Adam Levine's New Girlfriend

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Just like the rest of us, our first guest was heartbroken to hear that Adam Levine got married. Take a look. - I don't want you to be too sad, but I was gonna tell you, Adam Levine got married. - No. - He did. - No way! [crying] [laughter] No, he didn't, Mommy! Mommy, he didn't. - [laughs] Oh, man. [applause] I know. So, please welcome three-year-old Mila and her mom Emily. So you've been wanting to marry Adam for a long time? - Yeah. - He's, like, your boyfriend? - Yeah. - Have you ever talked to him or anything? - Mm...no. - Well, you will, I mean, if he's your boyfriend at some point you will. - Yeah. - [laughs] - Did you think-- How did you know that she was-- I mean, obviously, you knew she loved him, but when did you know that she'd react that way? - We were in the grocery store and I think I said, "Oh, Adam. Adam got married." And meltdown, so... "Okay no. Let's go over here-- change the subject." And then, I felt really bad, but I told her again and I filmed it. - You are s-- - [laughs] And...and yeah, so... - But then she got over it really fast, right? - Yeah, we turned on the radio. We started singing and, you know, 3-year-old style...moved on. - Yeah. - You just moved on? - But she still loves him? - Yeah, you still love him a whole lot, right? - Yeah. - Do you like him or do you love him? - I love him. - You love him. audience: Aww. - Well, if he ever met you he would love you, too. Is he married? Or he's not married, right, Mila? - He--yeah. - He is or he is not? - Um...he's not. - He is married? He's not married. Good, okay. 'Cause--'cause, so... but you're gonna marry him. - Yeah. - Mm-kay, good. - [laughs] - When do you think you will marry him, and at what age? - I don't know. - You're gonna wait for a little while? 'Cause you're too young now, right? So you think you'll wait till you're like 7 or 8? [laughter] Yeah, good. All right, well, I have an outfit for you that I think you're gonna love a whole lot, and it says... - [gasps and laughs] - [giggling] - That...yeah. - Look at what's on there. - And then you have pictures of him all over. - Yeah. - Oh, my gosh, Mila. - Isn't that cute? - Yeah. - It's adorable. - Yeah. - What do you say? - Thank you. - You're welcome. - [laughs] - Okay, and I got you something else that--it's not in this bag. Where is it? It's over there, I think. [Maroon 5's "One More Night"] - [singing] And I know I said it a million times But I'll only stay with you one more night Try to tell you no But my body keeps on telling you yes Try to tell you stop but your lipstick-- [music ends] - Look who it is. What do you say to Adam? - [laughs] Can I have a hug? - Thank you. - Give him a hug. - Can I have a hug? [cheers and applause] - [chuckles] Aw. - Thank you so much. [laughs] - I still love you. I still love you. I think she's changed his mind. I don't know what happened. - She is-- - She is over it. - Yeah. It's, uh, you know... - It's--I mean, it's a lot. It's a lot to meet the love of your life all of a sudden. - Yeah. - [chuckles] - What'd you do--I called you, I asked if you saw the video and you said you'd seen it. What did you think when you saw it? - It was kind of heartbreaking, like-- But it was so unbelievably cute and every single person that I know in my entire life... - Sent it to you? - Sent it to me. - [laughs] I think the first two people were my wife--sorry, earmuffs. [laughter] And then my mother, and they're like, "This is so cute," and then we spoke... - Yeah. - And here we are. - And I think-- - And she's clearly transfixed. - Yeah. [laughter] I hate to tell you, but I think it was Emily's plan to get you here for Emily to meet you, I-- [laughter and applause] That's what I think. - Aha. - All right. - But yeah, she's, like, the cutest person. - Well, this is very exciting, and she's gonna be excited later on. - Hi. - Hi. - How you doing? - [mumbles] - Who is it--Mila, do you know who this is? Who is this? - Usher. [laughter] - All right. Well, we'll take a break, and do you-- - Oh, my gosh. - Do you still want this? - I have the same outfit. - I thought you did. - Go take your outfit. - All right. - Get your outfit. We will, uh--I think... audience: Aww. - No, Mila's seeing someone else, I think. - [laughing] - She's--she has moved on, so... - All right. She's moved on.

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