Charli and Dixie D'Amelio on Sharing Their Mental Health Journeys on Reality Show

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Hi, you two. Hi. Welcome. Hello. Thank you. So nice to have you here. Okay, so congratulations. This has been a whirlwind. I can't even imagine because usually people have time to get used to fame and you, in two years-- you were just normal teens, right? And then, all of a sudden, now you have a TV show, you have a record deal, you have a clothing line, and more. And what does that feel like, this fast? I feel we are still trying to adjust to this, because most of our following was gained when we were at home, in quarantine, so it was just people online. And now that we're actually meeting people, we're like, this is real. We're finally doing things, and going to events or red carpets. We were like, oh my gosh, people actually care about us. It's a really odd thing. And how old are you? You're Dixie? Dixie, I'm 20. 20. And you are Charlie, and you're how old? 17. 17. And how is it for you? It's definitely quite a big adjustment, but, I mean, I have my sister, and my mom and dad with me all the time to help us navigate this whole thing. So it's going pretty good now. Yeah, so how did you get started? I started posting on TikTok just with my friends at school, and eventually it started to gain a little bit of a following fairly quickly. She was a sophomore in high school. I was a senior, and when your younger sister's posting dancing videos or comedy videos online, it's very embarrassing. So getting over that was really hard. I was like, Charlie, can you please stop? My friends keep sending me videos of you dancing in the cafeteria at school, it's very embarrassing. And she was like, no. Do it, you do it. And so, we got everyone in our school to just start posting. Everyone was on the app, but everyone didn't post because that was embarrassing. And she brought it to the school, and everyone started doing it and doing it for fun, and then just-- And this was in Connecticut? So still in Connecticut. And now you're living in Los Angeles, and between the two of you, you have 180 million followers on TikTok. Which is insane. I mean, that really is. And you know tWitch very well, right? Yeah. Yes. tWitch brought a picture of when, I think, Charlie, you first met. How old were you here with tWitch? Oh my goodness, I was probably seven, eight years old. And you met him because you were a dancer? Yeah, I met him at a dance convention, I think. Yeah. And so, The D'Amelio Show, it's the family, right? It's just following you all around. Is there anything more to it that you want to share? I mean, when we first told the public that we were doing the show, it was a lot of, oh, what, are we going to watch them make TikToks all day? This is boring. Blah, blah, blah. And the approach we took when filming was, let's show our lives. We don't show what we do when the cameras are put down, and where we're both, at the time, struggling a lot with mental health. And we want to support people also dealing with that, but we didn't know how to do that since we were going through it ourselves. So showing our mental health journeys, I thought, was really important to both of us, and how far we've come since filming. I mean, in the trailer, that was me bawling my eyes out. So just looking back on it now, I'm so proud of myself, and I'm so proud of Charlie, of how far we've come in the past couple of months. And that was the whole point of filming it. Yeah. Well, good. Whenever you put something out there, there's going to people-- the haters are going to come out and say things, and you can't pay attention to it. If you do, it's definitely going to affect you. Hey, I want to talk about something before we go. Because you've partnered with this company, I've partnered with this company. It's called MyMuse, and it's organic waters and teas that support the immune system. The flavors are amazing, the cause is amazing, but why did you get involved? I think, for us, obviously we love MyMuse. But I think the biggest part for us was, they support the same things that we support. We all want to help other people, and I feel like that's why it was so important for us to share how much we-- So we have some, in case you want some. Oh my goodness. My favorite is peach by the way, I don't know what yours is. My favorite's the watermelon, for sure. I like the peach mango. I think we have the same favorite. That's mine, too. Yeah. And then, also, you started something called the Inspiration Foundation? What is that? So basically, we wanted to help support creators. TikTok is a big app, where people are constantly posting, people are constantly being creative. But sometimes it's hard getting past the point, once you have your audience. So we just want to help get people the resources they need to develop them in any way we can be helpful to them. All right, so MyMuse and the D'Amelio family will be awarding five creators with $20,000 each. All you have to do is show off your passions on TikTok while including a bottle of MyMuse in any kind of way you want. You could be dancing, you could be singing. It could be fashion, whatever inspires you. And thanks to MyMuse, we're all going to play a game with your parents and some audience members after the break. The D'Amelio Show is available on Hulu now. We'll be right back.

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