Suni Lee Was Too Scared to Greet Justin Bieber at Met Gala

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Congratulations on what you did in Tokyo. Thank you. Thank you so much. [APPLAUSE] So you won three medals, including just the gold, obviously. What was your reaction? What did you feel? It was so emotional. Going into the Olympics, I don't think anybody expected for me to win the gold medal. I was kind of just going-- I'm like, oh, yeah, I'm going to the Olympics. So it's like just so crazy to go to the Olympics and win the gold medal. Yeah. To go, period, and then to win. Yes. Yeah. And then you almost quit, though. You almost didn't keep going during the pandemic. Yeah, it was very difficult just because I was losing motivation not being able to go into the gym and then just not even knowing if the Olympics were going to happen. That was one thing that was so difficult for me. But I had an amazing support system that helped me bring that motivation back. So that changed your mind. You had everybody all of a sudden like-- and also, it's a huge opportunity, right? Yes. And I just had to keep reminding myself of the goal because I was losing sight of that. And I was just like, well, even if the Olympics don't happen, I still want to go to college and do college gymnastics. So, yeah, I just knew that I had to be back. Yeah. Well, good thing you went. Yeah. And then what was your reaction when you found out that Simone was going to withdraw? What did you feel? It was so emotional for all of us because she's a huge part of the team. But also it was like something that we've all been through and experienced. So we knew what was happening. And nobody else did. And that's where I think it sucks for her because she's human. And it's the worst thing that happened. But it's also something that we couldn't control. Well, she was doing something selflessly. And people didn't see that. And I think that everyone has opinions, and unfortunately people just type their opinions and forget that there's a human that is feeling those things. And what she did was really admirable and gave everybody a chance to do that. [APPLAUSE] Yeah. Yeah. Simone, I think she's amazing. She spoke out against everything that was happening behind the scenes. She was brave enough to do that. So it hurt me when everybody was going against her like that. Let's talk about Dancing With the Stars. So did you, like, in the back of your mind-- because Simone did it. Did you think, I want to do that? Oh, my gosh, yes. I knew I wanted to do it just because there were so many past Olympians that did it too. So I was like, OK, I want to go on Dancing with the Stars. Like, why not? And they were all giving me advice and stuff saying like, oh, it's not going to be as hard as anything you did at the Olympics. And I'm like, OK. I get there. And I'm like, you guys are liars. Like, it is so much harder. It is, I would imagine. You're having to memorize routines every week. What's the hardest thing about it, memorizing the routines or what? Yes, memorizing the routines and then just having to smile the whole time because I'm like, gymnastics, we smile for the one salute. And then you are serious and don't do it again. So it's just so different because Sash used to to always like, you need to smile more. And I'm like, Sasha, I don't know how to do it. Like, I just can't. I can't go out there and pretend like I'm having fun when I'm stressed. Because you're concentrating. Yes. Yeah, it's really hard. So we have some B roll. This is you working with Sasha. What were you supposed to do? So-- [COLLECTIVE GASP FROM CROWD] That was not supposed to be the move. He was supposed to jump over me, and I was supposed to grab his leg, and I was supposed to land in a backbend. Right. But it didn't happen. How badly did you hurt yourself? Because you hit your head pretty hard. Well, we did it multiple times. And his crotch. [LAUGHS] I know. We did it like multiple times. And I was like, this is where gymnastics comes in because it's like I can fall so many times, and I can get up and act like nothing happened. But, yeah-- So you --I kept trying. Meh. I guess, kind of. OK. Yeah. How many fingers am I holding up? [LAUGHTER] It's a little late. Well, we're going to take a break. More with Suni after this. So you got to go to the Met Ball. Yes. That's a big deal. Yes, it's crazy. Just being in that environment with people that I watched growing up and listened to their music growing up. But when I got there I was like, OK, I can't fangirl because I don't want to be that person. So it was just insane. Who did you meet that you were excited to meet? I met Rihanna. I met Hailey Bieber. Oh, my gosh. I love her. I talked to her. I was like, hi, I'm Suni. And I was shaking. I was like, hi. I'm Suni. And then I was just telling her about how I was dancing to Justin Bieber's "Stay" for my first Dancing With the Stars dance. And she's like, you should tell her. And I'm like, OK. And then when I got the chance to see him, I just-- I got too scared. I was like, I'm not doing it. You didn't walk over to him and say hi? No. He's so nice. He's so sweet. I was so scared. [LAUGHTER] He's so sweet. Well, one day you'll meet him, I hope. I hope so, too, because me and my sister when we were younger, we had posters of him and blankets of him. And the poster would just have kissy marks on it with, like, red lipstick. So, Justin, if you're watching, just don't-- forget that I said that. Well, one day you'll meet him. And he's a really sweet guy. Yeah, I really wanted meet him. And you're going to college now, right? Are you back? Well, you're doing the Dancing With the Stars. Yes. So I was in college for about two weeks. I go to Auburn University. That's how long I went to college. [APPLAUSE] Yeah. I was on campus for, like, two weeks. And then they're like, oh, yeah, come on Dancing With the Stars. So I was like, OK. I'm living in LA right now, and I'm doing online school. And then I'm also doing gymnastics. And I'm doing Dancing With the Stars. So it's just been crazy-- You're a little busy. --trying to balance. Yeah, a little bit. That wasn't my excuse why I didn't go to college. [LAUGHTER] But you've been really busy so you probably didn't get back-to-school supplies. So we wanted to give you something. [APPLAUSE] No way! [APPLAUSE] Oh. Pencils. Yeah, you have a backpack. There's notebooks here. Nice! Yeah, you won't look like-- Maybe I'll actually do school now. Yeah. [LAUGHS] Yeah. You won't look like a fangirl at all. No. And we're going to give him pictures with you all over it. So he can wear those things. But we actually, what we do have is when he's in concert, you're going to go see him. [APPLAUSE] Oh, my god! Ellen! I'm going to start crying. They're going to be some good seats, too, so. Thank you so much. You should wear this stuff when you see him. OK. All right. Dancing With the Stars airs Mondays at 8:00 on ABC. We'll be right back.

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