in the background, but -- -There you go! See? Now it comes out, Your Honor! Your Honor, does she hum in the background? I saw you in the background singing -- oh, sorry -- humming. I'm sorry. Wow. -I don't remember singing. What are you talking about? But anyway. I'll go with it. I'll go with it. -You grill me every time. -You come out and you grill me. Oh, you know, I have -- -'Cause you're fun. -I have holiday questions. Thank you. And you are, too. I have holiday questions I want to ask you, just a speed round of holiday questions. Ready for this? -Nobody told me about this part of it. What? -Favorite holiday song? -Nah. Um... [ Laughter ] -You're so difficult. -[ Gasps ] Did you call me difficult? [ Laughter ] -You know I'm saying that jokingly. You're the most non-difficult -- -Don't. Well, I have a lot of favorite holiday songs. -Okay. [ Laughter ] Good answer. -My husband wrote a song called "I'll Be Your Santa Tonight," which is pretty good. -Oh! -Yeah. -"I'll Be Your Santa Tonight." -Yeah. -That's good. Favorite holiday movie? -Hmm. -"Wonderful Life"? -Okay. I'll go with that. And "Elf." -Oh, "Elf"'s great. -A little "Elf." -Yeah, I love "Elf," yeah. Yeah, I like "Elf," too. -A little "Elf." -Favorite holiday pie? -Hmm. Uh...pumpkin. -Pumpkin pie. I love pumpkin pie. -Yeah? -I love pumpkin pie. -A little apple pie, bit of cream. -Yeah, exactly. Real tree or fake tree? -Got anything better on this list? [ Laughter ] -I didn't write this. I don't know if this list -- -Is this really gonna make the show? -Nah. -No?! -No, it's not gonna make the show. -Oh, I'll ask you. [ Laughter ] Turkey or ham? [ Laughter ] -Turkey or ham? I don't even know what that means. Probably turkey. I don't know. These questions are terrible. -Kiss under the mistletoe? -I mean... [ Laughter ] Yeah. Yeah, sure. Of course. [ Laughing ] Anyway. -Do you like eggnog? -I'll tell you what I tried. Have you ever tried coquito? -Whoo! -Yeah! -No, but it sounds like my kind of thing. -Coquito is a Puerto Rican eggnog. And it is off-the-charts delicious. I like eggnog, but then someone introduced me to coquito. -What is in coquito? -It's a mystery. And it's always, like, someone's mom makes it and they give it to you in, like, an old -- -Does anybody here know coquito? [ Audience cheers ] -Oh! Great. -Am I close? Like, someone's mom makes it and they give it to you as a present. And it has coconut in it and rum, right? -Ooh. -What else? He just keeps saying yeah. What? -Coconut milk, rum, and a lot of secret stuff. -Yeah, I like that. -You can do that? Alright, so you like that? -Yeah. -Next time we can get a little coquito and try that together. -Okay. -Any more questions for me? Do you want to sit here? -No. -Alright. There's nothing -- [ Laughing ] Oh, my God. Just tear them up! Okay. Thank you. I'll get rid of that. That was a bad idea. Alright. I'm excited to talk to you about "Being the Ricardos." You're getting rave reviews on this. Was there ever any... Were you hesitant at all to not take this part? Like, "I'm not sure if I want to do this"? -Yeah, I was. No, initially, I was like... Aaron Sorkin, which you would know Aaron Sorkin, right? -Love Aaron Sorkin. -Ohh! Aaron Sorkin, who wrote the screenplay and directed the film, said to me, "Would you be interested in doing this?" And we Zoomed and I was like, "Yes, I would you love to do anything with you." I read it and was just completely captivated. It's an incredible story. -I want to talk more about the movie and how you got into character as Lucille Ball. More with Nicole Kidman when we come back.

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