7 Weird Kissing Mistakes That Turn Men Off

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- Did you know that there are 34 facial muscles that are working when you are kissing someone and either these muscles are working for you, or they're working against you. So in this video right now I'm gonna be revealing seven really weird kissing mistakes that are guaranteed to turn men off. Keep watching. (soft ambient music) Hey there I'm LoDolce from Love Strategies where we help successful single women, get out there and attract long-lasting love and do it with a proven strategy. And if you enjoy this video and you want a step-by-step strategy to attracting a high quality man in your life, then head on over to WhyMenFlake.com. And on that webinar that I'm gonna share with you completely for free, you get to understand why it is that men flake, why do they ghost, and why do they avoid commitment until they meet a woman who's following these seven very simple steps that I'm gonna reveal to you in that training. So again head on over to WhyMenFlake.com. And now let's jump into some of those weird kissing mistakes that I'd never want you sexy single ladies to ever make. Number one is what I call The Gusher. This is the person who when they open their mouth and start kissing you, it feels like Mount Rushmore, just opened up and flooded into your mouth. Blah! I literally feel like this is what my first kiss was like back in middle school. Just two teenagers opening their mouth as wide as possible hoping for something good to happen. But if you're watching this video and you're part of Love Strategies Community, you're not some teenager you're serious about finding love. So please, don't open your mouth don't make it Mount Rushmore, don't go overboard and kiss like an adult. The second weird kissing mistake is what I call The Pecker. (laughs) When I wrote down The Pecker I didn't think of what that could've been misconstrued to mean, that doesn't mean that get your mind out of the gutter. The Pecker are (kisses) the quick kisser, okay so (laughs). For lack of a better name this is the complete opposite of the Gusher. This is the person who doesn't open their mouth at all and makes the kissing experience feel once again like teenagers but a really bad kiss from a teenager. The third weird kissing mistake is what I call The Sprinter. The Sprinter is the person who goes from zero to 100 real quick, just like you start kissing a little bit and then boom they are just trying to get at it. Have you ever kissed with a guy who's a sprinter, leave a comment right there below. If you find that you're always the sprinter just jumping on a guy trying to make things happen, slow it down a little bit let him come to you let him also create a little bit of space, because you want to build a little bit of that connection and that harmony when you're kissing each other. Which leads me to weird kissing mistake number four which is The Selfish Kisser. This is the person where it is all about them their pacing, and they have no awareness about you and what it is that you really want. It's kind like have you ever been walking in a grocery store and someone has no situational awareness, they just like get in your way and they're only thinking about themselves they're not thinking about you at all. It's kind like when you kiss that person, who has no awareness of what it is that you really want and they're just going at their own pace, they're not thinking about you at all, don't be that person. Weird kissing mistake number five is what I call The Starer. Have you ever been kissing someone, then you open your eyes and just see them staring deeply into your soul. Look when you're kissing someone, usually it's pretty normal to close your eyes and just enjoy the moment. And if you find that you always have to open your eyes every time you're kissing someone, well that makes you weird. Weird kissing mistake number six is what I call The Goldfish. This is the person who doesn't even take a breath, between kissing it's almost like they have gills and they don't need to breathe. And they just wanna get at it for minutes on end, maybe even hours on end. And I get it if you're in a new relationship and all you want is to be kissing that person, sometimes you get into that goldfish mode but just remember take a breath of fresh air, it's good for your health. And the final weird kissing mistake is what I call The Awkward Alison. This is the person who is overthinking every single kiss they are thinking if they are doing weird kissing mistake, one through six so then they freeze up and they don't do anything. Just remember so long as you are aware of someone while you're kissing them aware of what it is that they want and you are moving around a little bit, you are doing a great job and you're going to learn more and more as you get out there kissing people. So of course assuming you're being safe you're being cautious and you are certainly vaccinated, go out there kiss a few people see how it goes. So if you want more videos just like this please give it a like don't forget to subscribe and of course, make sure you head on over to WhyMenFlake.com. So you can dive deep into our noggins over here and understand what it is that we deeply desire in a woman. Thank you so much for watching I'll speak to you, you sexy single lady next week bye bye.

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